Hot stuff (3)…

When Stella was in town recently, I went looking for Poomba but found Bambi’s mum instead – she’s the one that was shot dead in the movie, right? Very touching scene, I must say… Well, the meat is available at virtually every restaurant in town, and most of the time, they just fry it with ginger and soy sauce or it may be served on a sizzling hot plate at others.

I remember when I was young, my mother used to cook curry with it, so I decided I would do the same. I think I have posted on the procedure before…but anyway, I guess there’s no harm going through it again.

You will need one Bombay onion, two to three stalks of serai (lemon grass) and some curry leaves…and I added a knot of a couple of pandan (screwpine) leaves for additional fragrance.

STP's venison curry 1

Chop the Bombay onion till it is really fine like this…

STP's venison curry 2

You will need the A1 Mountain Globe instant curry mix for meat and a can of evaporated milk…

STP's venison curry 3

Cut the meat into thin bite-size slices…

STP's venison curry 4

…and you may wish to add some peeled potatoes, cut into chunks. I did – I added a lot as I simply love potatoes in curry!

STP's venison curry 5

…and once you’ve got everything ready, you may begin.

Heat up a bit of oil and fry the onions, lemon grass and some of the curry leaves till fragrant, adding a sprinkling of sugar for it to caramelise. Add the instant curry mix and mix thoroughly, before adding a bit of the evaporated milk. Then, you can put in the meat and keep stirring, blending it with the ingredients. Finally, add water and more evaporated milk (depending on how rich you want your curry to be), the rest of the curry leaves and the screwpine leaves. Add salt and msg, if you wish and leave it to simmer….

STP's venison curry 6

…till the gravy thickens, the potatoes are cooked and the meat is tender enough for your liking…

STP's venison curry 7

So, there you have it – STP’s meat curry… It’s really so easy to cook, even a child can do it.

Personally, I think I prefer chicken or beef…or even mutton but it was okay – delicious enough to make me want to have two plates of rice, but I was able to restrain myself. LOL!!! They say Poomba is nice for curry too, but I have yet to try that…..

I’m posting this post tonight instead of tomorrow morning as there is something wrong with the switch on my PC. I will be sending it to the shop first thing tomorrow morning and I don’t know when I’ll be getting it back. So hang on in there, everybody. Rest assured that I will be back as soon as I can…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Hot stuff (3)…”

  1. You are indeed a gourmet too! You can cook so well, why not open a restaurant and all of us can try at your place? hahaha… each dish made me “saliva” OOOO!..

    No need to open a restaurant! Always welcome to my house, my door is always open. Just let me know when you are coming and I can cook for you. Too bad I don’t know who you are… Hahahahahaha!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the tips Suituapui! I’m going to try it when I am free. Hehe 😀

    Go ahead! All those who had done so were delighted! So easy and yet so nice!

  3. Is this deer that was bred or hunted. I think the latter is illegal rite? hehehe
    Your deer curry looks nice. Have you tasted roasted deer before? Very yummy…. better than roast beef i would think.

    Have to ask the lawyer… Natives can poach for food…and the excess, they can sell to supplement their income. So whoever bought from the natives (or claim that they did that) – guilty or not?…Or they will tell you it’s reared. How to prove otherwise? Roasted?…Mmmm…I still have half kg in the freezer. Maybe I can try that…and post on it.

  4. It is 8.50am now … no breakfast yet and looking at yr curry is a real “torture”… waiting for 9am for farewell party in office to start… and the minutes seems to be tickling by slower than usual…
    btw, I havent tried putting pandan leaves into the curry before… that is a great idea… I must try doing that!

    I put pandan in anything I think is apt…even when cooking rice! Got lots growing wild in my backyard…and it has medicinal value!

  5. hmmmmm……. a no no to some members of the clan.. as they end up with nightmares and feeling positively heaty.. (inheriting that from Grannie Dimong side of the family)

    anyway…. poor you.. so I guess you now have to resort to using your mobile to access the internet.. hehehe

    Ya…I understand that the Temiangs inherited that. They wake up in the morning unable to open their eyes, eyelids stuck because of the “bak chiew sai”. Hahahahaha!!! Well, my CPU’s back! Changed the casing – RM120…so I’m back in action! LOL!!!

  6. Oh! So no wonder I didn’t see pumba that nite,nor Timon. But we did see Simba n Nala and what a feast they prepared. Definitely no grubs in the dishes!LOL! Deer n Venison are the same thing isn’t it? Not really a fan but never try cooking it in curry before, that is a thought.

    Venison = deer meat, the same. Oh…so I’m Simba now eh? Ah well, as long as I’m not one of the hyenas…or Poomba! Hehehehehe!!!

  7. I totally agree with you. I love potatoes in the curry. to me if there’s no potatoes, it ain’t curry!

    Gee! Great minds think alike! Hehehehehe!!! Sweet potatoes are nice too in curry but they disintegrate very easily…like pumpkin.

  8. wah, very easy to cook curry…..i will try. can u cook 4 me? i buy d beef, or u prefer good old poomba? hahahaha

    Ooi! Go and get married and get your wife to cook for you! Tsk! Tsk! Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. Luckily i just had my lunch one hour ago. I agreed with what Apektau said, you should open a restaurant “STP CAFE”…. I like curry with a lot of potatoes. Like the one in Sugarbun. Yummy

    Sugar Bun curry? Eyew….. Hahaahahaaha!!! Next time I cook, I call you and let you enjoy…real nice curry! LOL!!!

  10. You did not tell Stella the lok story??? Si liaw, the next time you see him he will say lok coming!!!! Lucky you are male!

    That man! The last time I went, I was your husband! I hope he’s not going to call me “chow-lok” next time! “Tua pui lok” isn’t half as bad! Nicer than “Tua pui too” or “Sua-too”!!! Hahahahaha!!!

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