How we met…

This is Mak Met…

Mak Met

…the very enterprising lady behind Mak Met’s Breakfast Station. From its humble beginning as a little stall with a couple of long tables under a big colourful umbrella at the corner of the shops at Bandong here, it grew and grew and grew, offering a whole lot of things to pick and choose including the very nice Sarawak kek lapis (layer cake). There will always be a lot that one would want to buy here especially during the fasting month of Ramadhan…

Mak Met, Ramadhan
*Archive photo*

…and now, it is a shop…

Mak Met's shop

…in its own right.

You can still buy all those kuihs…

Mak Met kuih

…that have been around all this while and it is best to go earlier in the morning or they may be sold out and you will just have to grab those leftovers or go away disappointed.

You may buy some things that you want here instead of having to make your way to a shop elsewhere just to grab that one item that you are looking for…

Mak Met's shop, inside

…and there are noodles too, fried…

Mat Met mee goreng

…or kampua (halal) and though that looks rather small, there is actually quite a lot in one packet plus it is only RM1.00 each!

I love the Sarawak laksa (RM3.00)…

Mak Met Sarawak laksa

…here and my girl and the mum enjoy it too so I would drop by sometimes to grab a few packets home. That is enough for fill one big (Chinese soup) bowl, more or less the same as what you will get at the Sarawak laksa stalls at the coffee shops outside but of course, for RM3.00, you are not getting any prawns, that’s for sure…and anyway, most of the time, all you would usually get, despite having to pay more, would be around three miserable small ones that may be quite bland and not all that fresh. No worries, they are quite generous with the shredded chicken, the thinly sliced omelette and the taugeh so we do not miss those prawns one bit, not at all, and the sambal is very nice too.

Another thing I would buy from here too would be the nasi kerabu

Mak Met nasi kerabu

Of course, you may not get the whole works like at our favourite place in town but that one is around RM6.00, the last time we had that and it is available only on Saturday mornings…and this is only RM4.50. I certainly would give them the double thumbs up for not using those banned-in-Sibu polystyrene containers otherwise I would just walk away and never buy anything from them ever again!

For one thing, they are always venturing into some new things time and time again and right now, there is this handsome young boy there…

Mak Met takoyaki stall

…making those Japanese takoyaki

Mak Met takoyaki

…for sale. I am not into those things so I have never bought any to try – perhaps one of these days, I may just give it a go…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “How we met…”

  1. Such a lovely selection of kuih. A good excuse to venture into this part of town.

    There are some nice kuih stalls around the kampung areas here.

  2. Starting from a stall to a shop, that is really a successful business. Looks like there is a great choice of household stuff too. I like how they are neatly arranged. Laksa with prawns or without prawns I don’t bother much as long as there is shredded chicken, sliced omelette & lots of taugeh but not huan sui.

    Yes, I do not mind if there are no prawns either but in the cooking, the broth from boiling those prawns and also the heads and shells would make it a lot sweeter and nicer. I know a place that used the discarded ikan bilis heads – I guess they can just go and buy the stock these days.

    I’m ok if there isn’t any chicken either, my girl too but we love the thinly sliced egg.

    You too? I thought Kuching people MUST have those leaves…in everything – or chian, popiah and all? I’ve acquired the taste so I do not mind so much – good for high blood, they say but I do know a lot of people who would not touch it at all, cannot stand the smell. We can’t buy it here – nobody eats it.

  3. Very neat and organized, and nice selection, too!

    One thing I like about this stall – all pre-packed so you will not see all the cakes and stuffed on display all exposed to flies and dirt – one reason why I am not so fond of such stalls elsewhere.

  4. I salute the lady who runs this place. Very convenient to pick up groceries and cooked food and kueh. How I wish there is a place like this over here.

    I’m sure you have, just that you have not been looking hard enough.

  5. Any plan of them franchising in Singapore?

    Why would they want to do that? Bet you can find most everything in Singapore…or in JB.

  6. Everytime I scrolled down the pictures I go “waaah” “waah” and it’s calling me to go home soon. hehe. My sister in law also famous one in making halal takoyaki in Sibu & Bintangor.

    Yes, come…come!!! It’s all calling out to you and telling you not to buang batu! When will you be home? Where’s your sister-in-law’s place?

  7. I remember the old place when I live there last time. So there is no more penyet bandung there? Glad their getting bigger. I miss those Kueh and noodle sometimes. So cheap and I buy usually when wanna go back to Kch. Eat on the go. haha

    It’s still there, opens only at night. I’ve not gone for it for a while now myself though. The place is much nicer now, thanks to the YB, always working hard to upgrade that area.

  8. Busy busy!! I love nasi kerabu too, I found a good one nearby which was about RM6 and comes with a piece of fried chicken too. (and oh it’s snowing on your blog.. hehe so festive!)

    Yes, it’s December, happens every year. And yes, RM6 is the usual price at the shops, cheaper here but you have to take home to eat.

  9. Very enterprising! Business looks good too. So much to offer and buy there.

    Maybe not as bustling as before, the business – yunno what it is like in the kampung – one person does it well, everyone else will follow but I do think it is doing ok.

  10. Ooo, I’m also actually not into takoyaki … it’s one of the few Japanese items that I generally skip. Mostly in KL it’s starchy and greasy and doesn’t contain much in terms of worthwhile ingredients … I think it works best in colder climates if we need something to warm us up 😉

    You don’t? It sure does not look like one of those things that scream out to you, “Eat me! Eat Me!!!” I guess that is why I never bothered to buy any to try.

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