Be like that…

We did not intend to drop by this outlet of our Sarawak’s own chicken rice franchise that day but after we had walked around all the coffee shops in that row and we did not see anything that tickled our fancy, we decided to just have our lunch there before heading home.

I liked how the members of the staff were nice and friendly, ever ready to answer my questions, and they were very prompt and efficient – our orders were served in no time at all. After I had settled my bill, the cashier gave me these…

SCR Sg Merah complimentary sweets

…not that I would eat those things but I thought that was a very nice touch. I do wish that many at some coffee shops and restaurants could be like that too, especially those whose success seems to have gone into their heads and they have grown too big for their feet – after all, the customers are the ones who bring in the money so they should be treated well and with a lot more respect, never mind how good you are…and such little gestures sure will go a long way, I am sure.

Both my missus and I had the 3-layer teh-c special (RM4.15)…

SCR Sg Merah 3-layer teh-c special

…again even though the one here is more expensive than at the coffee shops but theirs is a whole lot nicer with the richness of the milk added and the sweetness of the gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar) and the tea is so strong one can taste it unlike the watered-down versions elsewhere.

I asked for their chicken rice (RM2.10 a plate)…

SCR Sg Merah chicken rice & complimentary soup

…and that came with a bowl of complimentary soup and we could help ourselves to all the special chicken rice chili dip and ginger…

SCR Sg Merah chili and ginger

…we wanted.

We ordered the salted fish bean sprouts (RM6.45)…

SCR Sg Merah salted fish bean sprouts

…that we also had on our previous visit and yes, it was nice, not overdone though I did wish they could get rid of the tails – that shouldn’t be too difficult to do if everyone chips in to help when there are not that many customers around. For one thing, it was cheap – a plate of vegetables at most places, big or small, would be RM8.00-10.00 a plate at least.

This was new, their butter milk chicken (RM10.20)…

SCR SG Merah butter milk chicken

…and it reminded me of the butter scotch prawns or whatever that we used to order here and loved a lot. Again, this is cheaper than those other places where the meat dishes would be at least RM12.00 and above, a lot more if one orders seafood, of course – prawns or fish.

I enjoyed it very much and I sure would love to bring my daughter here to try this so I asked the boy what they coated the chicken with before deep frying it for use and he quickly went into the kitchen to find out. When he emerged in no time at all, he told me that they used corn flour – now, that’s great! It’s gluten-free!

We also had their chicken meat roll (RM3.90)…

SCR Sg Merah chicken meat roll

…their ngor hiang/lor bak except that it was chicken, not pork but we thought it was nice too.

Incidentally, all the aforementioned prices are inclusive of GST and the total for the two of us that day came up to RM33.05 altogether, around AUD10.00…but I did feel that the servings were rather huge, enough for 3 or perhaps even 4 people and the two of us could have shared the rice, one plate between the two of us – we always ask for half or less at the chap fan/nasi campur (mixed rice) places but of course, there, they would just charge as usual, never mind that they are giving you less.

SCR, SG MERAH (2.327275,111.840781) is located  along Jalan Teng Chin Hua, somewhere opposite the Catholic and SIB churches, in the blocks of shops to the left of the Everwin Supermarket there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Be like that…”

  1. Value for money! Ordered so many dishes and the total price is only MYR 33.

    If I had not ordered the chicken roll and just one plate of rice, it would be less than RM30, and there would be enough for the two of us. Must resist the temptation to order this and that, always ending up way too full after the meal.

  2. I would love to try the chicken roll with rice! 🙂

    I guess that would be all right since there is the complimentary soup. Otherwise, I would think it would be way too dry.

  3. Has been quite a while since my last visit to SCR. Would love to try their butter milk chicken & ngor hiang. Both looks good.

    This outlet. Another one we went to before, the X’pres, I heard somebody else took over and it is not so nice anymore. That’s the trouble with franchises – may vary between their outlets, not always all good.

  4. Chicken Rice without Chicken?

    That is what I like here – you are given a choice, no need to order their sets – chicken rice with chicken, steamed or roasted, like it or not. Plain rice is cheaper though, half the price but I felt like having their chicken rice with my orders that day and that was why I had what I had.

  5. If I see the chicken meat roll, I sure could not resist the temptation and order it…

    Exactly what happened to me. Actually what I had ordered already was enough but I saw the photo of the roll in the menu and I could not resist asking for it.

  6. I’ve never had chicken ngor hiang before, but I don’t think it’ll be an unacceptable option to the usual pork.

    It was good, had the fragrance of the five spice powder and nicer than some of the pork ones sold around here – most are rather disappointing, unfortunately, nowhere near the ones my missus makes, with pork. This is a pork-free place, probably officially certified halal as well, so they do not have a choice.

  7. I haven’t seen those torrone wrapped sweets in quite awhile … you’re right, a really nice touch 🙂

    Yes, I guess we don’t go out and buy these things and never bother to look, that’s why.

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