Me and my uncle…

Well, actually it wasn’t MY uncle but Uncle Teh or Uncle Teh’s Corner, to be exact – the place that we went to for lunch last Saturday. If you’re too lazy to click the link to check its location, this coffee shop is located in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal among the shops opposite Everwin Supermarket right next to the Nissan showroom there.

I was there once and when my girl was home for the weekend, she said that she felt like having some pek koi (white cake)…

Uncle Teh's Corner char pek koi

…and I remember having that there. She quite liked it and said it was pretty good but what she had in mind was the black version with soy sauce and egg, something like char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles). I guess that would have to wait till the next time she comes home or some other time then.

My missus had the Foochow-style fried noodles…

Uncle Teh's Corner Foochow fried noodles

…and she said it was good. The total for the two came up to RM7.50 but I did not ask how much each one was specifically.

I could recognise the kampua lady there but no, we did not order anything from her stall – she was at this place opposite Sacred Heart School a long time ago and then, she was here. Gee! She does move around a lot, it seems.

The chicken and barbecued/roast meat rice stall sure seemed mighty popular so I decided to order from there to give it a try.  The siew yoke (roast pork)…

Uncle Teh's Corner - siew yoke

…was good – my girl sure had her fair share of that but the barbecued pork ribs and Chinese sausages (香腸 – xiāng cháng)…

Uncle Teh's Corner barbecued ribs & sausages

…were, at best, quite all right…in our honest opinion. I would very much prefer what I can get at the stall at Mei Le – round the corner from Delta Mall into Jalan Gambir, on the left…except that they have not made those Chinese sausages for a long while now.

They certainly were very generous with the rice…

Uncle Teh's Corner chicken rice

– that was such a huge scoop, really…and the complimentary soup with a hint of salted vegetables was nicer than the bland, almost tasteless ones that I had had elsewhere. One thing I must say is that the chili dip was really good, nicer than any anywhere…and that certainly was the saving grace. Everything sure tasted good…with the chili dip. In total, I paid RM15.00 for all that meat for 3 persons and the rice.

All things considered, we might drop by again should we happen to be in that part of town…and even then, maybe we would choose to go to the many other places all around that area instead but I would not think we would not make our way back there on purpose for any of the things that we have tried.

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22 thoughts on “Me and my uncle…”

  1. I don’t really fancy chinese sausages nor mat salleh sausages for that matter. I just dont fancy sausages. I’ve recenty taken a liking to roast pork. I’ve never liked them previously you know. Is this sign of old age? :O

    You don’t like sausages? Ooooo….I love them nice and long! German sausages, simply the best. These fresh Chinese sausages, I like too but this one does not do it too well – another one was very good but dunno why they’ve stopped making. The more commonly found Chinese sausage, lap cheong – I would use for cooking and not eat it like this and even then, I only like the ones from my friend, Annie, in KL, wine-infused…and not so hard – like the Taiwan steamed ones, many people love those. You like them soft…or hard? Wink Wink! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Very nice, Arthur. Mouth watering nice. Will have to look up uncle one day.

    The fried stuff from the stall at the back should be all right, not bad – as for the roast meat, there is at least one place or maybe two that I like a lot more…and the kampua has never been my favourite even when she was at the miserable toast shop that we went to. The coffee here is very weak, not nice.

  3. What is the ‘white cake’ made from? Is that the same thing as radish cake?

    No, just rice flour, I guess. It is a Foochow thing, if I’m not mistaken, sold in plastic packs at the supermarkets. You can click the link here to see what it’s like, uncooked. Let’s just say it is a very much thicker version of kway teow, harder and a lot more chewy. My girl loves it – I’m just ok with it – may order once in a long while for a change, not my favourite.

  4. When you mentioned pek koi, I was thinking the same thing – the black one with lots of black soy sauce and egg.. There’s a place in Sg.Way here that sells nice fried noodles, one of them is this pek koi.. But this one with eggy gravy looks good too..

    They have it there too? Always thought it’s a Foochow thing. I was told that at this particular stall, you have to tell the lady black or white. I forgot to tell my girl when she went to order.

  5. Never been to this uncle’s shop. The white cake looks nice. The first and only time I had fried white cake was in Kapit when my mum-in-law fried for me in her canteen. Like kuaw tiaw.

    The roast pork looked dry. I never like those sausages. Yuk! ^^

    Not really, it was very nice. I love the sausages but the ones here, not really great. I think they have nice ones in Kuching – like they put liver inside. Love that stall by the roadside to the left of Open Air entrance, green canopy – they push there from Rubber Road every afternoon. I did see it sometime ago, maybe still there. The char siew liver with a slice of fat inside…so so so nice! Everything nice!

  6. I wll prefer roasted pork than barbecued pork, hehe…

    You’re like my girl – she does not like char siew but roast pork, she loves! Roast duck also, and ok with roast chicken.

