You’re my favourite…

Jas, my old friend who was home all the way from Adelaide, Australia, insisted that I simply must take her to eat her favourite angkau (monkey) kampua. You can click this link here for the story behind the name. That was why we went to this coffee shop where I last saw him in 2017 but unfortunately, he was no longer there and I had no idea whatsoever where he had moved to.

In the end, she agreed that we could go for the one here that many will tell you is the best in town but when my missus and I had it there at the beginning of last year, let’s just say that we weren’t all that impressed.

Jasmine had the guy’s kampua mee tossed in chili sauce…

Orient Canteen kampua

…and no, it did not sweep her off her feet.

She also had the pian sip (meat dumplings) soup…

Orient Canteen pian sip soup

…and it did not get her all excited either.

I loved the pian sip, dry…

Orient Canteen pian sip, dry

when this guy was at the old place but I can’t say I felt quite the same about what I had that morning…or maybe it was because we were quite full at the time after our breakfast at Bandong.

Anyway, that evening, I logged into Facebook and posted a photograph of angkau and asked if anyone knew where he had moved to. One said next to the Nissan showroom at the Sibu Bus Terminal so I asked, “Uncle Teh?” but I did not get a reply. In the end, there were a lot of other comments but it was pretty obvious those were somewhat misguided or outdated until a friend said “Lau Su Ge, Sibu Bus Terminal”.

I drove there after dinner looking for Lau Su Ge but could not find it. In the end, I asked my friend, “Where exactly is that Lau Su Ge? I drove all around the place and could not find it.” Then she posted a photograph of a pub and said it was opposite and a photograph of the coffee shop…

Uncle Teh's Corner

Of course, I could recognise it right away  and I said, “Uncle Teh!” Then only did she reply, “Yes, sorry! Uncle Teh, in English!” LOL!!! In the meantime, a few others also came and commented that he would be at Uncle Teh. Incidentally, can anybody tell me what Lau Su Ge means? To me, it sounds like Elder Brother Rat but I am quite sure I am wrong. LOL!!!

I contacted Jas right away and said that I had found angkau at last and we could go and eat his kampua mee the next morning and we agreed that I could go and pick her up at 9.30 a.m.

When we got there, he said that somebody called him to confirm that he would still be at this coffee shop and it sounded like it was that friend of mine who gave me his location – that certainly was so sweet and helpful of her. According to him, he moved here because the son wanted to do the coffee shop business – I guess that was why the place took his name, Ah Soon but after sometime, the son changed his mind and he decided to move to a stall at a coffee shop further in and now he is here…and he assured us that he would stay put here from now on. Hmmm…I wonder! LOL!!!

Of course, Jas wanted his kampua mee tossed in chili sauce (RM3.00)…

Angkau kampua with chili sauce

…which pleased her to no end so much that she was actually contemplating on ordering another plate but I said no, we would go some place else for some other thing.

She also had his pian sip, soup (RM3.00)…

Angkau pian sip soup

…and I did try a few. Both of us agreed that this was nicer than what we had the day before.

I had the kampua mee, white (RM3.00)…

Angkau kampua mee original

…which to me, was all right. There are others in town that I enjoy a lot more.

For one thing, I would give due credit to both of them for not using plastic plates and bowls unlike some places around here that still carry on with that not-good-for-health and not-very-environment-friendly practice.

ORIENT CANTEEN(2.289916, 111.835333) faces Jalan Pedada, to the extreme left of the four-shop block right across the road from the shops where the Sunday Market is on weekends. It is accessible via Jalan Tong San as well while UNCLE TEH’S CORNER (2.305679, 111.848404) is located along Lorong Pahlawan 7C to the right of the Edaran Tan Chong Motors (Nissan) showroom there in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “You’re my favourite…”

  1. since we can barely find pian sip in kl, i imagine it’s even more impossible for jas to find it in adelaide! 🙂

    I know people buying the skin here and bringing it back there, keep in the freezer for use as and when the craving arises. They can get kampua in many Australian cities, that I know…but VERY expensive. Nice or not, I don’t know.

  2. I like the Monkey Kampua and the piansip served….. now I am drooling over them (no breakfast as yet!) I also like the last picture of the kampua… looks very glossy… ok, I better go off now! hahahaa..

    Not as much as people who have lived here all their lives and have migrated abroad! They will eat with a vengeance whenever they get the chance to come home.

  3. The Lau Su Ge means “Old (Lau) Uncle (Su) Court (Ge)” in Chinese.

    Thank you, and thank goodness it is not lau su = mouse/rat and ge meaning older brother. LOL!!!

  4. Lau Su Ge is the Chinese name for the Uncle Teh’s Corner

    Yes, now I know – Old Uncle Court. Actually the fried stuff from the stall at the back is pretty good – went there for the pek koi. The chicken rice and roast meat stall was so-so when we tried it a long time ago, both still around so I guess the business must be quite good.

  5. So far, I have never try kampua tossed in either chilli or soy sauce. I always have the original white one. Since Jas is contemplating to have another plate of kampua, I guess it must be really nice and suits her taste. Bonus point for both of them for not using plastic bowls and plates.

    I loved the old time chili, came in jars – sure ceret after eating but so very nice. These days, they use the bottled chili sauce, not the same anymore and not as nice. I will never ask for dark soy sauce either because of its overpowering taste. Kampua is a somewhat mild dish – I want to enjoy the fragrance and taste of the shallot oil (lard) and I would not want that to be drowned out of the kicap.

  6. So nice of your friends to help you track down this place.

    Seems that the guy has a lot of followers, will follow him wherever he goes – I’m not one of them and that is why I did not know where he had moved to.

  7. I thought it is Brother Mouse in English. That would be very funny.

    Glad Jas enjoyed the kampua and pian sip.

    That’s Mandarin for you. Change the intonation and pronunciation a bit and it becomes “teacher”. LOL!!!

  8. contemplating ordering another plate of the same kampua, luckily you stopped her! 🙂 ..
    lots of yummy food pics.

    She ate two plates the last time she came home! I wanted to take her elsewhere, that was why I did not want her to eat too much here.

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