Beautiful girls…

It was just great! A date with two young and beautiful girls and great food! Who could ask for more? LOL!!! Well, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I was going out with Melbie and Man-D that very night on the day I arrived in KK.

The two ladies picked me up at the hotel at around 7.30 as Man-D had made a reservation for three at the restaurant for 8.00 p.m. They took me to Kampung Nelayan (Fishermen’s Village), located after the Sabah Golf Club (where I used to go karaoke-ing with kpenyu) and the church where I attended a funeral recently – Holy Innocents or was it Immaculate Conception? Never mind! Whatever the name is, the words “innocent” and “immaculate” certainly do not describe the guy who stays in the condo opposite! Right, kpenyu? LOL!!!

We went to the eat-all-you-can buffet section (RM30++ per head) and were promptly escorted to our table…

Man-D's reservation

So there we were – Melbie…

KK blogger Melbie


KK blogger Man-D

…and me. We wasted little time in getting down to business – eating! LOL!!! These are two small sections of what was available in the buffet spread…

Kpg Nelayan buffet spread 1

Kpg Nelayan buffet spread 2

…so we helped ourselves and started cooking. Man-D obviously looked pretty good at it…ummm…or should I say, pretty and good at it?

Man-D cooking

There was the marinated stuff that was supposed to go on to the grill…

Kpg Nelayan...on the grill

…and others that were meant for the spa/sauna steamboat. This was the outcome of my first attempt…

Kpg Nelayan...from the steamboat

Ooo…delicious! I think I’ve said it a few times before that I like clear soup! This was really very nice…and not heavily-laden with msg as in many steamboat places that I have been to.

We were having a good time, chatting and cooking and enjoying the food and the company when somebody gatecrashed the party! However, we welcomed him with open arms as he did not come empty-handed! ROTFLMAO!!!

Kpenyu's giant prawns

Kpenyu showed up with these GIANT prawns! Gosh! They were HUMONGOUS!!! Only six of those weighed over a kg! If you placed it on the grill, it would stretch right across like this… 

Kpenyu's giant prawns 2

…and it was so big that it filled the whole steamboat pot!

Kpenyu's giant prawns 3

Gosh! They were so fleshy…and sweet…and absolutely out of this world!! We were already very full by then, so Man-D only had 1 and Melbie had 2, and no prize for guessing who ate the rest! Hahahahahaha!!!!

And that was not all!!! Kpenyu so very generously picked up the tab for the dinner! Gee! If there are any other gatecrashers like that out there, do email me your contact! We would love to have you gatecrashing at our dinners! LOL!!! Thanks a lot, kpenyu for the giant prawns plus the dinner…and to M & M, thanks for taking me out and spending some time with me, but that means you beautiful girls still owe me one dinner, right?

UPDATE: Man-D has posted something on the dinner, so everybody can hop over to her blog to have a look. She has very limited photos though…despite being a better photographer with better equipment!