Here today gone tomorrow…

My girl said that she wanted kampua noodles…

Ah Sian kampua kosong

…that day so of course, we would go for the one here – this seems like the only place in town where she would enjoy the noodles with the beef soup…

Ah Sian beef soup special

Despite being born and raised all her life in Sibu, she is not exactly fond of THE main attraction of this little Foochow town. Yes, she would not mind having it time and time again but no, she will not go out of her way for it and more often than not, she would rather opt for something else that may be available.

The mum had the same too but I did not feel like it. I was thinking of something along the lines of the claypot noodles that my missus had the last time we were here. Unfortunately, those were no longer available, it seemed. Huh? Here today, gone tomorrow…so so soon! Perhaps the one doing it had moved elsewhere which I think would be very likely, considering all the new eating places sprouting out here, there and everywhere these days.

However, they had something else now that they did not have before – this (RM5.50)…

Ah Sian stewed pork rice

– the stewed pork rice…that my friend, Alfred, in Singapore said in his comment on Facebook was Taiwan-influenced, served this way. Well, I wouldn’t know as I had not been to Taiwan for years and years – when I was there, my girl was not even born yet! As far as I know, they serve it more or less the same way here

Noodle House stewed pork rice

…and theirs is just as nice so we would go for it sometime but of course, it would be a lot more expensive plus there is GST there now.

The stewed pork belly…

Ah Sian pork belly

…was good though I know many would shudder at the sight of the fat – perhaps, they should read some of the current articles on that but whatever it is, as always, I would subscribe to the maxim that moderation is the key – once in a long while is all right, not too often…and definitely not every day, the way how some people must have a plate of kampua noodles every day to keep them going, not me!

Of course, I loved the stewed egg…

Ah Sian stewed egg

– I enjoy that without fail every time…and I also ordered a bowl of the aforementioned beef soup to go with this.

That sure was a delightful lunch for the three of us, RM25.00 only in total (inclusive of drinks).

I was checking out my site stats that day when I spotted this link. Gee! I’ve been featured in an article in that online newspaper but it is in Mandarin…and coincidentally, it is on this very shop that I have blogged about a number of times now.