One week later…

One week after our first visit to this place

Penyet Delta
*Archive photo*

…we dropped by there again.

I made the mistake of choosing the table right beside the counter with this loudspeaker…


…sitting on top of it, blasting some Malay rock songs at full volume. I tried turning it but it was fixed to the spot. One of the boys came and turned down the volume a little, just a little and I thought it was still too loud.

It made me wonder as to why people play music at eateries – to entertain their customers or themselves. Later, somebody came and changed the selection to some Malay rap songs, each one of them a mash-up with one of the popular hits from days gone by. I thought the voice in the first one sounded like Jamal Abdillah but I was not too sure as I didn’t know that song. After that, this one came on. Good grief! How could they do that to the beautiful Juara Lagu Song of the Year 1986 by Francissca Peter!!! Tsk! Tsk! That certainly got me quite pissed off, really!

My missus had their mee goreng (RM4.00)…

Penyet Delta mee goreng

…and it was way too salty, so much so that she could barely finish half of it.

The roti canai stall was open…

Penyet Delta roti canai stall

…so I ordered their roti telur (RM2.00)…

Penyet Delta roti telur

…which was all right but I thought the roti canai kosong (RM1.30)…

Penyet Delta roti canai kosong

…was really good with its thin, crispy layers and nice fragrance and the dhal dip was thick and rich, very much to my liking.

After they reassured me that the beef balls were homemade, not those smelly frozen ones from the supermarket, I decided to order their bakso

Penyet Delta food stalls

…to give it (RM3.50)…

Penyet Delta bakso

…a try.

Yes, the beef balls were very nice, none of the repulsive smell that the frozen ones would have, but I wish the soup had a stronger beef taste. Well, at least, it was very mild and light, no overdose of salt and msg, and to my liking but I made the mistake of squeezing the calamansi lime provided in an attempt to bring a taste to a whole new level and it absolutely ruined it – I did not like the taste after that so I just left most of it uneaten.

Well, like I said in my earlier post, “we certainly would be dropping by time and time again as it is round the corner from my mum’s house, very convenient for us.”

PENYET DELTA (2.307969, 111.825223) is located at No.14, Lorong Delta 10, off Jalan Delta, right behind the Delta Swimming Pool, right beside the Delta Seafood & Cafe.