Tell it as it is…

The sister-in-law and his brother used to have their fried kway teow stall here but they have since moved here. In the meantime, this guy had his at a coffee shop in the town centre but I heard that owing to some issues regarding the rent, after seven years there, he has moved here…

I was out and about early that morning and I had to head into the town centre for something and I was driving past the area on my way home. I heard from my sister that she had had his fried kway teow and he had cockles (kerang)…

…in the dish so I decided to stop by and tapao home to try.

I got really put off at a lot of places here where they declared in no uncertain terms that they had cockles in their kway teow but when I ordered, they told me that they did not have any that day. Liar, liar, pants in fire!!! I am sure they never had any and had no intention whatsoever of having any at all. Just a sales gimmick to pull wool over the customers’ eyes! Somebody should sue these people for false advertising!!! Tsk! Tsk!

I ordered one dish of fried kway teow with cockles (RM6.00) and sambal (an additional RM1.00) for my missus, hoping that it would be spicy as I felt she would like that. As the guy was frying it…

…I caught the whiff of the fragrance of the sambal and boy, it sure was good. The thought that I should have ordered the same for all of us did creep through my mind at that point in time.

I asked for another two packets, kway teow with cockles (RM6.00) and prawns (an additional RM1.00 as well) and as soon as they were done, I headed straight home so the ladies could enjoy what I had bought for them for breakfast.

I must say that the fragrance that filled the car all the way back was simply awesome but somehow or other, it…

…did not sweep me off my feet, not even the one with the sambal. It sure tasted great with my missus’ own blended chili sauce/dip but on its own, I can think of a number of places around town where the fried kway teow is very much nicer.

23 FOOD COURT (2.297349, 111.824644) is located at No. 13/15, Lorong Tun Abg Hj Openg 1, among the shops opposite Kin Orient Plaza (where the “old’ Sing Kwong Supermarket is) in the vicinity of Gabriel’s Recipe and TowerMas Hotel.

Author: suituapui

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17 thoughts on “Tell it as it is…”

  1. I am not into cockles in char kway teow so I never ask for that and don’t whether they really have or like you say sales gimmick. I only like my char kway teow with prawns, egg, meat and lots of taugeh and of course, wok hei and I am satisfied.

    1. I’m o.k. without cockles just that I get very put off when they say they have…but when you order, they tell you they do not have. Feel so cheated!!! Really terrible, some of these business people!

    1. The guy did say something about fried kway teow being wrapped in plastic and taken home – not nice anymore. Maybe that was why I did not really enjoy what I bought from him that day – it sure was very fragrant, that much I would admit, filled the whole car but when I sat down to eat, it did not get me all excited. Perhaps I should go and eat it there and it would be a lot nicer.

  2. We usually order prawns and egg char kway teow. or with meat and prawns. I agree that it is not easy to find good char kway teow that suits our taste. Sometimes, I wonder whether it is because of our taste buds. Lol!

    1. Like I always say, to each his own. As far as I know, this guy’s very popular for his fried kway teow and his sister-in-law too but I am just o.k. with both. There are others that I enjoy more.

    1. Different recipe. Remember Sibu is a Fuzhou town, some are not into any dish with sambal and they would prefer fired vegetables such as midin, paku, kangkong ching chow…fried plain. Of course, if you eat there, they will give you that little saucer of chili sauce.

      By the way, you probably have been away a long time – udang kering is VERY expensive these days, our Rajang ones are over RM100 a kilo…and the best Bintulu belacan over RM50 a kilo…we use these at home but when they say sambal, do not expect them to use the top quality ones. Not anything to get excited about.

    1. No need for someone from Penang! I would be the first to say that at least, it should look better and we have not started talking about the taste yet.

  3. It is getting increasingly difficult to search for good char kueh teow with sambal and kerang. Most are mediocre. :/

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