Let’s go out tonight…

Last week on Good Friday, my girl and her colleague/friend were home but we were fasting the whole day (though we did make sure our guest had her regular meals) and in the afternoon, we attended the special service in one of the churches in town. I suggested not cooking dinner and going out that night instead so come evening, the four of us headed here – the SCR®Xpress…


where we once had a delightful lunch before.

This time around, we were seated at another section at that same place…


…which I thought was kind of colourful, don’t you think?

We placed our orders and everything came pretty fast, true to its name. I had the 3-layer teh-c-peng (RM4.40)…


…that I had on our previous visit and I loved it a lot. My missus had the Lavender Lady (RM4.80) which she said tasted like yam…and the two girls had the 4-sour drink (RM4.60 each).

We asked for the chicken rice (RM2.20 each)…

Chicken rice

…minus the chicken which we did not quite enjoy before as it was kind of cold, never mind whether it was steamed or roasted.

We decided to try the midin with Thai-sauce (RM8.90)…

Thai midin

…instead of the one with belacan that we had the last time even though that one was very nice. I would say this one was pretty good too and I sure wouldn’t mind having it sometimes for a change.

The squid rings (RM7.90)…

Squid rings

…were kind of bland and chewy and did not get us jumping up and down with delight but they were definitely cheaper than the so very delicious crispy prawns (RM11.00)…

Crispy prawns

…that we enjoyed so much the last time and simply had to order it again…and of course, again, this time around, everybody loved it…especially my girl who really enjoyed it to the max.

The fried tilapia with Thai sauce (RM13.70)…

Fried fish

…was very nice too and one would get a choice between Thai sauce, pickles or sambal. I would have picked sweet and sour as we already had Thai sauce with the midin and we did not quite fancy the other two but unfortunately, that was not one of the options.

The fish ball soup (RM7.90)…


…that we had did not look like it was going to be very nice but how wrong could we be! Probably they have all those chickens for their chicken rice and they can use the “unwanted” parts to make the stock, I wouldn’t know but the soup sure was so flavourful, so very nice.  There isn’t much choice here as far as soups go but I certainly would not mind ordering this again the next time we drop by here.

The total for everything came up to RM76.60 and with the 6% GST, the net total was RM81.20.

After dinner, we went for a walk at the megamall a stone’s throw away. They have not removed the golden goat yet…

Star MegaMall goat

…though Chinese New Year has long passed and gone. The one here is certainly a lot nicer than the other one at the other end of town…

Farley goat

…which was a horse last year and obviously, they just added the horns and the beard and sprayed it gold in colour.

I did get myself a new pair of sandals at the buy-and-throw-away outlet at the mall and the girls did pick up some stuff including some canned stuff to take back to their school. All in all, it was an evening well-spent…with the very delightful dinner followed by a pleasant outing with the family, plus one.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Let’s go out tonight…”

  1. I want to try the lavender lady drink! If it tastes like yam, then I like wor, very lemak-ky taste, yummzzz 😛
    The squid rings and prawns look very appetizing.. I want to dip in tartar sauce or mayo..

    Very generous with the evaporated milk, very thick and rich but no santan though. They did give mayo and chili sauce with the squids and prawns – I do not eat with those or soy sauce…unless the thing is bland/tasteless/not nice.

  2. A well spent holiday. Love the food you ordered in SCR. I love the Thai sauce on tilapia. Tasted before and so was the deep fried squid and midin. Will give the prawns a try as never try it in SCR but it was sure expensive. Hehehe.

    You can afford it, I’m sure. Hehehehehe!!!! I wouldn’t say it’s expensive though – the prawns are big – as big as they look in the photo, thin batter coating and quite a lot of them 6-8, at least. Those would be RM30 a kg or more – I bought some RM18-19 from a shop that day, just around 20 so it works out to around RM1 each.

