About time…

I guess it was about time that I dropped by here…


…to try the kampua noodles at this particular stall…

HLH kampua stall

Why? Well, I have heard so many people singing its praises and claiming that it is the best in Sibu and in fact, I myself have asked friends staying at the hotel in the vicinity…


…to go over in the morning to eat it.

It is the corner coffee shop at the traffic lights at the junction of Lanang Road and Lanang Lane 2…


…and you can see this hotel across the road a little to the right…


…while the aforementioned hotel is located at the back.

I did drop by for the beef noodles (RM3.50)…

HLH beef noodles

…a couple of times before but that was a long time ago and I understand that since then, they have opened another outlet in the town centre and more recently, a shop of their own. We love what they serve at the latter and do go there quite often for breakfast or brunch. That morning, Melissa had the one here and she liked it – I tried a bit myself and reckoned it was all right.

My missus had the mee pok (RM2.50)…

HLH mee pok

…with chili sauce added and she said it was good.

I ordered the kampua noodles (RM2.50)…

HLH kampua

…for myself and the pian sip (RM2.50)…

HLH piansip

…to be shared among the three of us.

I thought the kampua was good – very authentic, the way the original kampua has been and always will be, but I would not say it is my favourite. Personally, there are a few others elsewhere that I would very much prefer but I would say that the pian sip we had was very nice. The skin was so very thin that it was translucent and it was not oily and not overloaded with msg as well so as a whole, it was pretty well done.

I certainly would not mind dropping by again should I happen to be in the area and if I can find a parking space – this can be a quite a pain actually and the road tends to be rather busy especially in the morning – this much, I would say.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

53 thoughts on “About time…”

  1. Hi Arthur! Pardon my ignorance but what is kampua? Is this like Won Ton noodle?

    Let’s say it’s a distant cousin, same as with kolo mee in Kuching, Hakka mee in Seremban, konlou mee in Sabah…or Singapore mee pok but they’re all quite different. Come, come! Come on over to Sibu and you can give it a try and a whole lot of other nice things here that you can’t get in Singapore or anywhere else, for that matter.

  2. Gosh!!! Pagi- pagi buta already tempt people with food… nice and delicious food somemore! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! ( hungry leh.. had only muesli with yogurt )

    Hehehehehehehe! Muesli also nice what. Actually I have a scheduled post on that but things keep cropping up so I keep delaying. Will be published one day…eventually, just wait, ya! LOL!!!! 😀

  3. Ahh Kampua noodles! I still haven’t got a chance to try it! Guess what? I found out my father’s cousin sister’s husband is from Sibu too! They’ve both migrated to Sydney but he still talks fondly of Kampua noodles. 🙂 He told me it’s similar to Indomie dry noodles.. is it true? Also, the pian sip looks very similar to wan tan. How are they different?

    No, absolutely not true! But when you’re overseas, you will just have to make do with what you have there and imagine it is the same…and after some time, you may even get to believe it is the same…or you forget the actual taste and start to think that way. No way…far from it! I wonder who he is – maybe I know him or maybe he’s my classmate even. Sibu is so small, everybody virtually knows everybody. LOL!!!!!

  4. I am so happy with this blog and thanks for giving such detailed direction! M going to order everything i saw in the photos. yum! pulor chingkeng now!!! i m going to print this page too.haha!

    You’ll be staying at that hotel at the back when you come, eh? Breakfast is provided…but don’t bother. They all say not nice. Maybe, can just go for a cup of coffee…

    1. hahahhaha…pulor chingkeng!! I understand that word!

      You Foochow mah…like us, but in our case, with a bit of Melanau mixed. Her grandma, father’s side, stayed with them, so they all can speak Foochow full swing…not me. I speak Hokkien, and even my Mandarin is definitely better than my Foochow.

  5. Most people who stay at hotels will sneak out and eat at the coffee shops nearby. Not only cheaper but the food tastes better. That was a nice breakfast, I usually only have soft boiled eggs sobs!

    Sometimes breakfast is provided…but it would usually be good for a day or two and after that, you get so sick of it – even the smell would put you off. It’s the same every day and you just can’t wait to sneak out to the coffee shop nearby. They may serve you the same at the hotels – like in Kuching, they may have Sarawak laksa among the selections for their buffet breakfast spread but nope, they do not even come near. Even the not-so-good ones in town would usually be better.

  6. hoooray!! finally King Kampuarthur is back with his famous kampua post!! haha.. yes, from the photo this plate of kampua looks very authentic and original, most of the time the simplest ones tastes the best.. agree??

