Not around…

We went to the early morning mass last Sunday instead of our usual sunset service as we went out for dinner the night before with my cousin and hubby and family and we headed for breakfast after that.

I enjoyed the chapati that the boss, Guna, gave to me to let me try that day and I did say in my post on it that I would go back for more so we went back to the place and I ordered two pieces (RM2.00 each)…

Sri Pelita chapati with curry gravy

…which were served with curry gravy. I did ask but they did not have the very nice chicken rendang that I had that day so I just left it to them to give me whatever they wanted to go with the bread.

My girl, of course, wanted the gluten-free thosai (RM2.50)…

Sri Pelita thosai

…and she was also given the curry gravy to eat it with but later, they brought the chutney and the dhal dips…

Sri Pelita chutney & dhal dip

I did not think much of the latter – that was why I stuck to the curry gravy and if you are wondering how I ate my chapati, first, I cut a bite-size piece of it and rolled it up before placing it in the gravy…

Dipping in the gravy

…and then I bathed it with the gravy…

Bathed completely with the gravy

…before eating it. So is that celup or banjir, Merryn?

They have a new guy now, making the roti canai and stuff…

New roti canai guy

…and their regular Indian guy, the friendly handsome one, was not around. I was told that he had gone back to India on a three-month holiday. Gosh!!! That sure is a very long break.

My missus had their halal kampua noodles…

Sri Pelita halal kampua, chicken

…and even though she asked for beef, they gave her chicken instead…and yes, she forgot to tell them she wanted the white version, not the one with dark soy sauce but of course, she did not forget to tell them she wanted the noodles tossed in chili sauce and they did get that right.

In the meantime, I spotted this…

Sri Pelita chicken liver

…in the food cabinet – chicken liver! Needless to say, I simply MUST have that so I tapao-ed RM5.00 and I got quite a lot, enough for two meals, at least and yes, it sure was so so good!

Guna was not around either, the missus said he was at their other outlet at Permai…and she collected RM20.00 from me for all the aforementioned and also our drinks.

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Not around…”

  1. Haha yours is celup banjir 😀

    Eh, so handsome back so long, surely he goes back to get married. Next thing you know, he’ll be back with his wife to help him in 3 months time.

    I think Guna did mention something like that. They all do that, don’t they? Like the authentic Indian chef at our favourite Indian/Indonesian restaurant here.

  2. Maybe going to mamak shop tomorrow for breakfast after reading your post. Haha.

    Roti canai with sambal and dhal dipping.

    That is the first to have stir fried kampua in mamak.

    Oh? They have fried kampua? Will try that next time – this one’s their regular kampua, very nice also.

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