Sweet treats…

That day, Christmas Day, after our so-so lunch here, we adjourned to this place

Nice Gelateria

…for dessert.

We have not been here for a long time for no apparent reason. We just didn’t and it seemed that they changed the flavours regularly…

Nica Gelateria gelato & cakes

…so they did not have the ones we liked before. In fact, it had been so long I couldn’t even remember what we used to enjoy a lot.

They had a few pretty sweet young things running the place now, as sweet as their gelato, conversant in English and going all out to please. They insisted that we tried as many flavours as we liked using those little spoons like the pink ones at that popular ice cream place in the cities. With that kind of service, I sure would not mind dropping by again and again.

We did not order any drinks as we were quite full from lunch but as soon as were seated, we were served this bottle of drinking water…

Nica Gelateria complimentary water

…on the house unlike some places around town where they would charge you for that. Tsk! Tsk!

They seemed to have a wider range of macarons…

Nica Gelateria macarons

…now but I did not order those nor their mille crepes and their cakes.

I couldn’t resist asking for their crème brûlée tart (RM6.90)…

Nica Gelateria creme brulee tart

…to try though but at the end of the day, I think I would prefer that the regular way, not in a tart.

Of course, we had their gelato…

Nice Gelateria poster

…and I absolutely loved their fresh durian gelato so much that I simply had to have a double scoop (RM12.80)…

Nica Gelateria durian gelato

…while my missus settled for a single (RM7.80).

My girl is not into durian so much and she had their Bailey and Earl Grey (RM12.80)…

Nica Gelato Bailey & Earl Grey

…one scoop each, and yes, she said they were good.

We sure enjoyed ourselves and that sure made up for the not-so-exciting lunch that we had earlier that day.

NICA GELATERIA (2.302620, 111.842988) is located at Wisma Liberty/Wisma Sri Minyak at No. 14, Block 3, Jalan Pedada – on your left, past the Jalan Ulu Oya Road traffic lights if you are coming from town.