  7. Pek Koi is just flour? noodle-like texture? it does seem like korean rice cake though

    Garaetteok. Probably the one and the same thing. After all, they’re neighbours.

  8. All looks so good. Owh, I love the Foochow fried noodles, barbecued pork ribs & Chinese sausages. Yummy!!!…

    Me Kong, opposite Heritage, had very nice Foochow fried noodles some years ago, dunno now. More expensive but they had a lot more ingredients, pretty big prawns.

  9. when you placed the photos of the chinese sausages and the rice one after the other, it made me suddenly crave lap mei fan … hopefully will be able to get some of that for this coming chinese new year 🙂

    I don’t have anymore of the wine-infused ones that my friend in KL sent me and I don’t like those from the shops, not so nice and hard. I guess that’s one thing we will not be having this Chinese New Year… 😦

  10. Those are not lap cheong, they are just cheong, I don’t think very many chicken rice places in KL has it, but it is standard in Penang. I think some pork ball noodles stall in KL might offer it too. This is probably Hokkien/Foochow style delicacy I think.

    I never said it’s lap cheong, did I? Somehow the discussion kept drifting towards that direction, dunno why. See, I even googled and got the name: (香腸 – xiāng cháng). Lap cheong would be those dry waxed ones, not the same as these freshly-made Chinese sausages…and no, it’s not Foochow. We never had these roast pork, char siew and stuff in my younger days or even if we had, we did not have very nice ones but I did have had nice ones in Kuching in the mid-70’s. I loved it so much that whenever I went to Singapore or KL, I would not miss the opportunity to go for it. Not a fan of wanton mee but I love the char siew ( …and the wanton). The Hong Kong Noodle House outlets (in the 80’s, I would go to the one at Sg Wang) had such awesomely nice ones – and from there, I thought this would be Cantonese. Doesn’t matter whose, as far as I am concerned, I’d just eat and enjoy!!!

  11. Chinese sausage and roast pork can never go wrong, now I’m missing the version at meng kee in Shah Alam. T_T

    Good there? Never heard of it, gotta keep it in mind.

  12. I think I’ve had those white cakes before, a few times in fact, in Penang. But I don’t know what’s it called here. Anyway I’m only interested with the roasted pork in this post. The skin looks very crispy!

    My girl loves it – had most of that. Dunno why she’s not really into char siew and the taste-alike ribs and sausages. Maybe they’re sweet and she’s not into that so much. Never seen the pek koi anywhere outside of Sibu…and even here, not available at a lot of places. Maybe it is not all that popular – here, the Foochows love their soft(er) noodles perhaps.

  13. I would go for the rice and roasted pork 😀 I don’t fancy Chinese sausages very much. Prefer the western ones.

    They’re eaten differently – each has its on purposes, time and place but yes, I love the western ones more – the really good ones, not our miserable locally-manufactured ones – like eating rubber.

  14. I absolutely love roast pork and I was drooling looking at the photo of it here. And ribs is another thing I really like too. 🙂

    I guess you get those from the Chinese restaurants there? Bet they taste really good – authentic chefs from China or Hong Kong.

  15. I see quite a few “teng ngan” in that pek koi, it must be taste good and I prefer black too. hahahhaha

    Yes, this is the other style of cooking – with the clams in soy sauce…like the Hinghua bihun. I’m ok with both, black or white.

  16. Good deal in Uncle Teh Corner! Worth going there again for sure… Roasted pork with crispy skin is the one that attracts me most! hahaha…

    Looks like that is the favourite of many…despite the layers of fat. Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. I am attracted to the siew yok, dip with ‘Kampung Kok’ chili sauce, yumz!

    Nice? I love Kampung Koh cili sauce…but siew yoke, I’d just eat it like that. Tasty enough, no need for any sauce.

  18. Just wondering what is this pek koi ? It looks like thick kway teow to me but looks good for a breakfast meal. Wah…siew yok!! I cannot tahan that! Looks so good…can I have some? Perhaps I go for a siew yok rice tomorrow, all thanks to you !! 😛

    Peel off the layers of fat – not good for you. Me, can’t do any further damage already, too late. 😀 😀 😀

    Ya, pek koi is something like kway teow. After all, kway teow is rice noodles, pek koi is rice cake. Personally, I’d much rather have kway teow.

  19. Uncle time is always nice! I think I will try and call one of my uncles tonight 🙂

    I just sent mine a card for Chinese New Year and my aunts too – they’re all in Kuching, not in the same town. 😦

  20. I like siew yoke, but if have to finish on the same day of buying it, coz sometimes can’t finish ya, my mom will recook it on the next day, but the meat became very keras, not so nice already!!

    We usually eat it outside, and when we do buy home, there would not be any left over for the next day…usually. 😉

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