Despite the name, this is another of our very own Sarawak franchise and this relatively new outlet…

SCR® Xpress

…is called differently, the SCR®Xpress, SCR for Singapore Chicken Rice, located to the right of the Star Mega Mall.

The Chinese New Year decor was up…

CNY decor

…when we dropped by the other day and we were a bit early – only one table was occupied inside but the people started coming in once it was lunch time and it certainly looked like they do enjoy pretty brisk business here.

They have this button to press for get their attention…

Bell for service

…but we did not bother to use it. I just placed our orders at the counter and went there to settle my bill as well.

I am particularly fond of their blended chili…

SCR chili

…at any one of their outlets. I would say it is among the best, if not THE best, in town…and besides this, you may also help yourself to all the very finely-chopped garlic dip that you want.

We all opted for the fried/roasted chicken (RM5.70)…

SCR fried roast chicken

…and the rice (RM1.60)…

SCR rice

The rice was very good, much better than many of the chicken rice stalls at the coffee shops in town and they certainly were very generous with it. That was a rather large scoop, I would say. As for the chicken, I would just say it was all right. After all, steamed, roast or fried, it is…chicken. Special mention must be given to the complimentary soup that came with the chicken rice. Unlike the very diluted, rather tasteless almost-like-plain-water ones at most places elsewhere, theirs had a very strong taste and delightful fragrance of the salted vegetables used in the cooking and it was so good that all of us finished it to the last drop.

Initially, when I saw the fish tail banners along the road promoting this place (long before it finally opened its doors), I was expecting a very small place serving nothing but their chicken and rice…fast and hence, the additional “Xpress” in the name but no, how wrong could I be! They have a really elaborate menu, so many things to choose from…


…and we really could not decide as everything looked nice in the photographs.

Eventually, we settled for these crispy prawns (RM11.00)…

SCR prawns

…HUGE ones with just a thin coating of the batter…

SCR prawn

I sure was glad that it was not all batter with hardly any prawn visible and the tail stuck at the end for decoration. Prawns this size are currently selling for RM50 a kilo or more as Chinese New Year is drawing near and at less than RM2.00 each (there were six altogether), I would think it wasn’t all that expensive especially when they’re that big and very fresh and succulent.

We loved the belacan (prawn paste) midin kerabu (salad)…

SCR midin

– it was very very nice too (RM8.90). I loved the sweet and sour taste of the sambal with its very strong fragrance of calamansi lime.

The Thai gold bean curd (RM7.90)…

SCR tofu

…took quite a bit of time before it was served but it was very much to our liking too.

I had the three-layer teh-c (RM4.40)…

SCR tea

…and yes, it did not come cheap but it was really good, very much stronger and richer (which is something to be expected- seeing how much there is in that middle layer of evaporated milk) than any that I had had before. My girl had the plum juice (RM3.60) while  the mum had the same but with calamansi lime added (RM3.40).

We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and rest assured that we would be heading back there soon for more.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Express…”

  1. Chili looks great, i think it works well with chicken rice

    Very nice…but I think one that I had recently was better, just that the rice and everything else there weren’t as great.

  2. What a quaint, colourful place! The fried roasted chicken with rice….yum! 🙂

    Yes, very neat and clean place…and bright too! Food’s great. Sure would go back and try some more.

  3. What a quaint, colourful place! The fried roasted chicken with rice….yum! 🙂 I don’t think WordPress likes my comment, it isn’t posting.

    It is. Over there, don’t think it’s the internet connection. If it’s here, that’s usually the reason!

  4. Love all the orders especially the prawn & midin kerabu. This SCR Express is the sister company of SCR Chicken Rice, rite?

    The one and the same. Maybe they are renaming it – the name can be misleading as it’s a Sarawak franchise and there’s nothing Singapore about it.

  5. I’ve never heard of SCR, here we have TCRS – The Chicken Rice Shop, they have chicken rice, curry mee, pai tee.. I like the kerabu and crispy prawns.. The kerabu looks very refreshing, with the lime and red onions and all..

    Yup! I went to their outlets at BTS and also to the one at Village Mall in Sg Petani. I quite like that but my girl thinks our SCR is nicer.

  6. ooo, the singaporeans have invaded sibu! but thankfully they come in peace, bearing delicious chicken rice, hehehe 😀

    Wasn’t there a debate as to where chicken rice originated from? Singapore…or somewhere in Malaysia? Or was it bak kut teh? None in Hainan, China, that’s for sure…despite it being called Hainanese chicken rice. Maybe that’s why they’ve changed the name – the “Singapore” in it was so misleading that I did not know until very very recently that this is a Sarawak franchise.

  7. Tried all except that crispy prawns. Tasted its fried calamari. Not bad, I like it.

    It has been few weeks since I have been to scr.

    You went to one in Kuching? Yes, I saw the sotong on the menu but decided to try the prawns first. Next round… 😉

  8. I love Cantonese Mee & Chicken Mushroom Noodles from this outlet. ☺️

    Noted, thanks. So many things, all look good…really dunno which one to choose. Pening!

  9. Is good to be there early so don’t have to rush with lunch hour with the crowds!!

    I try to do that if I can, eat early to avoid the hassle. Some places get real noisy when packed during lunch hour – spoils my appetite, my head will start spinning.

  10. Usually i don’t bother to use the button to press for service too…

    Yalor…not difficult to get up and walk a few steps.

  11. That’s the best way to fry prawns: just a light coating of the flour batter. Otherwise, we’d be eating the crust instead of tasting the succulent prawns.

    Yes, the prawns were great, sure will not feel shortchanged having those here.

  12. All the food looks great here, although I’m not a huge fan of fried prawns. I prefer prawns steamed, baked or grilled best.

    Cant’t go wrong with prawns, any which way…but must be succulent and fresh, otherwise…bland, not sweet.

  13. Many cafes/restaurants already have the button thingy, good la, no need us to shout/wait too long, hehe!

    I guess they would be useful during peak hours and one is not getting their attention, not a problem here. Fact and efficient.

  14. Your pictures are nice… clear… sharp… makes the food comes “alive”… I like the picture of the rice.. can see yit lup yit lup.. (grains!) hahaha.. nice…

    The “new” camera is very good when there is sufficient light. Otherwise, I would be pulling my hair out trying to snap some good shots.

  15. I can’t wait to go back to Ipoh as I like discovering new makan places like these. Probably Im bored with the eateries in JB. The fried chicken really looks appetising, initially I thought you are having ayam penyet. Like the fried prawns too!

    Me too – I go here, go there…eat this, eat that…never mind how good people say something is, there’s no place like home! Simply the best!

  16. All also I like….although I’ve not tasted it before…but could see from photo, they look delicious 🙂

    I’d pass on the chicken – as good elsewhere or even better. Next time I go, I’ll ask for the rice and order the dishes, skip the chicken.

  17. All the dishes look good! It is good that they have variety and not just chicken rice.

    Indeed. But being a franchise place, one would need to know which outlets are good. I’ve heard that some may be better than others but I like this one! Wouldn’t mind going back there for more.

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