Too new…

This place…

Penyet Delta, banner

…was so new that it did not even have a shop sign, just that banner hanging there. I understand that it…

Penyet Delta, shop

…is owned by the same people running our favourite ayam penyet place at the Bandong shops here.

The roti canai stall…

Penyet Delta roti canai stall

…was closed when we went there that day. I asked one of the young boys and he said that it was all sold out and they had gone back home to prepare more dough and would probably be back later in the day.

Well, we did not go there for the roti canai, anyway. What my girl and I wanted was the pecel lele (RM7.50)…

Penyet Delta pecel lele

…which somehow did not look as good as at that other place. For one thing, they did not have the rice wrapped in banana leaf and when I asked, the boy said that they would have that usually but they had run out of banana leaves.

I thought the ikan keli (catfish)…

Penyet Delta, ikan keli

…looked rather skinny but thankfully, it was sweet and lemak enough. Probably these are not the farmed ones which are not as nice even though they can be quite big at times – ikan keli that is too big may not be good and may be what we call in Hokkien lo ko. The  texture is kind of tough or rubbery and not at all palatable.

It looks like it is more expensive here than at the other place though, by one ringgit, at least – maybe the rent here is higher so they are charging more or maybe they have increased the price there too, I wouldn’t know.

They served the aforementioned without giving us any fork or spoon and when I asked, the boy dashed off and came back with a set wrapped in that horrendous pink serviette and when I said we would need two sets, he went running back to the girl who had just started wrapping the forks and spoons to get another one.

My missus had their mee mamak (RM5.50)…

Penyet Delta, mee goreng

…and it came before ours and that too was served without the cutlery. We asked the boy for those, of course, and he went running to get them from some baskets under the roti canai stall and no, they were not wrapped – the girl had not got down to doing that yet at the time.

The mee mamak was as good as it looked – I thought it appeared rather nice and yes, my missus said she liked it but for that same amount of money, I would much rather go for the nasi ayam I had here.

Yes, we ordered some drinks as well and when the boy came out with our orders on a tray, he served it to the people at the next table who had just arrived and had just sat down. Of course, they were baffled and I had to wave my arms frantically in the air to get the boy’s attention and have him bring the drinks over to our table.

No, they were not lazy or anything, just that they were inexperienced and lacked proper training, no method whatsoever in their madness. I noticed that there were a few tables where the customers had left but all the plates and glasses and everything were left there just like that and nobody came to collect and clear the table and clean it all up.

Hopefully, in time, they will learn the ropes and get better at what they are doing. We certainly would be dropping by time and time again as it is round the corner from my mum’s house, very convenient for us and besides, the other place only opens at night and that is one reason why we do not go there all that often. This one, they say, opens from 6 a.m. in the morning seven days a week till 10.00 p.m. at night but they will remain open if there are still some customers around.

Fast forward to just a week later and yes, the shop sign was up…

Penyet Delta shop sign

I saw a man doing the wiring so the letters would probably light up at night…and yes, the service was running smoothly – everything was all right, not like the previous time we went there. Watch out for the blogpost on our second visit coming up real soon – do hang around!

PENYET DELTA (2.307969, 111.825223) is located at No.14, Lorong Delta 10, off Jalan Delta, right behind the Delta Swimming Pool, right beside the Delta Seafood & Cafe.