You’ll never know…

…unless you try!

That was why we decided to drop by this place (2.32652,111.840234)…

Ing Choon Corner, Sibu

…opposite a fairly big supermarket (Mega Store) in the Sungai Merah area here to see what they had in store. It has been around for a long long time just that I never bothered to stop by to check it out but the other day, when I went to the supermarket to get the ice cream (RM4.00 each, compared to RM4.50 elsewhere…and over RM6.00 at the Sibu airport), I noticed that there were quite a lot of people eating there so my guess was that the food here shouldn’t be too bad.

There is a kampua noodle stall…

Ing Choon kampua mee stall

…on one side of the coffee shop and a chicken rice one right beside it but we did not order anything from either of them.

My missus had the Foochow-style fried noodles…

Ing Choon Foochow-style fried noodles

…from the chu-char (cook and fry) place at the back and I noticed that they do serve chap fan (mixed rice) there too. I did not take note of how much that cost, probably the usual RM3.80 or to the most, RM4.00, but my missus was not very impressed. She thought it was a little too starchy for her liking and she did not manage to finish all of that.

A long time ago, there was a man running a coffee shop in the area of shops opposite the school where I was teaching before I retired. He took great pride in his rojak and he even claimed that there were people from other towns buying the rojak sauce from him and taking it home with them. What I knew then was that his wife was running a stall at the Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup  (Aup Hill Jubilee Park) but for some reason or other, the guy moved here and then here…and his wife was nowhere to be seen the number of times we dropped by the park. There is  a stall at this coffee shop selling stuffed kompia, sotong kangkong and what the sign claims, the Taman Jubilee Aup rojak (RM5.00)…

Ing Choon Taman Jubilee Aup rojak

…which turned out to be as good as it looked, hardly any taste of the most essential ingredient, the prawn paste. The lady running the stall was not familiar at all and no, she sure wasn’t the man’s wife. At best, I would say it was all right but it sure was not something I would want to order again.

The Malay stall…

Ing Choon Malay stall

…seemed to be the one enjoying the most business – everyone was having their nasi lemak and I also ordered that to see if it was any good, their special.

I loved the golden fringe in their fried egg…

Ing Choon, Malay stall fried egg

…but usually, when I am cooking one myself, I would splash a bit of the hot oil over the yolk to cook it a bit so it would not look that raw.

The fried chicken wing…

Ing Choon Malay stall chicken wing

…was very small and tasted…like fried chicken wing coated with some rather usual batter, nothing sensational.

The rice was good though, more lemak than many other places around town…

Ing Choon nasi lemak

…and I would not mind going for it again should I happen to be around there again but for RM5.50, I think if I were to make my way some place for nasi lemak, I would much sooner go for the one here (RM6.00, chicken wing) and there, I could always fork out a little bit more for the added curry or masak hitam beef and enjoy everything (RM7.00) a whole lot more.

Incidentally, if you are around that part of town and happen to be looking for something to eat, perhaps you may consider dropping by here instead for the chicken rice. They are having a promotion right now, RM4.90 for a plate of chicken, steamed or roasted, the rice and complimentary soup. If I am not wrong, the set would cost RM6.50 normally and who knows, you may prefer this to the nasi lemak…and enjoy eating in air-conditioned comfort.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “You’ll never know…”

  1. the Foochow-style fried noodles, look similar to the hokkien char at here….
    not sure if just the name diff :-p

    Is the one there the same as KL Hokkien mee? Then it is not the same. Some say this is like Hailam mee over there but I have never tried that so I do not know.

  2. The nasi lemak looks great … Missing it… But the rojak looks kind of bland compared to the Payung.. 😀

    Of course!!! Payung’s is a class of its own, and not the same thing. This one’s the same kind as the celebrated Bintangor rojak but of course, rates far from it, very very far.

  3. oh, that egg looks perfect for me! i like it with that crispy fringe by the side too, to add a charred sort of texture to the white. and for the yolk, i like it as raw as possible … the runnier and wobblier the better, with even a bit of the translucent goo around the centre … cross fingers i never get salmonella poisoning!

    LOL!!! I didn’t, praise the Lord! The egg sure looks nicer this way though, nice colour!

  4. Me too. I dont mind pay more for the nasi lemak with curry as it is good. ^^

    The rojak does look like lack of the paste. Hardly can see the black paste. Haha.

    Yes, so pale! Doesn’t look anything like this in the photo – one look says it all…

  5. That rojak sure does look good – nice big chunks of freshness.

    One can’t deny them that – the pineapple, turnip, cucumber and the tofu puffs. Too bad about the sauce.

  6. Rojak???….absent of rojak paste. Looks like some groundnuts & chilli flakes sprinkle on top only. Nasi lemak & fried noodles looks good.

    It sure looked like that – could not taste the prawn paste, just a little bit of something like gula apong. 😦

  7. See the rojak, i didn’t eat for quite sometimes liao…

    Not cheap these days, RM5.00 for that small plate. Used to enjoy a lot that when I was younger, not really crazy about it now. Old age, I guess. Changes one’s likes ans dislikes.

  8. Splash some oil over the egg yolk ?! *horrified*

    Brace yourself for a heart attack! My egg would be swimming in oil when I fry it, old grandma (and she lived to almost a hundred) style, and that is the only way to get the nice golden fringe…so splashing the hot oil on the yolk would not make a difference. Anytime nicer than egg fried on non-stick or horror of horrors, the ones fried using the ring! Yucks!!!

    In fact, I know of a place in KL where a lot of people flock to for dinner – the main attraction, I was so surprised to hear, their fried egg…done in my old-school style with lots of golden fringes. Gee, I thought! Can’t they do that themselves at home?

  9. I love the red chairs! 🙂

    Lots around, plastic, relatively cheaper…just pick your colour. The new ones are not so good though – poorer quality. The legs would spread out when I sit on some of them. 😦

  10. haha, finally a place in Sibu with not-so-good food!!

    Lots around but one can usually tell when one sees that there are not many people around…every day. But looks can be deceiving – that was why I thought there must be some good stuff at this own, always quite a lot fo people there. 😀

  11. The Foochow noodles – always my favourite.. The rojak sauce is quite light, here, so dark, black black one.. I prefer not-so-dark sauce though…

    You have not-so-dark rojak sauce there? Prawn paste/otak udang is black so the more there is, the darker the sauce. The lighter ones would probably be the gula Melaka added, sweet – here, they use our gula apong.

  12. too bad about the noodles.. i am like ur wife – i don’t like starchy either!! OH, but that egg!!! #eggporn So where, in your opinion is the best rojak? 😀

    Payung rojak is my favourite but it is in a different class of its own, different – nothing like it anywhere else…and as for the ones similar to this one, the most famous and very popular one is here:
    – less than an hour’s drive from Sibu but I have not gone all the way for it for a long time and word has it that the quality has gone down, dunno why and dunno if that is true.

  13. argh….. so many pineaple geh…i see my nose already sweaty liao. dun like fresh pineapples LOL.

    Come come….atria there got nice rojak.

    Oh? I don’t mind if it is sweet. This one not really ripe so a little sour, not to my liking. Not a fan of rojak anywhere else – I’d stick to Payung’s. Want? Come! Come!

  14. Great Red Chairs!

    Plastic, cheap…or cheaper than all the rest at least. These newer ones are not that good, the legs are not always strong enough for the likes of me.

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