Happy happy birthday, baby…

It’s my daughter’s birthday today…

…and I would like to dedicate this poem to her:

She’s a soft cool rain on a hot sunny day.
I make her laugh with the funny things I have to say.

She’s the beat of my heart, and the air that I breathe.
She’s the sun and the wind, the green leaves on the trees.

She’s the pride that I feel when I know she’s done what’s right.
She’s that warm feeling I get as I recall telling her stories at night.

She is homework and books, the music in my life.
She has this beautiful smile that could light the darkest night.

She is the scared feeling I have when she’s so far away.
Or the feeling of uncertainty when I’m not there by her side.

She’s the mixed emotions I have, as I watch her mature and grow.
I tell myself she will never leave but I know in my heart that someday she will.

I hope the man that steals her heart, will treat her like a queen.
Because she deserves so much more, of that I am sure.

I will always cherish the wonderful times we have had.
The best part of my life was being her dad.

So now you know who she is, she’s my little girl.
I love her with all my heart and I always will.

Adapted from “Who Is She?” By Kyle J. Underwood from Family Friend Poems

…and this song too. Happy Birthday, love!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Happy happy birthday, baby…”

  1. You have the makings of Rudyard Kipling. He wrote a few to his beloved son, Jack. And did you watch that heart-rending film, “My Boy Jack”? It happens to be a poem too.

    It’s not orginal – see acknowledgement. But I changed it to a more local setting and I substituted some of the items to more relevant things that my daughter and I share. Sounds like a good movie. In youtube or not? Will try and google for it…

  2. Fooyoh… ada poem lagi. Hehe
    Happy Birthday little niece!!

    Thanks!…For one thing, the uncle is far from little, that’s for sure!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mel!!!

    Thanks! Walao eh! This certainly is a rare occasion! I quickly went to buy TOTO! Hope the good wind will blow me a windfall!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. is she still in national service? i wonder how they celebrate it there.

    Nope. That pic was last year’s. She’s in Sg Petani, Kedah…finishing her foundation in a couple of months and starting her 1st year TESL next year.

    P.S.: Long time, no see!! 😉

  5. Happy Birthday to STP’s little daughter. (I think STP still treats her like a little daughter :P)

    Thanks. Not really lah…more like a friend, a companion (but now so far away! Sigh!)!

  6. Happy Birthday Mel. Think your dad will bring out his shotgun if you introduce your boyfriend?

    Thanks! No lah!!!…I’m waiting for the day! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It’s great that you dedicate this poem to her. What a nice dad! : )

    Thanks!…We’re very close as we always did things together but now she’s over there and I’m over here. That’s part of life, I guess.

  8. A very happy birthday to you Mel!

    Thanks… Told her to go out with friends and have a bash, use her credit card (Papa will pay)…but I don’t think she will! Has that characteristic that runs in the JFV family members…ummm…some, I mean! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. How nice to have a dad who can write poems for his daughter. Can’t say the same for my hubby! What about your wife’s birthday? You going to write her a poem too?

    Ur hubby’s a science person, I guess…and good at making money! My wife’s birthday long past already lah! I think I had a post on it…can’t remember! LOL!!!…Mine’s coming! 2nd December!!! Everybody, key it into ur reminder! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Mel! Can bring boyfriend home to introduce to your daddy liao! LOL!

    Thanks!…Can! Can! I’m sure he’ll like me…so very nice and get along with young and old! Right or not, Clare? LOL!!!

  11. Happy birthday to Mel ! Hehe.. nice singer that Jed guy. The poem is truly meaningful, and touching too !

    Thanks. I like the singer – especially the high notes at the end and I thought he sounds like David Archuleta. These Filipinos are so talented!!!

  12. Happy Birthday to you..happy birthday to you ..happy birthday to Mel….. Happy birthday to you..You know my voice better than stp ya..ha ha ha .Now that you have got his poem spend his money.. remind me of this date next year..teach you what to do… Happy birthday dear.

    Thanks. Why? Next year, this rich and generous uncle is going to fly her and her friends over to KK to have a helluva birthday party at Kuala Penyu, is it? Tenkiu, tenkiu!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. I bet you two have a long phone conversation today! 🙂 Happy birthday to your darling girl.

    Well, I only have one! U have 5, right? And ur turn will come soon enuf. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  14. She is so lucky to have you as Pa. I wonder if my dad will do the same thing for me.

    I’m sure he shows is affection in other ways…but I must say that traditional Asian fathers are not very expressive of their feelings! We will just have to learn to live with that.

  15. how sweet~~ i wished someone would dedicate a poem to me… though my dad isn’t much into literature and poetry…

    happy birthday to STP’s girl!! ^^

    Thanks for ur greeting. Poetry is nice but action speaks louder than words…

  16. such a nice father to compose such a nice poem for his girl. Happy birthday to your wonderful daughter and may all her wishes come true!

    Thanks. I do hope so too…

  17. Aw… Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. The love is oozing from this lovely post. May she be surrounded by happiness, always.
    Being an only child myself, I’m sure she is very very loved. ;D

    Thanks. You’re an only child too? Yes, she’s precious, a real gem!

  18. Happy belated birthday to STP’s daughter.. and her name is also Mel? LOL.. what a coincidence… two Mels having September birthdays 😛

    Two Mels, one donkey dunky and one penyu…!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. Wow! That is so so beautiful.

    That came from the heart. Btw, have you seen Mamma Mia the movie? Watch out for the song “Slipping through my fingers”! So sad…I cried!

  20. Yes Art, I’ve seen it. Saw it with my momma. Can’t remember how the song goes tho…. but overall I thought it was quite and entertaining movie for the whole family to enjoy. The musical’s coming to KL either in Nov or Dec (can’t remember) and mom and I are thinking about catching it coz from the reviews I read in Star, it’s so much better than the movie even tho it was directed by the same director. But with Xmas coming and all…. must check and see how the budget goes first. Hehehe….

    The musical is so much better than the movie! I just got to see the movie…but it just does not have the feel, the thrill, the adrenaline rush. But of course the tickets to the musical are pretty expensive…but it’s worth it for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I hear the tickets are selling like hot cakes…

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