Somebody new…

There was an old lady here….

Ling's Corner

…and everyone was singing praises of her rojak tambi (Indian rojak) but everytime I dropped by, the stall was closed except for that one time when it was open but she was not around. Somebody at the shop said she was always like that, loved to go and walk around leaving her stall unattended so I just left. There were other times when I drove past and saw the stall open but I did not feel like stopping for it at the time. Eventually I heard that she had decided to call it quits owing to ill health.

Much to my surprise, the stall was open that morning and it was still very early, around 7 a.m. but there was a sweet young girl there…

Rojak tambi stall


I ordered a plate (RM4.00)…

Rojak tambi 1

…to try and it turned out to be really very good. I sure enjoyed it very much and there were potatoes in it too!

A long long time ago, when this guy named Kassim started selling his, he had potatoes and even hard-boiled egg in his and it was a bestseller! That was why this is often called Rojak Kassim here but he has moved to Kuching and is running a stall there now, some internal family problems, I heard. They say at this point in time, the daughter-in-law is running his stall here, since renamed, but it is a pale shadow of what it used to be.

Our rojak tambi is not really like those around the country or what is called pasembur elsewhere. The gravy is a little like the peanut sauce one gets when eating satay so I would say it is a cross between pasembur and the Indonesian gado-gado

Rojak tambi 2

…and I am glad we have one that is really very nice now. There are a lot of wannabe’s around town but generally, they are not really worth going back for. I asked the girl if she was in any way related to the old lady but she said she wasn’t. Thankfully, she is able to replicate the much-coveted taste and I certainly will be going back again for more.

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