He’s not there anymore…

The kampua noodles here…

Former location
*Archive photo*

…is the favourite of many – some would declare that it is the best in town.

Well, for your information, especially those of you who would never fail to drop by for a plate of the coveted stuff, sometimes more, everytime you come back to Sibu, this guy…

The guy

…is here…

The shop

…now, in the solitary block of four shops right across the road, Jalan Pedada, from the shops…

The other side

…where the Sunday Market is every weekend, also accessible from Jalan Tong San. I wonder why he has moved – he was at that old place for as long as I can remember, like forever! Well, for one thing, parking is definitely a whole lot easier at this new location, that much I would say.

Andy sent me a message the other morning saying that his favourite kampua mee people had gone missing – their café is a stone’s throw away. I did drive past that old place a few days earlier and I saw a young boy manning the stall and I was wondering who it was. It turned out that some other people had taken over so I went to this new place to confirm that indeed, they had moved here and to eat and take photographs so I could blog about it.

I had the “white” (RM3.00)…

Kampua, white

…and I added the chili sauce myself…

Chili sauce added

…while my missus had the “white” tossed with chili sauce…

Kampua, white, tossed with chili sauce

I still am not convinced that this is, as what many will insist, the best in town and my missus agrees with me too, that it was all right and there are others elsewhere that are more to our liking. I liked their pian sip before and would have wanted to order that but business must be really good as by the time we got there at around 11.00 a.m., they only had the noodles left – everything was sold out for the day!

ORIENT CANTEEN (2.289916, 111.835333) faces Jalan Pedada, to the left of the four-shop block where Lucky Seafood formerly was, right across the road from the shops where the Sunday Market is on weekends. It is accessible via Jalan Tong San as well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “He’s not there anymore…”

  1. Seeing it makes me crave for it…

    You can’t get to enjoy the really good, really authentic ones unless you come over.

  2. I always order the white kampua & add chilli sauce myself. Any difference in taste between kampua tossed with chilli sauce from the seller? Just curious to know.

    That way, we can add just the right amount. Besides, these day,s they use those factory-made chili sauce that we buy in bottles and those are kind of starchy so the noodles may get kind of sticky or goo-ey when they add too much. In the old days, they used local-made chili sauce stored in jars – nto so starchy but no more, they do not use that anymore.

  3. Typo error for pian sip, or intentionally turned into ‘pain sip’ for this place LOL!

    Oh dear! You sure are observant. No, it’s not auto-correct – thanks for pointing it out, will edit it right away.

  4. My Jay. He would want kampua now if he sees the photo. Haha. He loves Sibu kampua. He basically had that almost everyday for a month when I were in my confinement. The few shops in Rejang Park knew him well then. Lol.

    That’s one true blue Foochow kid there, it’s in his blood, a kampua mee lover. 😀 What plans for the Chinese New Year holidays? Going back to Kapit to celebrate with your in-laws? Lots of kampua there and you can stop in Sibu for a night or two to catch up on things here.

    1. We would be celebrating cny in Kuching. My in-laws will fly in. They have been doing that for few years.

      This year school holiday for CNY is only 5 days. Too short and rush.

      Hope to visit Sibu again. One day.

  5. The chili sauce that they use to toss the kampua, is it home made or from the bottle?

    You would find the answer in my response to Irene Tan’s comment above. These days, they use the bottled factory-manufactured ones except that they do not buy it in bottles. They come canned in large tins, the size of the big Milo ones…or in bigger rectangular tins like those old-time kerosene tins or the cream crackers ones. I’ve seen Yeo’s and Kimball’s. These are a little on the sweet side and rather starchy, not so nice, not like the local made ones before, in the 50’s and 60’s and maybe right through the 70’s, that came in nice stone jars.

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