One on one…

I loved these when I was a kid…

Kao-teng koi

They are called kuih lapis (layer cake) or in Hokkien, kao teng kuih or nine-tier cake. By right, there should be 9 layers…and we had more than just two colours. It seems that these days they only have two colours, so much so that at one time, on their radio show, Mag kept arguing with Pat, insisting that kuih lapis only had two colours – pink and white.

As children, we used to find delight in peeling off the layers and eating them colour by colour. Funny how children in those days got thrilled over such simple things…unlike the spoilt brats these days.

But these that I bought from my usual Bandong kuih-muih stall at RM1.00 for three are not really that great. Still, they are heaps better than others that are sold elsewhere in town – rubbery and very sweet, no lemak (rich) taste at all. These have a hint of the santan (coconut milk) but I do wish they would add a bit more, never mind if they jack up the price a bit.

In comparison, I think I prefer their kuih kosui

Kuih kosui

…also sold at 3 for RM1.00. Now, you have to make sure you do not get confused with the name and call them kuih kha chui (butt) instead! LOL!!!

These kuih ederam, also sold at 3 for RM1.00, are nice too…

Kuih ederam

…but the ones that we had when we were kids were not spotted with sesame seeds like that. I wonder why they bother as they do not seem to make any difference in the taste…and they actually do not look that appealing at all.

I think in West Malaysia, they are called kuih deram and they may be shaped differently – in rings like mini-doughnuts and they sometimes call them telinga keling (Indian ear) or something like that.

So, what are you having for your tea today?