Wild thing…

I bet most of you do not know this hit by the Troggs in the 60’s that goes, “Wild thing!…You make my heart sing!” Well, it certainly would if the wild thing in question is…wild boar!!! It is very difficult to get any these days as the animal is protected and by right, only the ethnic population in the interior are permitted to hunt them for food and not for commercial purposes. Thus, I was overjoyed when a friend of mind gave me me some…

Wild boar 1

It may be available in some of the eating outlets around but they will bury the meat with lots of ginger and lemon grass, so much so that you can hardly detect the taste of the meat. You need to remove the hair but usually, I would just slice off the skin (with the hair) and get rid of it before cutting the meat into big chunks…

Wild boar 2

…and putting it in a pot to cook it slowly over a low fire. I did not bother to go through all that trouble and instead, I just dumped everything into the slow cooker…

Wild boar 3

You have to wait until the juices and the oils have come out of the meat…

Wild boar 4

…by which time the whole house will be filled with the fragrance of the meat, that is if the wild boar is old and fat enough. You can tell whether it is old or not by the length of its hair and how dark it is, and the animal is usually fatter during the fruit season. Boil some water and pour it in to make the soup, and add salt and msg according to taste. That’s it! It’s so easy…and you will have this sweet and extremely tasty wild boar meat soup to enjoy to your heart’s content…

Wild boar meat soup

I had it with this super hot chilli sauce that I bought from the ngui chap shop in KK…and it was simply out of this world! To go with that, I fried this dish of nenas masak kunyit (pineapples cooked with tumeric) with freshwater prawns.

STP's pineapple with freshwater prawns

Now, don’t you wish you were around for dinner? ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “Wild thing…”

  1. Da-kek! Lah you! We were in the restaurant when we received your sms or else if we had been hungry when we see your blog, jagalah!nasib baik did not make u into poomba too!LOL!!

    Did I sms u? Must have sent to the wrong person! Didn’t expect u to have internet access in Miri! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Wah! So ho liao tak ajak pun! I love wild boar meat. Used to get it a lot from my uncles but not anymore.

    So difficult to get these days…Got money also can’t buy!

  3. mmmm…wild boar…yummy!
    i loved it both fresh and ‘kasam’-ed..haha
    ala, d skin is one of the best part for me πŸ™‚

    Don’t like kasam! Never acquired the taste for it. My mum would boil the skin…and pluck the fur one by one and then cook together with the meat in the soup! I don’t have the patience.

  4. u cooked those dish?
    look yummy la taste donno la πŸ˜›
    what is kasam?

    Kasam is preserved/fermented meat. Very strong smell, like belacan or cincaluk. They say very nice, cooked with tapioca leaves…but I’m not into that!

  5. I wish I were there to savour those prawns!! Prawns here are so expensive!!

    They’re not that cheap here either. Medium – RM25 a kg…and bigger ones, RM30!!!

  6. tsk! tsk! is it legal? i mean are you legally allowed to eat all those sinfully fat laden, cholesterol inducing food?

    My missus had some doctors over for dinner once and I had wild boar…and they ate like nobody’s business!!! Said it’s not red meat…as the animal eats fruits! (I can see it’s red! LOL!!!)…Once in a blue moon, never mind lah! Can’t buy it here!

  7. Lu Ching Ngai! (So bad) Torture people like that! LOL! Easiest way to get rid of hair the kampung way, burn it off. That’s how my dad’s “brothers” do it. Then scrape it clean. But guess yours is the fastest way if you don’t want the skin. The other way to cook it is just BBQ with wood fire and checah with belacan. Yummy!

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Ya, I know about the burning method. Kinda messy and I don’t like the burnt taste. Salai’s ok too…but I love the soup!!! Slurpzzz!!!!!

  8. ooh… its poomba. yum yum. Once in miri I ate poomba cooked in vodka, soya sauce and pepper. Some Iban recipe… hahaha. And we cooked using utensils in a supposedly “halal” house. hehehe.

    Vodka? Nope…I don’t want anything that may affect the original taste…not even the soy sauce recipe they used to have in JFV! Only when the meat is not wangi enough for soup!

  9. Ches!!! What a way to cook poomba! Gerrie you try that I’m sure you will say ‘no kick’. The hair needs to ‘tunu’ and the skin ‘kikis’ repeatedly till the hairs are gone.The burnt smell gives the soup the extra flavour! Then you can start grumbling cos you hve to clean that stove.

    Ya, the mess! And I don’t like the burnt taste. My ex-colleague’s hubby would do that for me if they could get their hands on any…and I would cut off the burnt parts and later cook with lots of ginger and tapioca leaves. Nice!!!

  10. Oooi… you kena tangkap ISA nanti.. advertise poomba. So no lemak one!

    Ya, very young, I think. The hair as long as my nostrils’ hair only…and the fat not even quarter of an inch!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! But at least it tastes quite good! Beggars can’t be choosers!!! LOL!!!

