Another time perhaps…

The other morning, I was in the vicinity of this coffee shop and I was contemplating on dropping by here…

Sri Pelita Permai

– the branch of this place in the town centre that we used to frequent a lot.

However, I noticed that the one right beside it…

Sajian Ummi

…was just starting their business for the day and there was a stall in front…

Sajian Ummi, stall

…run by a nice and pleasant-looking old couple and I decided that I would give it a try instead and save the aforementioned place for another time, perhaps.

I think they would have nasi campur come lunch time but I was way too early and there was nothing in the cabinet at the other side of the shop.

I ordered their nasi lemak pandan with sambal sotong (RM6.00)…

Nasi lemak sambal sotong

…but no, it came nowhere near the very nice one here, my favourite in town.

Of course, I was most concerned about the rice and unfortunately, it was not lemak, maybe just a little bit – a very faint hint of some santan (coconut milk) in it but it was barely noticeable and it was the same as far as the fragrance of the pandan was concerned.

Thankfully, the nasi lemak sambal

Nasi lemak sambal

…and the sambal sotong

Sambal sotong

…were both very nice except that they were not spicy at all and unlike the one at my favourite place, I could actually see the sotong (squid) in the one here – they were much bigger, it seemed.

Eaten together with these sambals and also the salted fish that I like very much and everything else, it wasn’t too bad, this much I would say, but no, this being located on the other side of town, not some place that I would frequent often, I certainly would not come all the way for this…plus it was more expensive than the one that I like the most. and should I happen to be around here again, I think I would want to check out the shop next door to see if what they have is any good.

SAJIAN UMMI (2.2960502,111.8938157) is located along Lorong Ulu Oya 11, off Jalan Oya among the “newer shops” in the Permai area across the road from the Sibu General Hospital, where Sugar Bun, Singapore Chicken Rice and 7 Eleven are situated.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Another time perhaps…”

  1. The only thing I like in that plate of nasi lemak is the sambal sotong and the salted fish. I like the salted fish to be fried a bit cripsy.

    Yes, it was. Could eat it, head, bones and all. 😀

  2. I’ve become so fussy that I get disappointed if I go out to eat and the meal doesn’t meet expectations.

    Yes, I get very disappointed too but hopefully, followers of my blog will get the message and go to the “right” places. I do know, for a fact, though that there are people who do not care as much as long as they have something to eat.

  3. I really like that almost all of the places have photos of the dish on their menu board!

    Unfortunately, what you see may not be what you get, not all the time.

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