This was supposed to come before the previous one but I clicked the PUBLISH button by mistake and “Kampung Love” jumped the queue. Anyway, you probably would have concluded from the lack of food posts prior to these two that I have not been eating out that much lately nor have I cooked anything special these last few days. Actually, among other things, I did manage to get hold of some “poomba” though and cooked it but I had a post on that already sometime ago.

Besides, my daughter and I have been going round the town for things that she can’t find in Sg. Petani (Kedah) or aren’t so nice there, but I’ve posted on them before too. However, the other morning, she wanted some nasi lemak, so we dropped by this coffee shop here in Sibu…

Sibu's Huang Chuang Cafe

…for Huai Bin’s favourite nasi lemak

Sibu's Huang Chuang's cafe - nasi lemak special

This is the nasi lemak special and nope, Huai Bin, you can’t have it for RM3.50 anymore. The price has shot up to RM4.00 despite the dropping cost of petrol. We were there too early (After 10.00 am, good grief!!!) and they had not cooked the curry or masak hitam and could only give us some fried chicken (Breast meat some more!) for the so-called special! The rice tasted good but I’ve a bone to pick about the lack of condiments – they were generous enough with the sambal but there were only some tiny bits of cucumber and I could count the number of peanuts! You can go back to this post and see the photo of how much more one would get for the nasi lemak special at the Happy Garden Malay stall at Sg Antu here. That was RM3.50 then…but I haven’t been there for a while, so I wouldn’t know if the price has gone up too. 

Other than that, we did stop by this place in Rejang Park as well…

Sibu's Master Bakery Cafe

It’s a cafe, so you can order the usual fried noodles and stuff and I noticed that they had dim sum too…and it is also a bakery. I went there to get the butter pastry…

Sibu's Master Bakery Cafe - butter pastry

…selling at RM1.00 each. If you put it in the oven to warm it up a little, the butter will melt and the filling becomes extra moist and fragrant and the skin becomes flakier. I would love a bit more filling though even if it means increasing the price to RM1.50 each. They also have other kinds of filling such as peanut or char siew (meat)…

Sibu's Master Bakery Cafe - assorted pastry

…and the 4th type is either kaya (coconut jam) or tau-sar (red bean paste), I can’t remember exactly now. But if you ask my friend, Jimmy, he’ll tell you that the best are the butter ones and I have to agree with him on that. My daughter also had a post on this butter pastry, among other things, sometime back.

Moving away from food, that day, my daughter and I were on our way to Tom’s (No, not the cheesecake place in Kuching but Gundot’s hubby’s house here) and enroute, we saw this… 

Sibu's unique house 1

Goodness gracious, that’s a HUGE house with an open deck at the top…and just look at the number of spotlights! Gee! If they switch them all on at night, it will look like something from the movie, “Close encounters of the third kind”…and that’s not all! Just take a look at what it’s like at the back…

Sibu's unique house 2

Ah well…as they say, to each his own and if they’re comfortable and happy with that, who are we to say anything? After all, it’s their money! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Cruisin’…”

  1. Obviously the residents of this house enjoys rockclimbing!LOL! The topdeck looks like tennis court or pool? So rock climb to get to the pool or the tennis court? Tennis anyone!

    LOL!!! Ooo…the sacarsm!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. What in the world is that? Another case of The Rich but Tasteless. Reminds me of that house in Stapok, Kuching… which i would rate worse off than this one. U’ve seen it before? the one with statues of red indians, Saddam Hussein, animals and etc.

    That one not ur house, I hope! So when are you havin ur grand house-warming party? Good excuse for me to hop over to Kuching! LOL!!!

      I accidentally deleted a comment by victor+some numbers that was awaiting moderation. Was that u, victor kiu? Well, sorry to whoever that was. Pls comment again. Thanks.

  3. maybe the housowner have this flinstones fetish?
    i can’t eat nasi lemak, will drop like a log right after i ate one. usually will ask for ‘nasi lemak tapi tak mau itu nasi, nasi putih saja’..hahaha

    Why? Nothing in it other than santan and daun pandan and salt, though some may put in a slice of ginger.

  4. Wow, that is one real expensive nasi lemak. The house can make it to the halloween house decoration contest lorr! ha ha

    Normally it comes with a bowl of chicken curry or masak hitam but I was too early that day, so I thought it was kinda expensive too. LOL!!! It does remind me of those movies… And btw, welcome back! Where have u been? No bunyi…and blog also no update! Tot u’re staying somewhere around Bukit Antarabangsa? Now song-song stay in hotel kah? LOL!!!

  5. Oh yes…the butter puff pastry is nice! Mmm….so you know what to bring la when you come over to Kch next time…hehehe.

    Agree with KNB. This house either belongs to the same person in Kch or they’re related. But at least this house is a detached lot. I think the one in Stapok is a corner terrace. Kesian the neighbours, having to live next to an eyesore. Wonder if the owner has upgraded the statues – maybe you’ll see Osama & Obama there now. Hahaha.

    Ah yes! U took some back that day, rite? No home delivery…come to Sibu and get it urself! Hahahahahahaha!!!! It looks quite ok in front…just the back! Eyew…!!!

  6. i think it’s the santan used in cooking the nasi..haha.once i slept in Dr.G’s class because she ‘belanja’ us nasi lemak that morning.hehehe

    But there’s santan in curry, cendol etc etc etc… Maybe her class very boring or u went “phak-tho” the nite before. LOL!!!

