It was good…

I’ve been to this outlet of our very own Sarawak’s chicken rice franchise…

SCR Sg Merah

…twice before but the second time I was there, I just had some sandwiches and a drink.

I remember on our first visit, I was impressed by the fragrance of the rice when it was served but this time around, we thought it…

SCR Sg Merah chicken rice

…was quite a disappointment. I do not know if it was the sheer lack of quality control or they have a new chef but I would say what we usually have here is a lot nicer, including the complimentary soup and the chili dip as well.

At that other place, the smoked chicken drumstick is RM5.00, RM4.50 if you are not particular about which part of the chicken they will give you, inclusive of the rice, while here, it is RM5.10 for the roast chicken, drumstick…

SCR, roast chicken

…or the steamed…

SCR, steamed chciken

…and they charge separately for the rice, RM1.90 a plate so that totals up to RM7.00 per set, RM2.00 more than the other place.

My missus had the ayam penyet (RM7.90)…

SCRE Sg Merah ayam penyet

cheaper by 60 sen compared to the one here by virtue of the fact that it is currently on promotion so it is cheaper by RM2.00 at this point in time and according to her, the one at that other place is very much nicer.

For want of a bit more veg, I also ordered the salted fish taugeh/bean sprouts (RM6.45)…

SCR Sg Merah, salted fish taugeh

…which tasted all right though I could not spot any salted fish in it at all. For one thing, this is a little cheaper than at the Chinese chu char places/restaurants. Usually, at those places, they charge RM8.00 or more for their vegetable dishes, small.

I loved their 3-layer tea or their teh-C special at another outlet here so I ordered one that day (RM4.15)…

SCR Sg Merah three-layer tea

…but it paled miserably in comparison. It was not as rich and creamy and if this is what it is going to be like here, for sure, I would not go for it again.

Together with the drinks my girl and the mum had, the total came up to RM40.55 which was all right as the place is nice and comfortable and air-conditioned and the service is cordial and good. Besides, that other place that is nicer and cheaper is on the other side of town, not all that convenient to drive all the way there if you are somewhere around here.

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9 thoughts on “It was good…”

  1. Long time I did not dine in one. Somehow I prefer to go to those Chinese chicken rice shop. RM5 for thigh part. Over here, it is getting expensive and if I tapau, I need to fork out extra for the plastic container. Sigh!!

    At RM7 a set, chicken and rice, it is much cheaper at the coffee shop stalls and may be nicer too but then again, here, it is air conditioned and you get very nice and polite and friendly service. Next time, bring your own tiffin carrier – go back to the good ol’ days. πŸ˜‰

  2. Chicken rice… I recently had a chance to try the famous Michelin starred chicken rice from the Ipoh chef who is based in Singapore. It was delicious. I don’t think I’d wait the time in the queue to try it though – they say up to two hours!

    Yes, I heard about that one. I asked those who went to try – they said it was…”just chicken rice”, nice and it was cheap. If I am not wrong, it is different, what they call the “Hong Kong soya sauce chicken” or something. I would love to try but no, not if I have to queue for an hour or two.

  3. I stop going to SCR for chicken rice. Few times, different branch, I came across their chicken, half cooked & with blood & when you inform them, they give you their look. Over here, thigh meat RM6, breast meat & others RM5.

    That is the problem with franchises, poor quality control. I hear some in Kuching have closed down, not so bad here even though I did hear that some outlets may not be as nice as others so we will never go to those.

  4. Rm 40 for chicken rice? Certainly not cheap. I don’t know why but I don’t seem to appreciate chicken rice in hotels/ restaurants LOL

    For three persons inclusive of drinks and a plate of bean sprouts…but comparatively, it is not as cheap as other places around town. You should go for the celebrated one at Chatterbox, Mandarin Singapore – around SGD30 per set…and at the end of the day, it is what it is, chicken rice.

    I’m not really a fan either – will not go out of my way for it, but will eat sometimes for a change or when I am around some place where they have it…but I hear one at a hotel here is very nice, yet to go and try…if I can find a parking space. Bet it is not cheap either. 😦

  5. I love chicken rice and will always order the steamed chicken.

    I don’t mind steamed sometimes for a change but generally, I prefer roast. My girl will only go for roast unless she has no choice.

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Both the roasted as well as the steamed chicken look delicious! I absolutely love chicken! Boiled, fried, roasted, barbecue, steamed, yes! πŸ™‚

    Yes, you love chicken…and the good thing here is that it is cheap, cheaper than pork…and definitely a lot cheaper than beef or lamb plus we get it fresh, not frozen/imported.

  7. Coincidentally I was just in a supermarket this afternoon and browsing through the selection of pastes that people can conveniently use to make elaborate dishes at home – I saw a hainanese chicken rice paste, and the package illustration looked good, heheh πŸ˜‰

    Not Prima Taste, made in Singapore, by any chance? That one is very good. I think Dollee has it too.

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