  3. Nice dinner indeed. Like all the dishes especially the midin, fried tilapia fish & fishball soup. Tilapia fish, never try here. Which is better?…Sugar Bun or here?

    Same…but the one here is bigger, say by one-third and you get the sauces. Sugar Bun’s smaller but you get the rice in the platter and the pickle as well, I think. Both nice.

  4. The ambience looks very cheery.

    A tad too colourful for me this section – next time, I would sit in the main area…or another section that’s not as colourful. So fussy, me…eh? 😀

  5. I did a double take when I read about you fasting the whole day when everywhere else I read the Europeans have been getting their food basket blessed and then feasting. Turns out I was reading about Easter celebrations and yours is about Good Friday.

    I wouldn’t mind that fish ball soup too, if the stock is made with so much unwanted goodies, definitely would be much better than msg soup.

    Yes, their complimentary soup for their chicken rice sets is very very nice too – full of flavours including the generous use of salted vegetables in the cooking, so much better than the ones elsewhere – usually very very very diluted soup served with a chicken claw & a teeny weeny bit of salted veg, so miserable, almost tasteless…I would not bother with those.

    Yup! That’s Easter Sunday. Good Friday is a very solemn day, fasting & abstinence – we usually observe till sundown.

  6. The prawns caught my attention…

    I wonder how much they would cost in Singapore…each! SGD1…or 2?

  7. The SCR price is getting more expensive. I don’t remember the Lavender Lady in the menu before. Can try lah after this. I like yammy taste. Lol!

    Dunno, not a regular at SCR but this is the Xpress, maybe like what Red Carrot is to Sugar Bun? My girl says the menu is not the same. She likes going to the regular SCR outlets too.

  8. I love restaurants that have booth seats. More privacy! All the dishes looks so yum!

    If they’re spacious enough. I know one Japanese place here – I don’t think I can get in anymore. 😦

  9. I bet the “though we did make sure our guest had her regular meals”…were 3 meals plus 3-4 additional meals leh

    Just breakfast and lunch…since we were all going out for dinner but of course, we asked her to help herself to the cookies, chocolates and everything in the house.

  10. The food is so reasonably priced… I was quite surprised the teh c was so expensive (when compared to the food price la).

    Drinks are quite pricey but they’re very good, thick and rich, no scrimping on the milk and everything. I’d sooner go for these than those extremely overpriced branded coffee…and their imitations at those wannabe cafes.

  11. The food selections are quite good. I’m very attracted to that purple drink as I love yam flavoured ice-cream. Oh, how convenient that horse was conveniently transformed into a goat 😀

    Yes, I wonder what they will do next year…Monkey year! 😀

  12. Teh-c-peng is always wonderful to look at, but it is not so much fun when the ice cubes dilute. Lol. Such a colorful little gem with a variety of local flavours. Next time I’ll look for the golden goat!

    This one was a little sweet and extra rich at the beginning and when the ice melted, it was absolutely perfect. Same with kopi-o-peng at the coffee shops – it must be extra strong and a little sweeter to accommodate the ice. Some places make nice kopi-o…but it’s not as good with the peng.

    P.S. Your first time here? Thanks for dropping by & commenting.

  13. ooo, it’s interesting that a place that looks like a modern cafe also serves something kinda traditional like midin … and it looks like very good midin too! 🙂

    It’s originally a Sarawak chicken rice franchise, just like The Chicken Rice Shop, and this is the spin-off – more choices, a little classier than the usual.

  14. wow…. well done, you guys fasted on Good Friday! I didn’t do so and ate like normal.
    I like the fish ball soup somehow. The ingredients looks good and nice clear soup!

    You should taste it – best I’ve ever had anywhere.

  15. Dishes look good.
    Waa….4 sour! I’ve only tried 3 sour. Anyway…Lavender Lady looks nice 😉

    Very good. Hehehehe….ladies love sour, not for me – fat people don’t like. We are very sweet people. 😉

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