One of many…

This is one of the many all over town…

SCR Sg Merah 1

…located near Sungai Merah (2.327275,111.840791), somewhere opposite the Catholic and SIB churches there. I’ve been to one of their spin-off, the Xpress outlet here and here and enjoyed what we had on those two occasions though I wish I could say the same about the third time we went there.

For one thing, where these franchise places are concerned, much may depend on the resident chefs. We may be cooking the exact same thing but what I dish out may be a whole lot nicer than yours…and other than that, the food may be really good for a while but once the chef has left, it would all go downhill all the way.

Anyway, we were passing by here that day…

SCR Sg Merah 2

…and we thought we would just stop by to give this one…

SCR Sg Merah 3

…a try.

One thing that is consistent across the board is their chili dip…

SCR chili dip

– you can drop by any one of their outlets and there would surely be a lot for you to help yourself to and one is as good as the other…but the chicken rice we had that day (RM2.10 per plate)…

SCR chicken rice

…was so so good. The moment the plates were placed in front of us, we could detect the very delightful fragrance, something we had not experienced before at any of their other outlets that we had been to in the past.

We ordered their sweet and sour fish (RM10.20)…

SCR sweet & sour fish

…and yes, it was very nice though I would not say it is the best in town. For one thing, the serving is a little too big for the three of us and there is no option – whether one would like it small, medium or large.

Of course, I could not resist their stewed eggs (RM1.25 each)…

SCR stewed eggs

…and yes, I did enjoy that.

My girl enjoyed this snack platter (RM10.40)…

SCR snack platter

– she likes anything deep-fried…but the fish ball soup (RM7.00)…

SCR fish ball soup

…that I enjoyed very much at the other place was not as great here – I thought there was a little bit too much pepper in it for my liking.

The paku (jungle fern) with belacan (dried prawn paste), RM7.75…

SCR paku belacan

…was fine, not as nice as the midin we had, but it was all right though I did wish they had put in a little effort to make it a bit more presentable.

The bill came up to RM44.15 for the food and rice alone (excluding GST) which I would think is very reasonable considering the amount that we had ordered but on the whole, I think I prefer the other place more.

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31 thoughts on “One of many…”

  1. Long time no visit – sorry about that! I wanted to stop by and do some catching up and also tell you that I have a giveaway ending today but there is still time to swing by and enter and it IS a world wide giveaway too! They told me they would ship internationally! YAY!

    Hello! Indeed, have not seen you around for a long time. Sure, thanks…will hop over and have a look.

  2. It has been sometimes since I drop by to one of its many in Kuching. I think the last time was during CNY, on 4th day when I were sick and visited a clinic next to one in my area.
    Not all outlets in Kuching are consistent. Few serve very good food. I think it is the chef. Some was so so.

    Now they have braised egg?? Interesting. I’ve eaten its sweet and sour fish and chicken rice before. Must check out soon.

    Same everywhere, these franchises – no quality control. Pizza Hut in the town centre is better than the one at the other side – experienced the same thing with their outlets in Sg Petani sometime ago. Red Carrot also – the one near my house is not so good anymore since the old chef left – my girl went and she said they used canned sambal ikan bilis for their nasi lemak, so put off by that. The one at Farley closed down not long after it opened but the one at Medan Hotel behind Medan Mall was good – that time when we went to try, dunno now. This one is just ok – I feel the other one that I went to was better.

    Yes, didn’t notice them having the eggs at the other place. I hear SCR and SCRXpress may have different menus. I would not order their chicken because it would be very cold and with the cold air-conditioning at all their outlets, it would get very very very cold, a bit geli-geli eating that.

    1. That is why my mum is never keen to eat in SCR. We hardly went to SCR when I were young because my mum complained of cold chicken and chilli dipping.

      The dip is ok, just the chicken…especially the steamed white one. Actually, they can just re-steam a bit before serving or just micro-wave it…or the roast one, they can put in the toaster oven for a minute prior to chopping and serving..

  3. Stewed eggs, fried stuffs, I like.. I also love anything goreng-goreng..I see wantons, chicken nuggets and something round.. Mashed potato balls?

    Scallops. One point in their favour – they use their own fresh chicken meat for their nuggets and wantons or that was what they tasted like – not those frozen ones sold in the supermarts.

  4. Franchised chain? Why didn’t they open one here? πŸ˜›

    Search me! I did not know it’s a Sarawak chain till quite recently…with its misleading name, Singapore Chicken Rice. Used to sell just chicken rice but it has grown over the years.

