Nothin’ new…

No, there’s nothing new in this post and as a matter of fact, we were here in early June when my Kuching cousins and friend and her family came to town. Our friend’s mum (and children), like many others before them, loved the food so much that they kept wanting to come back for another round before leaving town but there were other plans and they never did come back again. I guess that will have till their next trip to Sibu whenever that may be.

Well, that day, my girl asked to go there for the bitter gourd that is now the favourite of many and we decided to have it fried with the three types of eggs…

Ruby Restaurant tri-egg bitter gourd

– fresh egg, salted egg and century egg. Normally, we would have it with salted egg but I guess it is high time we have it a little different for a change…and yes, it was very good too!

This is currently one of our favourite dishes here – their salted egg spare ribs…

Ruby Restaurant salted egg spare ribs

…and I so loved the curry leaves that seemed kind of crispy – I wonder if they deep-fried them or something.

My girl said she would love the Thai-style mango chicken…

Ruby Restaurant Thai-style mango chicken

…and it was really very nice that day. For one thing, the mango was very sweet – I probably would not enjoy it as much if it had been sour. Fat people don’t like sour things. Hehehehehe!!!

All in all, the bill came up to RM38.00 for the food – I did not ask for servings for 2 as I was quite hungry when we got there that day. Anyway, the nice boss gave us a discount of RM2.00, so it was RM36.00 altogether.

Business was pretty good and there were quite a lot of people that afternoon which is good – these days, I get quite worried at places where there are very few customers as the way things are going, I would not know how long they would be able to stay in business.Needless to say, as far as this place is concerned, we will most certainly be coming back again…and again…and again!

RUBY RESTAURANT  is located at No. 71, Jalan Kampung Nyabor right next to HOME COOK CORNER  (2.292756, 111.825335) with the AmBank Tunku Osman branch in the very next block.