Just a bit…

The kampua mee and I guess, everything else including the pian sip (meat dumplings) here…

Soon Hock

…is a bit more expensive than elsewhere, just a bit, by 20 sen to be exact but it opens real early, around 6.00 a.m. and stays open all day, right into the night (off day on Tuesdays) and it is very popular, always very crowded even at the break of dawn!

I wanted to go to another shop a few doors away that morning but the people at the stalls were not ready yet and the workers were still arranging the tables and the chairs so I decided to come here instead.

I had the kampua mee pok (flat noodles), white (with light soy sauce), tossed in (bottled) chili sauce with pian sip (RM3.20)…

Mee pok piansip

…and one thing I noticed was that the mee pok seemed a little narrower and thinner…


…than those I had elsewhere and boy, they sure gave a lot of it! Maybe that is why people do not mind one bit that they would need to fork out 20 sen more here.

I should have ordered it without the chili as it made the noodles a little sweet – I am not surprised at all as that is what you get when it comes in a bottle and I would much prefer the kampua mee original authentic taste, unadulterated and for this reason, you will not see me ordering it with black soy sauce either.

The complimentary soup was bland, almost tasteless and because the pian sip were coated with the chili sauce, when I put them in it in an effort to give it a bit of taste, it wasn’t all that successful.

Well, I wouldn’t say I am all that keen to go back there again, not that it will make any difference to them seeing how it is always drawing customers by the droves.

SOON HOCK CAFE & RESTAURANT (2.312181, 111.845824) is located among the Delta Mall/Jalan Pedada area of shops, facing the Methodist church along Lorong Taman Seduan 8, off Jalan Gambir.