No moon at all…

When I first caught a glimpse of this shop sign, I assumed it would be a place dealing in windows but upon closer scrutiny, there is an o in the name so obviously, it has got nothing to do with louvres


It turned out to be another eatery, not anything like one of the many coffee shops we have here nor is it one of those upscale classy places but it is air-conditioned and I saw on their Facebook page that if you go upstairs…

Go upstairs

…you can dine on one of the low tables, sitting on the floor, Japanese style, not that there is anything Japanese on their menu. I sure would not want to do that as I am pretty sure than once I get down on the floor, I would need a forklift to get me back on my feet again. LOL!!!

You can go to their aforementioned page to look at the much nicer photographs of the things they serve here that include these…

Dinner menu

…and these…


…and they have their specials at RM8.90 each…

Lunch sets 1

…for lunch…

Lunch sets 2

There is a kampua mee stall in front…

Kampua stall

…so you can have that if you are thus inclined and Sarawak laksa too – I could detect the smell of the simmering broth and I thought it was good. Perhaps I will drop by and try that sometime.

It so happened that I met an ex-colleague of mine sometime ago and he told me that he had fried kway teow here with an egg on top and I imagined it to be something like the very nice one with a raw egg on top that they called “Moon River” (雲河)…

Dengkil's Moon River

…that I had on two occasions at a restaurant in Dengkil, Selangor – here and here and he said it was very cheap, RM3.50 only!

I went there but this was what I got…

Fried kway teow 1

…and I had to fork out RM4.00 for that! It did not have the wok hei fragrance but to give credit where credit is due, it tasted quite good with the bits of meat, slices of fish cake, egg and green vegetables…

Fried kway teow 2

…in it.

The egg was overdone though but even though the yolk was not runny, it was moist and soft…

Fried egg

…so I did not mind it so much.

At those prices, I sure would not mind dropping by again but no, not for the kway teow

Fried kway teow 3

Who knows they may have something really nice to offer, yet to be discovered?

LOUVORES (2.312758,111.8549007) is located along Jalan Deshon, right across the road from SMK Rosli Dhoby and the technical/vocational college beside it.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “No moon at all…”

  1. I saw some very big prawns noodles for RM18 from their fb which looks nice. Guess you wouldn’t consider trying that because you can buy the prawns from the wet market for a better price. There are no prices listed on their dinner menu so I wonder how much is the beef burger.

    I was also wondering that same thing too – why there were no prices indicated on their dinner menu.

    Oh? RM18 is cheap. Most other cheaper places around RM25 and some go up to over RM30-40. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try but this place is somewhat out of my regular routes – will only drive past when I send my girl to her school in the jungle.

  2. RM4 for the char kway teow plus an egg is cheap. Over here, CKT with taugeh only can fetch a price of RM4.50-5.00. CKT looks not too bad but sad it lacks wok hei fragrance which is the most important in CKT.

    Cheap? I thought it was rather expensive but that is the standard price around here these days – used to be RM3.50 only not too long ago.

    Thank goodness, it did not taste too bad – most Chinese fried noodles without the wok hei fragrance would be very disappointing, unlike the Malay ones – the sambal or whatever ingredients that they use makes theirs taste good even without the fragrance.

  3. Fusion restaurant. Quite a menu but need to try them then know what is good, I guess.

    RM4 plus an egg is cheap.

    Cheap? Oh dear! You’re the 2nd one to say that. I guess I’ll have to learn to live with it – that is the standard price these days. Things will only get more expensive, never cheaper…never mind GST or no GST or whatever the new government says.

  4. I think RM4 for that koey teow and egg is quite okay. I don’t mind paying and eating that every day. Haha

    Eyewwwww!!!! There are things a lot nicer here for that kind of money…or less!

  5. I am attracted to the butter fish fillet rice in their menu

    Not a fan of such dishes here – they always use the cheap frozen fish fillet – Dory!

  6. Luckily I had a very nice packet of char koay teow today or else I would be seriously craving after reading this post 😀

    I don’t think this one looked all that enticing – at best, it was all right, as good as it looked.

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