A stroke of luck…

Somebody had a stroke of good luck – no, it wasn’t me, the born loser – and my girl chose to drop by here again for lunch last Saturday afternoon.

I had the teh tarek (pulled tea) with cincao (black grass jelly)…

Cafe IND teh tarek with cincao

…and their chicken vindaloo

Cafe IND chicken vindaloo

…with rice ( we had their mutton vindaloo once)…

Cafe IND chicken vindaloo with rice

…while my girl had their ginger tea and her usual, her favourite mutton biryani

Cafe IND mutton biryani

The mum stuck faithfully to her favourite kalio ayam

Cafe IND kalio ayam

…from their Indonesian menu with a special request for it to be super extra spicy and as always, we enjoyed our lunch to the max and rest assured we shall be coming back here again and again and again…

CAFE IND (2.290813, 111.829294) is located along Laichee Lane, right behind one block of shops facing the main road (Jalan Kampung Nyabor) where the Bank Simpanan Nasional, Sibu branch (2.290561, 111.829071), is located.