Anchors aweigh…

I do feel that if you have a coffee shop, it is very important to have a good anchor tenant, one that will draw the crowd and contribute to your business.

This place…

Twin Corner

…was a hot favourite once so much so that it was so difficult to get a table but not too long ago, the chu char people at the back moved here and each time I drove past, I noticed that the place was pathetically quiet and it sure looks like it badly needs a new coat of paint.

I do think the location is very nice, overlooking a stream and this park on the other side and the twin towers…

Twin towers

…beyond and parking around here is not so much a problem as in the town centre proper.

I decided to stop by the other morning as I wanted to see if the stall selling my favourite roti canai in town was still there or not and indeed, it…

Roti canai stall


I had the roti canai kosong (RM1.20) and the roti telor (RM2.00)…

Roti canai

…and yes, both were as good as before and what I liked most about this place, compared to the rest, was the dhal dip…

Dhal dip

…and yes, that too was very nice still – thick and rich with lots of dhal and it was a little spicy which made me enjoy it all the more.

There is a kampua mee stall that wasn’t there before and it did seem to enjoy quite a bit of business unlike the Malay stall on the other side. The chu char place at the back was closed – I guess they could not find another tenant to replace the one that had left and there was a stall selling fried noodles – I guess the lady there wasn’t Chinese, probably Iban, as I heard the kampua mee guy speaking Malay to her. There was another stall there in between the Malay and the fried noodles stall, also vacant at this point in time.

I was glad to see quite a number of people going there for the roti canai

Roti telur

Hopefully, it will continue to enjoy good business, good enough to keep it going so I can always go back there for more as and when I feel like it.

TWIN CORNER (2.293179,111.820821) is located at the back at the corner of the block of shops to the left of Paramount Hotel, Jalan Kampung Datu.