    Not necessarily…but one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Up to the individual, which his or her favourite is…and I would say “my favourite” rather than “the best in Sibu”. Sure there will be people who will disagree…and besides, there are so many in town that I’ve not tasted yet.

  7. Kampua…I love it with black soya sauce.

    Not me. That one, I can cook my own at home…and may be even nicer. The strong taste of the soy sauce drowns out the fragrance of the lard and the fried shallots in the lard used. We never had kampua with dark soy sauce when we were little – dunno how or when that came about.

  8. Wish i am right there now to makan it, hehe…

    Come on over!!! Air Asia having a sale right now, if I’m not mistaken – Singapore to Kuching…and there’s a direct flight from JB to Sibu daily.

  9. pian sip? why not wonton? what’s the difference ah? is it made with minced meat? pork meat precisely? ;P

    Because this is Sibu and we call it that here. Kuching people will call theirs kiaw…and you people across the sea call yours wanton. Similar, not exactly the same – the difference is in the skin and the taste as well…and I would say it is nicer but the secret is in the preparation – must not be too thick, must not overcook and rendered oversoft, must not be too oily…or overloaded with msg. Like kampua, they have this everywhere and like kampua, there are good ones and there are not-so-good ones. You will just have to come over and try yourself – very hard to explain.

    1. Its not near to wantan. But its quite near to the ‘siew mai’ , which we usually get from pao vendor. 🙂

      Where got like siew mai? It’s just the skin…and there’s good skin and not good one…and they apply a layer of minced pork like people apply butter on bread and wrap, not actually a dumpling with a whole lot of meat inside. If we go to the market and want to buy skin for sio bee (our local siew mai) or pian sip, we must specify clearly so we will not end up buying the wrong one – not the same.

      1. Sorry ar….after I wrote then only I recall..that’s siew bee….LOL!
        Minta ampun bos :-p

        Yup, what we call sio bee here. Not exactly like siew mai, no prawns – mostly meat…and the low quality ones, mostly cabbage and sengkuang, very little meat. Foochow-style siew mai.

  10. Sibu Municipal Council should appoint you as the Ambassador for Sibu’s food and tourism.

    They should, eh? Hmmmm…thanks for the vote of confidence and thanks for dropping by & commenting too.

  11. My two girls favorite is this type of mee with dark soy sauce. They never get bored with it, but I love mee in soup more.

    I’m ok with soup now but not when I was younger. Had a problem with it being hot and I would end up burning my tongue. Same thing with pian sip soup even though I did like that a lot when I was young. 😦

  12. Am a noodle person. So I extremely love this post, hehehe!!!!…Pian sip really looks good. Slurrppppp!!!….Yum!!!…Yum!!!…

    My daughter prefers pian sip to kampua… I will usually have both “pian sip mee” – no need for those few miserable pieces of boiled meat.

  13. aiyah! Now i’m hungry and thinking of the kampua from that shop you brought us to, near Std Chart. Tsk!

    I would think that one is much nicer than this one though it is not on my list of favourites either. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  14. The Kingwood hotel F&B manager would wood you and the Kawan Hotel no kawan you when they read this blog that you are diverting their F&B biz to Hock Lok Hong Cafe & nearby.

    What are you talking about? Breakfast is inclusive and complimentary, anyway – they would be happier if nobody wants to eat – can save a little on the food.

    1. Bananaz no talking about but typing aloud. Oh you mean this places only serve breakfast no lunch or dinner? Also Bananaz didn’t know all breakfast are inclusive in Sibu hotels. Sorry lah Bananaz living in cave not knowing much about hotels.

      Don’t bluff! Most hotels over at your side will give free breakfast, inclusive with room – even that small one where I stayed the first time I met you in KL. I wish they would not though or give people an option…so people can pay a bit less for the room and just top up a bit should they prefer to eat in the hotel. I would rather save the money and go outside, eat at coffee shops and roadside stalls – me no class one…prefer simple food.

  15. The road sign still got Chinese characters below leh?

    That’s one unique characteristic of Sibu that has amazed/impressed many who came… So very different from over at your side.

  16. I remember the shop that you took us to last time was just opposite a church.. that one selling kampua noodles and piansip is very nice too..

    That’s Soon Hock – one of my favourites but the Indon helpers sometimes add too much msg. Will have to remind them to put a little bit only.

  17. The pian sip looks good. Plump and juicy! 😉

    The deciding factor is the skin – it it is thick and white, then it’s not good, and the next factor is the cooking – must not overcook, have to be just right.

