Come back for more…

Every morning, unless it is raining, I will do my gardening till around 9 or 10 when it gets a bit too hot for me. That is why I hardly ever go to the wet market in town anymore these days as I prefer to go at the break of dawn when it is cooler and there are fewer people so it will not be such a hassle.

However, I did make an effort to go one morning and that was when I stopped to try the kampua mee here. My main intention was to go and buy some of our giant udang galah (freshwater prawns) to cook for my niece, the one working in Singapore as she likes them a lot. Unfortunately, with so many dishes to serve when they came for dinner that night, my missus forgot about them completely and it only dawned on me the next morning. So I told my missus to call them and ask them to come again the following night for it…

Prawn & pineapple

…and yes, before the night was through, they had licked the bowl clean! LOL!!!

There were some repeats/reruns like the stewed pork leg…

Pork leg

…for instance, that I wanted to eat with my sambal belacan. I was complaining that it was all lean meat, kind of hard and siap siap, and it was then that my missus said that she got rid of all the fat and the skin. Goodness gracious me! Those were the NICEST parts – no wonder I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I should. Obviously, she has not come across this article online and does not know what is good and what isn’t – she would not have done that otherwise.

She also took out what were left of all the meatballs from the two previous nights and served them all in sweet and sour sauce this time around…and we had enough of the yellow rice left over for everybody to have their fill and there was also the broccoli and mushroom dish too.

My sister gave us these lamb shank curry…

lamb shanks

from here and we served that as well and also, the wild boar meat that I cooked

Wild boar

My niece liked it, it seemed and helped herself to quite a lot of it even though she complained that all the ingredients that I added drowned out the lovely fragrance of the meat. I told her that was probably because the wild boar was a bit too young so it did not have the lovely fragrance that we look for in the meat – the thicker and longer and blacker the hair, the older it is and the older it is, the better…in which case, I would cook it in the way my maternal family members would cook it, so good you can just cook it on its own, no added ingredients needed.

It was good that my missus forgot to serve the prawns – at least, I had an excuse to get them to come to the house for dinner again. My girl, for one, loves it when we have company in the house, all the good vibes with all the chit-chatting, all the laughter whilst enjoying all the lovely dishes served.

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6 thoughts on “Come back for more…”

  1. Good that your girl enjoyed the company, the chit chatting and the laughter over a lovely meal. Precious memories.

    Yes, we all did! Nice to have people come cover to the house sometimes.

  2. My favourite would be the prawn and stewed pork leg. For the porkie dish, I like it lean with the skin but not the fats.

    I was wondering why I was not enjoying it as much as I should till my missus confessed what she did. Disappointing!

  3. Oh no, the fat and skin are the best parts! LOL!

    Exactly! If so worried about those most healthy bits that they think is unhealthy, then might as well cook something else. I don’t mind duck, cooked this same way.

  4. those chunks of lamb shank look like there might be some delicious gooey gelatinous marrow hiding inside the bones, waiting to be sucked out 😀

    My girl did mention something of the sort but I don’t think she went and sucked it out.

  5. That pork leg looks delicious!
    and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

    Thanks and the same to you and yours.
    Pork leg was somewhat a let-down, no fat, no skin!

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