I seldom get to see my good friends, Lim and his missus, and family these days. I remember vaguely that they did drop by to pay their last respects when my mum passed away earlier this year and before that, we did get together on my birthday…in 2016…and yes, they would drop by for Chinese New Year every year but we were not celebrating this year nor next year, for that matter.

Well, both of them are working and with three kids in tow now, school, tuition and what not, they hardly have much time left but the other day, they did manage to drop by my place…and that was after dropping the children off at the tuition centres and in the meantime, they had a little time to spare.

They brought us some fruits and these Sibu Foochow-style sio bee (meat dumplings)…

Yong Chuan sio bee

…thank you so much to them, and I could tell from the way they were packed that they were from here.

My missus did buy a few then and they were very good – if I remember correctly, they were RM1.10 each but I don’t know how much they are going for now. We went back there another time but the sio bee was all sold out…and once, we went on a Tuesday but their noodle business was put on hold and they were so very busy making the sio bee. They told us to come back at 3 that afternoon but we never did. From what I gathered, they would make the dumplings every Tuesday and those would be available as long as the stocks lasted.

I do know of many who would sing praises of the ones here

Hock Chu Leu sio bee

…but personally, I feel theirs are overrated and there is a dire need for some quality control. My sister-in-law bought those in the above photograph one Chinese New Year and they were so very salty and not nice at all…and I did not always enjoy them when I had the chance to eat them at their restaurant, just sometimes.

Personally, I prefer the ones here

New Capital sio bee

…but there too, once or twice, I felt they were not all that great but generally, we did enjoy theirs and of course, both of them are a lot more expensive – RM1.60 each or is it RM1.80, I’m not so sure…that is if they have not jacked up the price again lately.

Well, the next morning, I took some from the ones my friends gave us…

Yong Chuan sio bee, ready for steaming

…and steamed them, taking care not to over-steam – this is very important if you are not keen on wet, soggy and not very palatable sio bee skin and once they were done, I had a few…

Yong Chuan sio bee, served 1

…with the super hot chili sauce from Payung.

Yes, they were very nice, very meaty…

Yong Chuan sio bee, cross-section

…and not overly so. Unlike the regular dim sum siew mai, they would have what-we-call mangkuang here, sengkuang (turnip) elsewhere and Bombay onions too in the filling so if you go for the cheaper ones, they would have more of these or worse, they would use very/mostly fat minced meat so theirs would not be nice at all.

I sure would not mind going back for more…

Yong Chuan sio bee, served 2

…sometimes but I guess that will not be all that often as the skin is made from wheat flour so it is not gluten-free.

YONG CHUAN FISH NOODLES HOUSE (2.308016, 111.848896) is located among the shops on the right (next to WikiTea) along Lorong Sena 8, off Jalan Sena, directly opposite SMK Deshon.