Have you ever (1)…

Have you ever seen one so big? It was about the size of my lower leg!!! Well, what I am talking about here is the freshwater fish that we can catch in the Rejang River that flows by Sibu town. In Hokkien, it is called sai seng, a name probably derived from the fact that a multitude of them would come to feast on what dropped into the water in the bygone days of floating toilets. The local name for it is ikan buris.

The sad thing is that these days, they are no longer so easily available, probably because of the polluted and mud-clogged water in the river. Sometimes we may get smaller ones of about 1 foot long and the biggest so far was about the size of my forearm. I do not know why there were so many at the market the other day; perhaps it was the spawning season…but there were at least 5 or 6 huge ones, going for RM28.00 a kilo.  I bought two of almost 2 kilos each, so that came up to around RM100.00. I admit that was being extraordinarily extravagant but I probably will not come across anymore THAT size as long as I live. There were smaller ones at RM20 a kilo though…but I did not buy those.

So I cooked one of the two that I bought. I deep-fried a section for my father…

STP's deep-fried ikan buris

He is not very adventurous in his eating habits, so he prefers it simple as such. I had cut off the tail and I cooked it together with the top one-third of the fish, including the head, with kunyit (tumeric) and assam keping kering (dried tamarind slices)as a sourish soup dish…

STP's ikan buris masak kunyit

I gave that to my mum, saving a bit for myself and my missus for dinner. But that was not all! There was still the middle section of the fish. Now, the other day, I bought a pais ikan buris (the fish cooked in banana leaf) for RM2 at the Ramadhan Bazaar. When I opened the packet, there was A fish inside the size of my thumb with sliced Bombay onions and serai (lemon grass). It was very delicious but there simply was not enough to satiate my craving. So, I decided to try and do it myself… 

STP's baked ikan buris - before

I did not have any banana leaf, so I used aluminum foil instead. Chef Wan, on one of his shows, said it would be ok…but I’m sure it would be much nicer if I had used the leaf instead. After rubbing the slab of fish with salt, I placed it in the foil, put the sliced Bombay onions and serai (lemon grass) and a few cili padi (fire chillies) over it, wrapped it up and put it in the pre-heated oven…and turned off the heat. After an hour, I took it out and this was what it looked like…

STP's baked ikan buris - after

Gosh! It was SO very sweet and SO very lemak (fat…but then fish fat is supposed to be good for health). Nice, very very nice indeed! And if you noticed, that was all from ONE fish. I still have the other one in the freezer and maybe I’ll cook that with daun bandung (tapioca leaves) and baby corn but that will have to wait till another day… Stay tuned! LOL!!!

Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

Hari Raya greeting
Image from http://adlisyahril.blogspot.com

No man is an island
Everyone is everyone’s neighbour
A slip of the tongue is all it takes
To get someone into a lot of trouble
We must be sensitive
To the feelings of others
We must not use harsh words
Or make brash remarks
For what has come out of one’s mouth
Can never ever be retracted
So we must look before we leap
And think before we speak
But we are all humans
We all make mistakes
So in a moment of insensitivity
If I have said anything
That may have hurt your feelings
I plead for your forgiveness
For we are all brothers and sisters
And what better time than this
To say that I am truly sorry.


Malaysians in harmony
Image from http://www.hospitals-malaysia.org