I can’t help myself…

I couldn’t help myself but when I saw Cleffairy’s post on the corn fritters that she made, I went out and bought myself some cucur sambal

Cucur sambal 1

…which were very nice (4 for RM1.00) but the sambal inside was kind of nutty – something that tasted like satay gravy. I think I would prefer something like the sambal that we usually get with our nasi lemak

Cucur sambal 2

It did not help either that Gerrie posted some photos of the sambal that she made on Facebook…

Gerrie's sambal tumis

…and got me drooling away, so I just had to drop by my regular Malay food stall in Bandong to see what they had. I thought perhaps I could get some sambal petai but  they did not have any. I did manage, however, to buy some sambal timun

Sambal timun 1

…which was really good and for RM2.00, I would think that was a steal. Furthermore, at least I did not need to go through the trouble of making my own sambal udang kering (dried prawns) to go with some cucumber.

Sambal timun 2

Now, I’ve yet to see Stella’s photos of her lor mee – she said the other day that she would be cooking some…after drooling over the photos of the pork rib noodles that I had featured in an earlier post. I guess she could not help herself either. LOL!!!