Where are you now…

Some will swear by this guy’s kampua mee

…and declare that his is the best in town. He was here a long time ago…and then he moved here.

Well, it so happened that the other day, my good friend/ex-classmate, Robert, called me and he mentioned in passing that he has moved again and this…

Ooopsss!!! Excuse the spelling error!

…is his current location.

I loved his pian sip

…when I tried his that first time at where he originally was but I was somewhat disappointed with both the noodles and the dumplings the last time I had them at his previous station.

That, however, did not deter me from driving over to his sparkling new shop to give what he dished out another chance. The kampua mee (RM3.50, regular) was very nice and the serving was huge!…

It had the authentic old school kampua mee taste with its lard and shallot oil fragrance that many true-blue lovers of the noodles would insist upon.

Yes, I did hear people saying that noodles in general have gone up in price here in Sibu, RM3.50 now but personally, I do not mind it one bit if they jack up the prices. After all, what has not gone up in price? More importantly, they should maintain the quantity and quality and ensure value for money and not shortchange their customers. Besides, RM3.50 is still very cheap compared to the other towns and cities in Sarawak and even more so if we look at how much they charge a plate in West Malaysia and Singapore and countries overseas.

The complimentary soup wasn’t too bad…

…a bit on the mild side but it was good enough for me to wash everything down especially now that I do not order any drinks at the coffee shops since I am on a low-sugar diet.

Yes, the pian sip (RM3.50, regular)…

…were indeed really great, very generous with the meat and there was clearly a lot more lean, unlike a lot of places where the dumplings are somewhat mushy because of the excessive fat in the filling.

It seems that there is an option if you drop by here to eat – you can choose the smaller servings at only RM2.50. I did not order that so I would not know how small the small is. Maybe I’ll try that next time…

BIG GOURMENT (2.300756, 111.843492) is located at Lorong Dr Wong Soon Kai 4D, facing Bizmillah Cafe, in the blocks right behind Kim Hock Supermarke along Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Where are you now…”

  1. We actually have something similar to this kampua mee in my little kampung.
    The noodles look the same.
    But toppings are slightly different, they’re pork mince and char siu.
    No wontons in the soup but fried pork meat balls and mini gohiangs.

    >Changing rooms…or chalets
    Yes, you can get changed in those beach huts.
    Some of them even come with a mini kitchen so you can make some tea.
    But they’re not designed for sleep over.

    1. Pork mince and char siu? That would be Kuching kolo mee – looks similar, tastes not the same. Also very nice, both nicer than wanton mee with the dark sauce, I must say. Seremban’s Hakka mee is good too – something like Kuching kolo mee, lots of Hakkas in Kuching, here mostly Foochows.

      Not surprised if you can find anything that looks similar there – they have kampua mee and kolo mee stalls everywhere….even in in Australia and New Zealand but they cost a bomb there.

      1. Actually I am not sure if we have Hakka mee in my little kampung.
        The mix of Hakka, Teochew, Cantonese and Hokkien folks is rather even.
        Coincidently, the owner of the stall that sells kampua mee (the one I mentioned above), he is also Hakka.
        Oh I know there’s a Hakka town in Sandakan in Sabah.
        Too bad, I have never been to Borneo so I need to explore more next time I go home.

      2. Aha!!! That must be Hakka mee then. When I had it in Seremban, I thought it was something like Kuching kolo mee and I liked it a lot! Sabah has its own konlou mee, not really to my fancy but it was o.k. Wanton mee too, not really into it but will eat it sometimes for a change.

        Not a good time to travel but yes, many West Malaysians never come to this part of the woods and many cannot tell the difference between the two East Malaysian states even…after so many years. Such a disgrace! I have not been to some states in the peninsula but at least, I know which is which…and where they are in the mainland!

  2. Yes, everything has gone up. The kampua serving is huge. I doubt I can finish it. Love the pian sip. Over here, the serving is not that huge. The kolo mee stall I frequent has since 1/12 increased his kolo mee by 50 sen per bowl (now RM4.50) whereas laksa increased RM1 (now RM7-small) .

    Gosh!!! RM7 for small! RM4.50 for a bowl of kolo mee is still o.k.
    Yes, the serving was so big that my missus had difficulty finishing it – I tapao-ed home for the ladies. In the end, she skipped lunch. Too full, she said.

  3. RM3.50 is really, really cheap. If there are people over there complaining they should go to other states. 😀

    My sentiments exactly. It is more expensive even as near as Kuching. Wait till you hear how much they are charging a plate/bowl in Australia!!!

  4. I don’t think I’ve tried pian sip before. Been here for so many years and still so much to discover!

    Similar to wantons, not exactly the same but let’s just say they’re distant cousins. LOL!!!

  5. Call me crazy but I like the more mushy fatty type 😛

    You can have it all!!!
    More often than not, that would be the cheap minced meat where the butchers will throw everything into the grinder, a whole lot more fat than there should be and whatever unwanted parts of the animal that there is to throw.
    My butcher will not sell me the mass-produced minced meat – he will cut and grind some fresh cuts just for me, a perfect balance of fat and lean.

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