Movin’ in…

There were others here before but they have relocated their businesses elsewhere – I was told that they are the ones here and here at this point in time and I also heard that both of them are all in the same family, dunno how true that is.

In the meantime, someone else has moved in…

Mastura Delight

…so the other morning, my missus and I dropped by for lunch to check this newbie up and see if it is any good.

If I am not wrong, they actually started around Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month – I did see them selling a wide variety of dishes on the pavement outside the shop at the time and now, they have put up the shop sign and formally set up the place and gone full steam ahead.

I saw somewhere that they have something called nasi bajet (budget rice) for RM5.00 only and I did ask the girl what that was. She did try to explain but unfortunately, I did not quite understand what she was trying to tell me. In the end, we decided to just go for the nasi campur (mixed rice).

They had a very wide selection of choices in those huge stainless food warmers with the very heavy lids and other well-covered food trays/containers. I liked the look of the ulam

Mastura Delight ulam

…but I did not go for it and I would have taken the shrimps…

Mastura Delight shrimps

…if they had petai (stink beans) in it.

I must say that they can fry the vegetables well…

Mastura Delite fried bayam

…unlike at many Malay/Muslim places – usually the meat dishes are very nicely done but the fried vegetables are more often than not somewhat disappointing.

My missus took this vegetable…

Missus' vegetable pick

…and the paku (wild jungle fern) and the sotong (squid).

I also took the latter two and what I thought was liver…

My picks

To my disappointment, it was black pepper beef and thankfully, it was not tough, tender enough nor was it too strong on the black pepper sauce. I am never a fan of that so I would not have liked it if it had been too overpowering.

The daging masak hitam looked good and the curry…

Mastura Delite kari ayam

…too but I did not feel like having those that day though I did take the curry gravy and poured it all over my rice…

Mastura Delight nasi campur

Yes, everything was very nice and we sure enjoyed what we had picked but when I paid the bill, I was stunned by the prices, RM9.50 for what my missus had – one meat and two vegetables…and RM11.50 for mine, two meat and one vegetable. I did not bother to ask how they came to those totals – maybe they saw that we took a lot of everything and charged double for each, I wouldn’t know.

Everybody else was having their fried noodle dishes which all looked pretty good and I saw somebody having the nasi lemak special, RM6.50 with a big chunk of fried chicken and one fried egg. I wouldn’t mind coming back again to try those but one thing’s for sure, I would be keeping my distance from their nasi campur section for a long while.

As we were walking to the car, somebody greeted me “uncle” and asked me how the food was. It turned out to be the boss and the lady that we saw running the shop was his wife. He seemed to know me but no, the face did not ring a bell. He did mention that they open every day except on Wednesdays unlike many of those Malay/Muslim shops here – they close on Sundays.

MASTURA DELITE (2.313924, 111.825900) is located among the shops at Jalan Bandong/Bandong Walk, the very first one in the block on the right, right beside the 1Malaysia Clinic there.

Author: suituapui

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13 thoughts on “Movin’ in…”

  1. It is hard to control oneself from taking more especially when there are varieties of choices and everything looks good. Was stunned too at the price for your two plates of rice.

    Yes, but there are a few places around here where prices seem kind of steep. Of course, I never bother to go back again.

  2. Did you give him your opinion on the food and price??

    Nasi campur is never cheap. That the reason I seldom eat. One meat, they could charge RM3 over here. Not include rice and vegetable. Mostly over RM5 for a meat and a vegetable rice.
    I agree with you on the vegetable dishes in most Malay shop. Not appetizing at all. Haha.

    They seem to go overboard instead of keeping it simple, too much of too many things and more often than not, not very compatible.
    Yes, at some places here, they charge for each item…so a piece of chicken can be RM2.00-3.00 and when you take more than one, of course, it is not going to be very cheap. At the Chinese places, most of them will take for you, you just point but I always feel so disappointed as they give so little, just a little spoonful of each.

    No, I just told him that the food was nice – well, that much was true but I did not say anything about the prices. I’m so nice hor? LOL!!!

  3. For a moment, i ternampak the name as ‘mastur…bate’.

    Where? Now what have you been doing, boy? Your eyes are playing tricks on you now – they say it can make you blind, don’t play play. LOL!!!

  4. I like curry gravy pour over my rice too!
    In Seremban, there are quite many Nasi Bajet stalls too. I’ve come across 1 vege + 1 meat = RM4.. Much cheaper than Chinese stalls.

    I think that was what the girl said – one meat from a choice of a few and one veg, RM5.00.

  5. Wahhh…the food looks good though a bit pricey… yes, sometimes shy to ask how they come to that price unless the dishes are served individually…

    Some Chinese places here will just put the lump sum on the bill, all the dishes together for how much…and when you ask for the breakdown of the prices, how much each dish cost, they would not look all that happy. Usually I would just go ahead and ask as readers would be keen on knowing how much, expensive or not, worth going or not.

  6. Those prices are hair raising in Sibu but over here it’s quite normal.

    Gosh! Thank goodness I live here, not there. I wouldn’t be able to survive, not on my measly pension.

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