I dropped by here that morning to get these Saudi Arabian cheese wedges…

Saudi Arabian cheese wedges

…for my girl – she enjoys eating them so I would go and buy for her time and time again.

While I was there, I decided that I might as well drop by the stalls by the side of the road (Bandong Walk) and have a bite to eat. The nasi lemak guy, my favourite in town, was nowhere to be seen.

The guy at the drinks stall beside his…

Bandong Walk drinks stall

…said that he had taken a few days off after the Hari Raya Haji holiday – probably he had gone home to Sarikei or Daro or wherever and had not come back yet.

I noticed that the lady at the noodles stall had some helpers…

Bandong Walk noodles stall

…that morning, probably her children who would be on their one-week school break at that point in time.

I felt like having the roti canai (RM1.20)…

Bandong Walk roti canai

…so I went and placed my order at the stall next to the noodles stall

Bandong Walk roti canai stall

Business must be really good as the older guy had just come and he brought with him a whole lot of the pre-prepared soaked-in-oil dough.

These days, when I see people doing really well, I feel somewhat glad and also relieved as the economy is not all that great and the prices of anything and everything have been going up and up and many have called it a day, it seems. Hopefully, things will get better soonest.

I also had their roti telur (RM2.30)…

Bandong Walk roti telur

…which is basically roti canai as well but with egg added.

My friend, Merryn, shared some photos on Facebook of the roti canai she had that day and she asked how everyone would usually eat it – as roti celup (dip) or roti banjir (flooded). I saw a guy sitting at the next table having the latter and it sure looked rather messy. Besides, the roti would soak in the dip and end up less crispy and nice, I think.

Talking about the dhal dip, they sure have improved on it since the last time I tapao-ed some home (and that was a long time ago). It is now thick and creamy…

Bandong Walk roti canai dhal dip

…and I sure enjoyed it very much.

So how did I eat it? Well, I used the fork and spoon to tear the roti canai into smaller pieces and taking a bit of the dip, I would apply it to the roti and then roll it up nicely like what one does with a wrap, poke through the roll with the fork and place it my my mouth to eat, so elegant, so classy. I sure do it in style, don’t I, Merryn? LOL!!!

This roti canai stall is located at Bandong Walk, Jalan Bandong, beside the fried noodles stall to the immediate right of the drinks stall and The NASI LEMAK BANDONG WALK stall (2.313869, 111.825808) somewhere in front of the block of shops where Mastura Delite and the 1Malaysia clinic are.