  7. That funny house in Sibu? Never seen it. Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, the housing area past UCS and road to stadium…Taman Indah or whatever it is called.

  8. Eh. Where’s the house of rocks located? I want to go and scrutinise it!! LOL! Ya I know about the one in Kuching. Used to have lots of animal statues at first and then he started “renovating” and changing until dunno what? Wander if he is fined for excessive renovation without permit? Hmmm….!!!

    See my reply to previous comment. This fella even did landscaping on roadside in front of the house…with mushrooms and what not! LOL!!! I didn’t take the pic of that!

  9. Maybe we can recommend to the house owner to put up a statue of Sibu’s most popular blogger…. STP. hehe Then I’m sure that fat Kuching blogger who owns a supermarket would want a statue of his own. He can have his next to Saddam in Stapok rd…lol.

    I would opt for the statue of David pose…!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. *points finger* Cikgu is pure evil! I am in office while reading your entry, and now you’re making me wanting to play truant! *roar* let’s see if my boss is in or not. I’m sneaking out to buy food!

    Haiz!!! Post on meaningful stuff, so few comments – cannot even reach 10. Post on food, people grumble…say I so evil! Hahahahahahaha!!!! I’m lovin’ it!!

  11. I change my mind! Cikgu’s nu er more evil! Her food made my stomach growl! *faints*

    Hahahahaha!!! Like father, like daughter mah!!! And she has better handphone, better camera…

  12. is this house on the way to the old airport – gee the owner is creative but I dont want to be his neighbour, haha.

    …or the architect or designer! Thank goodness not my neighbour too! LOL!!!

  13. EEeee..why so kedekut with the chicken wan..omg..that for 4 dollars ?? wth…thats broad daylight robbery!!

    btw, teacher…have u voted for Nicol David here ? Shes up against christiano ronaldo! lol.. currently shes leadin

    Yalor…everybody jumping at the chance to hike up prices and petrol prices already down but nobody bothers to follow suit! Prices up, terus up – never mind lots of old stock…and now say lots of old stock bought when prices high, so can’t lower! Cilaka…all of them, cheat innocent people of their hard-earned money. Later can use the notes to line their coffins!

    Ok…I go and vote. Malaysia boleh!

  14. OMG….this house is harvesting bird nest….wat a coincidence the neighbor who stay beside him is selling bird nest!…hehehe

    Oh? Is that what it is?…Ummm…very interesting! Btw, welcome to my blog, dan! Didn’t know u’ve been lurking around! Do comment more often! LOL!!!

  15. why so sour abt the supermarket blogger-hihi – he is the first blog I read when am 1st online-he wrote abt his NZ trip n it provide useful info when we go over rented a car tour on our own..tsk tsk handsome young man boh.haha…dont delete OK

    Ok…agree with all except that “handsome” bit! Hahahahahaha!!! I will comment no further….. LOL!!!

  16. Re:KNB comments. Huh?!Saddam still exists kah?!In Kuchingland?I thot no more Saddam?Am I still in the ‘ketingalan’land again,STP?LOL!I only knew about the famous celebrity blogger in Kuchingland!

    So many people dead as a door nail and their statues are all over the place mah!!…No comments! I will not be dragged into an online discussion about a fellow-blogger. Me? Where got celebrity? Who knows me? You google “suituapui” and see if you can get anything or not. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. i have been thinking of making my own nasi lemak too but the santan..i cannot stand it. i feel bloated after having santan. but it is one of my favorite food. The house is indeed unique.

    Funny, I never feel bloated when eating stuff with santan (but dun like it with cendol or bubur cacar). Nasi lemak…the rice must be richly fragrant and not too hard, otherwise I don’t like liao!!!

  18. I saw the house while cruisin’ with someone the other day, where was it already?

    Teku area…further up from UCS or old airport. Ur first time here, I see? Welcome and do drop by often.

  19. Hahaha..definitely the rice..
    come to think of it, i do feel a bit sleepy after eating curry but not as bad as when i eat nasi lemak.
    I can’t eat pulut also.
    p/s:her class never bore me and i was a good girl lah, mana boleh pak-tho..Hahaha

    What about milk? These days I’ve substituted with milk in a lot of my cooking…but some like laksa, cannot lah! Not the same, must have santan.

  20. The house is downright eerie at night. The moment we saw it that night our (Sam n I) reaction was OMG!!!! I dont think they rear birds cos there are no birds in that area. Why mountain at the back?? My guess is the chinese belief of “our piak sua”. Ah, the Stapok house is nothing compared to this one!!!!!

    Reminds me of…the Addams Family house! LOL!!!

  21. Oh.. by the way the lights on the deck are green at night. Infact all the lights in the compound are green!!!

    Green? Omigawd!….Maybe that will attract more birds, since Daniel said they’re into harvesting birds’ nest!

  22. I think Sibu is rather badly hit by inflation. Food is pretty expensive now. Prawn chow chai hu ngang costs RM 9. Nothing special. KNB… I had Tiong Hua Lo kompia. The best hawker food I had this time was the “o kay (black chicken) mee sua.” STP refuses to eat that. Must try lah!!! Close your eyes and eat!

    There are places RM8 only… You didn’t go to Min Kong! That, I must say, is highly-inflated!!! But it’s not inflation! GREED!!! On the parts of the businessmen. That’s why someone said they were not bothered at all about rising oil prices and what not! They would just increase the prices of whatever they’re selling! Still a lot of people eating out though! I’d much rather boycott…eat at cheaper places OR cook myself at home!

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