  5. J would love the stewed eggs. Yumm….

    the rest of the dishes looks okay la. Rice sebutir-butir. Not hancur. I like it like this

    He’s like me – I just can’t resist those eggs!!! Yup, the other dishes are…ok – I feel the other outlet is much nicer, would rather go there next time…but the rice here is the winner – if they cook it like that every time, that is. Not sure if you will get the same every day though, dunno how’s the quality control.

  6. sweet and sour fish, my next favourite dish after sweet and sour pork.. πŸ˜€ om nom nom nom

    My girl is the opposite – but the one here is just ok, many other places a lot nicer.

  7. R2.10 for good chicken rice is very cheap! We pay A$9.00 for that here!

    That’s just for the rice. Here, at most places, with chicken and a few slices of cucumber, less than RM5.00. This place has pretty good promos – rice and chicken and drink and whatever for say RM5.99 or RM6.99…but if you see my reply to Rose’s comment, I don’t like the chicken here – so very cold especially if seated below the air-conditioning vents! πŸ˜€

  8. A lot of choices here! πŸ™‚

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Very very extensive menu, beautiful and impressive some more…and so many items to pick, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

  9. I also noticed that food at franchise outlets are not consistent. Depends very much on the chef and also the staff who prepares the meals.Looks pretty good though your selections. I’m not very fond of fish ball soup but I’ll have the stewed eggs and sweet and sour fish anytime πŸ™‚

    Yes, real sad…even the international franchises! One outlet may not be as good as another…and this is in the same town even!!! They should insist on it to uphold their good name – any complaint, withdraw the franchise, as easy as that. I guess all they want is the money.

  10. It has been a while since I last drop by this franchise. Paku & sweet & sour fish for me, pls & oh yes, the chilli dip is great.

    Yes, and free to help yourself to as much as you like!

  11. I like the stewed eggs and also the fried dish, but that can’t have too much. must have control, maybe each one taste one! =p

    Eggs? Well, maybe you should read this:
    Quite contrary to what you hear going round by word of mouth since time immemorial.
    I know somebody who lived up to over 100 – he had two eggs every day and when he passed away, he still had all his teeth! But of course, the old-school Chinese belief is that it is not good – he will “eat up” all his descendants.

  12. Consistency seems to be one of the greatest challenges for restaurants in Malaysia. We’ve found the same as you – one day the food can be delicious, but we return the next week and things have changed as it’s the chef’s night off.

    Or the old one has left and they have hired a new one. Really sad that there is no consistency, no proper quality control.

  13. Their kailan with oyster sauce is my favourite !the sauce goes perfectly with the rice!

    I had that a long time ago, loved it but have not had it since.

  14. The price are hiking up. Some of the outlets in Kuching had been closed. But I have to agree with you. They are very consistent with the chilli dip taste.

    Here, so far, only one…at the Giant Hypermart Mega Mall but maybe it was not their fault – not many people go there to shop, many other shops also closed down…and it was on the 1st Floor – most people would go to Sugar Bun on the ground floor.

  15. Looks like I’ve not visited your blog in weeks too. Sincere apologies for that.

    Sweet and sour fish and the stewed eggs are my favorite. ^^

    I’m all for the eggs…and sweet and sour fish is my girl’s favourite!

    Yes, have not seen you around for a while. Hope you’re doing ok at your end. Still In Oz, I guess.

    1. I’m doing okay, just having issues adjusting to the Aussie cold after many years of being away.

      And it is a particularly cold winter this year! Should be getting better after this.

  16. All the food looks great…. but the paku pakis portion is really small… or is it the camera angle? Anyway, good choice… even the rice looks so appetizing!

    Gosh!!! You sure must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms after two months abroad. Even rice turns you on. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

    The paku is ok, the normal serving size for 2-3 persons – RM7 at the regular chu char stalls and shops…cost a bit more here. Enough for the three of us but it came last and we were very full already plus it was not all that nice so we could not finish…even that much that some of you seem to think is so little.

  17. The ones in Miri are not so nice. The chicken is not fresh and I seldom dine in there. Its saving grace is the chili dip, which I like a lot. My favourite is the one in Bintulu.

    That’s what I find here too – some outlets are not so nice, others are better. Like everything else, I guess, we need to know where to go – not all the same across the board despite it being the same franchise.

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