It’s rising up…

That day, I heard that the price of bread has gone up. One loaf of plain white sandwich bread has gone up by 10% to RM3.30.

Well, the prices of virtually everything have been rising up and up so of course, that came as no surprise at all, like when we went for the sotong kangkong that day

Thomson Corner prices

It was RM9.00, BIG [SIC], in 2017, RM9.50 in 2018 and now it is RM10.00 – no prize for guessing what it will be next year!

I was in the vicinity of Rejang Park…

Rejang Park pigeons

…early that morning to drop by my regular florist there – she opens real early, at 7.00 a.m. unlike the rest that will not open till at least 9 or 10.00 a.m. I placed my orders for the flowers and while she was arranging them, I walked to my favourite kompia shop, a stone’s throw away.

I saw these mang ngee (horse’s hoofs)…

Seng Wan Bakery mang ngee

They are making these now, in a limited number, but the shape did not look quite right so I was not impressed. Just then, an old lady came by to buy some and she was praising them to the skies and I heard a friend saying that they would be sold out if one were to go there a while later. That was why I ended up buying three to try – they were RM1.00 each, not cheap at all but yes, they were very nice and quite like the ones we used to enjoy in the good old days. I did not mind having to pay more for the quality of the texture and the taste and the satisfaction.

There is a bakery in town that makes these too, also around that same price. They will bring them out at around 1.30 p.m. and they will be sold out in no time at all. Theirs are HUGE and taste really nice but I don’t think they are all that authentic – the texture is more like that of a doughnut.

While I was at the kompia shop, I saw this…

2 for RM1.00

Yes, somebody did tell me sometime back that their kompia

Seng Wan Bakery kompia

…is now 50 sen each, 2 for RM1.00. Obviously that has not affected their business one bit as I saw a whole lot of people stopping by to buy even though I do know of other places that are still selling theirs at 3 for RM1.00. Personally, I do think that theirs is extra fragrant and crunchier and maybe  a little bigger and thicker too, plus they are certainly a lot more generous with the sesame seeds on top.

I, for one, do not mind one bit that they are jacking up the prices here, there and everywhere as long as they maintain the quality of what they sell…unlike the nasi lemak I had the other day – I have yet to go back to check if I caught them on a bad day or they are scrimping on the santan (coconut milk) despite having raised the price.

SENG WAN BAKERY (2.307484, 111.836558), the kompia shop, is located at the Rejang Park shops/commercial centre facing the Rejang Park Market, back to back with Quality Cake & Bread Factory.