  18. That pian sip, is it dumplings? Looks good~

    Well, hopefully one day I’ll have the chance to visit you, so that you can bring me go makan, haha xD

    I guess you can call pian sip that as well….all in the family – wanton, they also call dumplings…siew mai/sio bee also dumplings/ sui jiao or sui kao, also dumplings…pao also dumplings. What’s stopping you? So near, yet so far… Those who have been here can’t wait to come again

  19. kampua noodles & pian sip..
    that is STP’s favorite.. nothing can go between them..
    when you see kampua there is STP….

    Not true. That was just about the 1st plate of kampua I had since I got back from New Zealand…oh no, the 2nd – had one with my friend, Philip, earlier when he was home from the US.

  20. kampua kampua kampua..yum!! I can smell from here. I had so many kampua on my recent trip back, my mum give me a “roll eyes”, even night time dinner i also had a plate. tsk tsk tsk. Lucky, now i got Fearles to share with me. He got sibu ppl taste bud, but not Cruz.

    Hahahahahaha!!!!! Fair one square, one like mum and the other like daddy. Nothing like coming home and being able to have kampua to your heart’s delight, eh?

  21. I love beef noodles and for only RM3.50 a bowl?? I can have two bowls for breakfast everyday.

    You’re in Sandakan, right? Dunno there…but I love KK’s Kah Heong’s. RM8, but ooooo….simply out of this world!!!! Slurpssss!!!!!

    1. I am from Sandakan but live in KL. Hmmm.. Kah Heong.. Never been there but already in my must-try list! Will be in KK soon!

      smallkucing was there over the long weekend last week and they made their way there to eat it. I’m sure she will blog about it soon – see whether she likes it or not.

  22. Gosh… I miss mee pok. The last one I had was at Singapore and it’s hard to get them over here.

    Oh? I haven’t had the Singapore ones for a long long time now. When I was there in 1973, I would go for that to appease my craving for kampua. Not the same, but something’s better than nothing. I remember they always put the crusts from the melted pork fat...

  23. kampua noodles! mee pok! occasionally, when someone asks me where to get good kampua noodles or mee pok in kl, i shrug and say i have no idea. wish i did though! 😀

    You don’t go for such stuff, I guess. I know there are a few kampua and Kuching kolo mee and Sarawak laksa places in KL – just not too sure exactly how good they are – can google anytime – they’re all there.

  24. no wonder why people praise those noodles
    it looks great and i bet it was just as
    scrumptious as it looks like

    I would think it does not look much – it is the taste, the fragrance that will sweep people off their feet.

  25. our streets were quite synonymous haha
    perhaps thats why some filipinos were saying you’ll
    never get homesick there

    In what way? Small and jammed? They’re small all right but nothing here like the horrible jams in KL…or Penang or in the bigger cities in the country.

  26. Can bring visitors coming to Sibu to this place lah… SP? SK? Anay? Meow? Yan? Yvonne? Bila mau pigi? xD

    Not you…but check out tomorrow’s post. Nice noodles there too…and I tried the kampua there once, halal – it was pretty good. Can’t find my post on that – maybe I did not blog about it. Sometimes I forgot to bring my camera…so no photos, no post.

  27. Always so delicious kampua noodles and pian sip…yummy!
    Now I know which hotel to book if I drop by :p

    Nah!!! Can always stay at my house if you come over…. Save the money on hotel to go and eat and shop! 😉

  28. From the picture I think I will enjoy eating the mee Pok! Never try it before but it is something that I think I will love to eat!

    I like mee pok. It is something like the flat version of kampua but it tastes smoother, a bit different. I like it too and would usually opt for that as well.

  29. Ah I know where this is!

    Good kampua noodles, but I never noticed their pien nuk being that large. I always go for chilli sauce + soy sauce so at a new place I prefer to eat it plain.

    At least the char siew is not radioactive red. 😉

    Yup…I wonder what they use to colour the meat – the red colour at some places can be quite frightening. No soy sauce for me…and chili sauce, I will add if the kampua is not that great. That will make it taste a bit better. Otherwise, I will eat just like that.

  30. Agree with you that the kampua at Rasa Sayang is better than this. The pian sip looks great though – didn’t try it b4, will do so soonest!

    Yup! The pian sip’s good – better than Rasa Sayang’s but not the kampua. So far, for pian sip – my favourites would be this one, Thomson Corner and Soon Hock.

  31. Gosh…price of food is sooooo affordable. I can’t find noodles in KL at the price of RM2.50….or Rm3.50.

    You people there all so rich one mah! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

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