Fly away with me…

I took off the other day to fly over to Kuching for a few days – on a 3-day 2-night trip, to be exact.

So there I was at the Sibu airport waiting for my flight. Hmmm…maybe this would be the standard sign…

Sibu airport sign

…that they would use at all airports throughout the country but ours is a domestic airport so all flights in and out would be dalam negeri (within the country) and confined to destinations in Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia only so I would think balai perlepasan/departure lounge would suffice. Never mind – it’s just a sign, anyway and as long as it serves its purpose, that is all that matters.

I checked the website and was delighted to see that the aircraft was about to depart from Kuching and was already “taxiing on the runway“, well ahead of the scheduled departure time. After a while, I saw an aircraft landing but I guessed that must have flown in from some place else. It couldn’t possibly be the one I would be taking as it had just left Kuching not that long ago. I certainly was pleasantly surprised when the announcement was made and we were asked to get ready for boarding. It was my flight, after all!

As always, everything was done very systematically and in a very orderly manner and in no time at all, we were on the skybridge…

On the skybridge

…getting into the plane. I certainly was delighted that we did not have to go out into the sun and walk all the way to board…

Air Asia

…as it was so very hot, the midday sun!

I was seated at No. 15D – I’ve always known for a fact that one would have to pay more for the red-coloured hot seats

Air Asia cabin

…but it appeared to me when I made my booking online that now, the ones in between would cost a little bit more than those from Row 15 onwards. Well, I was in no hurry so I was quite happy to choose something a little bit cheaper and it was not all that far from the front, anyway.

Gosh!!! The flight was almost full and that surprised me somewhat as it was a weekday and not during any school or public holidays. We landed in Kuching in no time at all, way ahead of schedule, of course.

After dropping by my uncle and my auntie’s houses along the way to drop off some stuff that I had bought for them from Sibu, I went and had my rather late lunch…

My lunch

If you’re wondering what that was that I had and where, drop by tomorrow and I will tell you all about it!