If I had a hammer…

If I had a hammer, I would be able to eat crabs! That is exactly what they will give you if you have their signature dish for dinner at Hai Bing Restaurant along Jalan Maju (facing The Esplanade) so that you can crack the hard shell of the claws…

Crabs @ Hai Bing

I remember that I brought jeremychee there with Kpg Nangka Boy and the others when they came to Sibu a number of years ago. Jeremy’s was one of the earliest blogs I was reading way back then (when I didn’t have one myself) and posting comments in. But on Sunday night, I was there with a totally different group of people. In my previous post, I mentioned that Bongkersz had taken the opportunity during the long weekend to come all the way to Sibu again to visit me (Wink! Wink! LOL!!!). He was here in early July, I think and now, he’s back again…..

Bongkersz @ Hai Bing

Hang Yuh was there too; he’s an ex-student of mine who is now working in Shell (Miri) and spending most of his time jetsetting all over the globe to places like Amsterdam, France, Switzerland and so on…and putting the English he had learnt from me to good use! LOL!!!

Hang Yuh @ Hai Bing

He had contacted me a few days earlier to tell me that he would be home in Sibu for the weekend, so I asked him to join us that night. Obviously he had never been in the company of bloggers and was quite tickled by the fact that we had to say grace for every dish and no one would be allowed to touch the food until everybody had had the chance to take satisfactory post-worthy shots! ROTFLMAO!!!

Other than the crabs, I ordered a few typical Foochow specialties such as the ang chao pork leg (I must say that my wife can cook it a lot nicer!)…

Ang chow pork leg @ Hai Bing

and the tofu soup, Foochow style.

Tofu soup Foochow style @ Hai Bing

In my opinion, among all the restuarants in Sibu, Huai Bin Hai Bing does it best. Then of course, we must have the Foochow fried noodles (with gravy)…

Foochow fried noodles @ Hai Bing

…and for the vegetable dishes, we had asparagus…

Asparagus @ Hai Bing

…and midin (jungle fern) with belacan (prawn paste).

Midin with belacan @ Hai Bing

Don’t worry! It wasn’t an all-stag party as we had our sweet young thing, Clare, with us. You can click this link to her blog to see her post on the dinner.

Clare @ Hai Bing

Yes! Yes! Her photos are bigger, clearer, nicer etc…etc…etc!!! Humph! Perhaps I should stop asking her out to dinner so that she would not be posting snapshots that would put mine to shame! Sob! Sob! LOL!!! I invited Huai Bin (Don’t let that cute, lovable, innocent look fool you! Hahahahaha!!!)…

Huai Bin @ Hai Bing

…and Bengbeng to join us too but the latter had to leave earlier to attend another function.

Well, I hope everybody enjoyed the dinner and the company…and the hammering too! I most certainly did…..

P.S.: Incidentally, this is my 200th post and the last time I checked, I had 52,653 views and 4,096 comments. Keep them coming! I only have a PR3 on google page ranking while my website according to www.websiteoutlook.com is worth US$3,679.20 (It used to be US$299.50 not too long ago) with an average 1,101 daily page views. Thanks to one and all for your unfailing support!