What’s another year…

OK, everybody, get ready to drool…and eat your heart out because you were not there at the Supertanker Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu! LOL!!!

KK Supertanker Restaurant

Being a birthday bash, it had to start with the birthday noodles…

Kpenyu's birthday noodles

It was Kpenyu’s big 5-0, but as they say, “Age is just a number! You’re as young as you feel!” Then of course, there are some who claim that men are like fine wine; they get better with age. Anyway, along with that, we had this dish of Tuaran noodles…

Supertanker Tuaran mee

Hey, Gundot! How come mine did not have all those shrimps/prawns? I protest! Now Kpenyu has to bring me back there again. Hahahahaha!!! After the noodles, we had the braised pork leg with toasted man tao (steamed bread)…

Braised pork leg with man tao 1

Here’s the same dish from another angle for those with a hyperactive imagination… ROTFLMAO!!

Braised pork with man tao 2

The butter prawns followed…and they were very nice, coming a close 2nd to Ruby’s butter scotch prawns which has a thicker and richer gravy, though both have a similar taste…
KK butter prawns

Now, just try sinking your teeth into these succulent grilled pork ribs and it will definitely send you to Seventh Heaven, no kidding! There was also the dish of fried chicken slices that you can see in the background on the left.

KK Grilled pork ribs

Then came the plate of stewed beef tendons…but everybody was already filled to the brim by then.

KK stewed beef tendons

But that was not all…and I was beginning to think that it was never going to end. We also had this dish of special meat rolls…

KK special meat rolls

…and we also had this Sabah sayur manis (the cousin of Sarawak’s cangkuk manis) thrown in for good measure.

Sabah sayur manis

There was this what we call kuih deterim jelly for dessert but what’s a birthday without a birthday cake? So we had this absolutely divine cheese cake from a place called Hidden Pleasures (What a sinful name indeed! LOL!!!) I think I had more than just a second helping!…

Kpenyu's birthday cake

And if you think that was it, think again! They all had durians for post-dessert but I’m not into the fruit that much and I did not like this hybrid that they managed to get hold of that night…so I did not have any.

Durians for dessert

Credit goes to Gundot for all the photographs (except one, and you all can jolly guess which one!) in this post. She was there with the others from the family. And thanks so much for the superb dinner, Kpenyu. If you’re going to have something like this again next year, I’d better book my air ticket now. I can wait! After all, what’s another year! LOL!!!