Same again…

A few days after our first visit, we dropped by here again for lunch. I did say in my previous post that we would be doing that very often as it is round the corner from my mum’s house, a convenient stop for us on our way home.

I had every intention of checking out what they would have on their menu but when we got there, the sight of what they had for their nasi campur (mixed rice) made me change my mind and in the end, I had the same again.

This was what I had…

La'zzaty Cuisine nasi campur

…that day.

The daging masak hitam (black-cooked beef) was, at best, all right. Despite spotting all the spices used in the cooking in the gravy, it came across like soy sauce beef, maybe just a little bit nicer than that but not much, and the beef was not as tender as I would like it to be.

The masak lemak cabbage, bean curd sticks and glass noodles with black fungus and potatoes was good but of course, when my mum used to cook that, with prawns added and sweet potatoes instead of potatoes and a bit of cangkuk manis too, hers was a whole lot nicer.

I prefer the sambal petai with prawns here – their sambal is a whole lot nicer – and  here, it was more like sambal prawns with petai and I had a hard time picking out the stinky beans as there were a whole lot of prawns and not much petai.

As for my fourth pick, I wanted the terung Dayak, not so much the fish, the ikan tenggiri (mackerel) but in the end, I took a slice of that as well…

La'zzaty Cuisine fish with terung Dayak

I don’t know which of my four picks would constitute a vegetable dish, maybe the masak lemak so all in all, I had three meat and one vegetable.


La'zzaty Cuisine pumpkin and cangkuk manis

…came out later otherwise, I would have taken some of it as well. Gee!!! I really must have a bit more self-control at places such as this as everything looked so inviting.

My missus stuck to her usual three and had the sambal prawns with petai too and also the masak lemak and she had another green vegetable. The total for the both of us that day was RM14.50 and my guess was hers was RM4.50 while mine was a whooping RM10.00 but yes, I did think it was worth it as I did enjoy all that I picked.

The following day, we headed back to this place and yes, it was open! I asked the boy if their off day each week would be on Wednesday but he said no – they would take Sundays off every week. I probed further to find out why they were closed ever so often and he mumbled something about waking up late and not feeling too well and what not.

Well, thankfully, their rather erratic irregular opening days did not seem to affect their business very much – there were a whole lot of people that day. I was thinking that their customers might get fed up going all the way there only to find that the place was closed and they might just decide to never come back again. Obviously, I was wrong.

We had the same thing again, their nasi kerabu with ayam percik, drumstick (RM6.50)…

Warong Cafe nasi kerabu ayam percik, drumstick

…that we do like a lot and yes, as always, it was really good. I love the stuffed green chili…

Stuffed green chili

…and I do think that the ayam percik

Ayam percik

…alone would be satisfying enough even if one had it with plain white rice.

I also ordered the Penang laksa (RM5.00)…

Warong Cafe Penang laksa 1

…to try but I thought it was a little mild – I felt that the one here had a stronger and more flavourful broth and a lot more of the fish flakes. Anyway, I ordered that just because I had seen a lot of people eating it and yes, it…

Warong Cafe Penang laksa 2

…did look good but truth be told, I am not really a fan of that Northern Malaysian delight.

LA’ZZATY CUISINE (2.307198, 111.828479) is located along Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg on the left if you are coming from town, right after the SHELL petrol station, at its junction with Jalan Nibong with the Sibu Buddhist Temple on your right on the other side of the road while WARONG CAFE (2.318841, 111.831732) is located among the shops in between Jalan Tapang and Jalan Tapang Timur towards the end of Jalan Kampung Nangka on the left with RTM Sibu right across the road on the right.