  11. I thought Wild Thing featuring Suituapui and Denise Richard. πŸ˜€

    Boar meat is yummy. Best cooked with curry!! Ever join the boar hunting expedition? πŸ˜›

    Who’s Denise? You mean Wild Things the movie or something?…Eee!!!! Never ever cook wild boar with curry! Where got taste anymore!!! Aiyor! Aiyor! So sinful!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!…Hunting! Better not! Got hantu, and they end up shooting one another! Happens all the time!

  12. Thats not hantu lar. When u want to kill someone, just invite them for wildboar hunting. Heheh

    Pretty knowledgeable in that field, I see! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. BABI HUTAN!!!!!!!!!!! my absolute favourite choice of pork!!!! i mean meat in general la.. owwhhh.. those red and juicy soft succulent meat which i really feel like sinking my teeth into… just think of it makes my mouth watery….. too bad cant ship meat over 😦

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! This one you definitely can’t get over there!!! So you will just have to drool over the pics…Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Btw,i remember last time whn i was still very young i went back to my dad’s longhouse fr gawai and theyd have endless supply of wild boar and theyll make it into soup or panggang it…my god its heavenly… but nowadays i heard its not as nice anymore cause last time wild boars get to eat only fruits and plants in the jungle but nowadays they just eat those oil palm fruit or whatever and they get really fat but taste very bland and the cooked meat is not as aromatic as b4 which is not a good thing for meat lovers such as myself! 😦

    Endless supply? Gee! U think ur mum can get some? Must ask her tonight when we meet at Clare’s… Hahahahahahaha!!!! Not so nice, also never mind! As long as I can get it! LOL!!!

  15. Absolutely lon your big pixs now and you are getting very good at it too.. The first pix is so sexy hor..like the trimmed bulu… ha ha ha

    Ooi! Rancangan ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat! Hahahahahaha!!!

  16. Ha ha ha kpenyu! Ches…bdq hoh!

    With kpenyu, you will have to expect something like that! I guess it roused his dormant passions! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. Hmm.. the wild boar dish at Happy Hour is pretty nice, so is the one by Chui Shang Court. I like wild boar meat with bean curd. Very enticing, that look of wilboar meat.. hehe

    Ooi!!! U’re under 18!!! Go back to ur books…and don’t let your imagination run wild!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!…I haven’t eaten any where they did not kill the taste of the meat with all sorts of spices!

  18. Haha ha ha……you admitted it..it did crossed your mind then hahaha and did expect me to comment… Playboy and penthouse photographers will be amazed how you did it with handphone…you are dangerous la…hahaha

    Like I said, knowing you, have to be prepared for the worst!…Hah! That should silence all my critics!!! My pics are of Playboy/Penthouse standard…according to kpenyu!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. wow wee… look at that!

    hehe, drooling all over my keyboard, man…

    Hey! U city boy also know how to eat this kah? I met Gilbert’s (ex-student) mum last night and she promised to call me if she has any fresh supplies from the people in the longhouse! Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!

  20. that’s because my dad used to be in the civil service and when he went travelling to the longhouse, he’d take me with him.

    drinking tuak, dancing and slaughtering babi hutan ceremonies…i’ve been through it all, man πŸ™‚

    Good. Now I know what special treat I should prepare for you the next time you come this way…

  21. Archie… ogok utan la … itu ba’kas! LOL

    I know the song, but I’m definitely glad I wasn’t around for dinner when you cooked this LOL… this meat have much stronger smell than the usual ‘babe in the city’.. heehhe

    Yes, very strong smell if the meat is good! Nice!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! The usual these days (like those overseas) actually stinks bad, I think due to the chemical feed that they eat!!!

  22. But I thought most restaurant cooked it that way? With curry leaves, thick curry paste? Quite a famous menu leh, used to have it many times when in KL.

    Not nice!…Next time u come, see Sarikei got or not. I think there or places like Kapit, Julau…sometimes available at market. U buy, I cook…then u will taste REAL wild boar!!! The older and the fatter, the better…like STP! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  23. JC… u drooling over the wildboar meat or Kpenyu’s version of the “meat”? hahah

    Chesh! You don’t bully him! Some kind of friend lah u!!!

  24. one more comment ha…you teruk la knb…if you read stp reply properly….someone will call stp if Fresh Supply from longhouse O…hahahaha..no offence meant

    Cilaka!!! I was thinking if I can get some poomba, I’ll freeze…and bring to KK!!! Don’t want anymore liao!!….I have lots of Enrich points expiring end of year – I think I’ll just go Kuching now. Just collected free ticket for anak to come back in the hols! Still got some more points! Oops! KNB there! Better go Miri or KL then! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  25. ….and overseas one stinks bad ..as they eat Cheese???knb..quick..quick read no more lo later

    …I guess you’re going to tell you “looks terrible, feels wonderful” story next!!! I think I’ll have to assign u two wild boars to moderation!!! Spam my comment box in my absence!!!

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