Touch of class…

This place…


…has been opened for a few months now but no, I never stopped by to check it out.

Why, you may ask? Well, so far only two Facebook friends shared photographs of the place. I asked one how it was and he replied, “Menu, one page only.” Another one showed a snapshot of what he ate and it looked quite good but when I asked, he said, “Expensive, chicken rice,” and one would be able to sense the disdain in the response. In the meantime, I was told that people had been sharing pics of what they ate here on Instagram and everything looked very good. Well, I wouldn’t know as I do not have a smartphone nor an Instagram account so I do not get to see all of them.

For one thing, it looks like a really posh place, real classy and I would feel like a fish out of water as I never bother to dress up nicely whenever I go out plus it did seem kind of crowded (and bright) everytime we drove past. Nevertheless, the other day, I decided to just go and give it a try.

There was this beauty parked right in front…


– I gathered that it belonged to the owner/chef and yes, inside, it was really very elegant…

LaDoree inside

…with a kind of continental setting and ambiance somewhat. I would say it was real classy but no, it is no fine dining kind of place. The crowd came in, all more or less dressed like me…and made themselves at home, if you can catch the drift. I met an ex-student there – that boy in black behind the counter. He had finished his tertiary education and was there to help out – his brother-in-law and sister are the owners – while waiting for his convocation later in the year.

They had set lunches that day though I am not too sure if that is an everyday thing. Nobody wanted the spaghetti, aglio olio with a sausage…so my girl and the mum both went for the chicken with mushroom sauce…

Chicken with mushroom sauce

…served with rice (RM12.90)…

with rice

…and a free drink, iced lemon tea. Rice? Yes, you heard right! No, nobody said it would be some western fare…even though one look at the place, one would expect nothing else but that. The chicken was nice though and the mushroom sauce was very good – I did try a bit and I thought it tasted…oriental, a perfect match for the rice by the side.

I saw there was nasi lemak (RM13.90)…

Nasi lemak

…on the menu and instantly, I said I wanted that. I had yet to find one that I, without a second thought, would want to go back for more.

The sambal was very good though I would prefer it to be a lot spicier – I think I like the one here more but the chicken rendang

Chicken rendang

…was simply out of this world, very very nice.

As for the rice…

The rice

…I would say it was the best around, a little more lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) than the others and it was not dry and hard like many of the rest.

Sky juice/iced water was 50 sen a glass and the total came up to RM40.20, no GST here…but no, I had to fork out that miserable 20 sen to pay all that is due on the bill! *frown*

It seems that they have a separate/different menu for dinner here and I did have a glance at it and yes, they do have a lot more stuff that is a lot more western so it sure looks like I will have to drop by another time…in the evening to see what’s good or otherwise here. Stick around!