Too much, too little, too late…

I don’t know what you call these… Razor clams? Lala?

Clam curry - main ingredient

Well, my wife bought 1 kg and it looked like there was too much…and when she had removed the shells and cleaned away all the sand, it looked like there was too little to cook anything out of it but it was too late to do anything about it…so she just stuffed it in the freezer. Of course, being the  innovative person that I am, I decided to create my own clam curry.

I got the ingredients ready: one Bombay onion – peeled and sliced, chillies – seeds removed and cut into thin slices, a few stalks of lemon grass (serai),  some curry leaves, a tablespoon of curry powder plus a bit of coconut milk (santan).  

Clam curry - other ingredients

I fried all the ingredients in a bit of oil (except the curry powder and santan) until fragrant and then I added the clams plus the curry powder and stirred it well. After that, I poured in some water, stirred again and let it simmer for a while. Then, I added my usual one teaspoon of ikan bilis (anchovies) stock and finally, in went the santan and when the gravy had thickened a bit, it was ready to be served…

Clam curry

Of course, there was hardly anything to eat. I could hardly feel the clams and most of the bulk was made up of the onion and chillies…but the gravy was very deliciously “sweet” and went absolutely well with rice. I had TWO plates that day… LOL!!!

And since we’re on the subject of seafood, Stella is in town, all the way from the land Down Under, and lunchtime yesterday, we went to Min Kong for the notoriously expensive Prawn Noodles…

Min Kong Prawn Noodles - soup

That’s RM20 a bowl and it comes with a few giant udang galah (freshwater prawns). This is the soup version; the last time I went there with Sophia, we had it fried, Foochow style. And talking about Foochow style, her sister had this plate of Foochow fried noodles that came with equally rich and delicious gravy…

Min Kong Foochow fried noodles

…while I had this plate of char kway teow

Min Kong char kway teow

Now that Stella’s back in town (to eat with a vengeance), you can expect more food posts coming up. As I’ve said before, it runs in the family! ROTFLMAO!!!