All the same…

…more or less.

We dropped by here again for lunch and my missus had her favourite, their ayam penyet (RM8.50)…

Warung BM ayam penyet

…while I had the smoked chicken rice, drumstick (RM5.00)…

Warung BM smoked chicken rice, drumstick

It is only RM4.50 if you are not particular about which part of the chicken you are given. My missus enjoyed her order and I enjoyed mine too. I loved the very tasty complimentary soup that came with my chicken rice and the chili dip was very good too.

My girl wanted to try the mozzarella chicken chop (RM17.50)…

Warung BM mozzarella cheese chicken chop

…and while it was all right, we did not really think it was anything to shout about plus the price seemed a bit on the high side. I did give it a try and I did not quite like the pineapple slices under the cheese nor did I really enjoy the tomato-based bolognese sauce which I am not all that fond of in the first place.

We also had the potato salad (RM5.00)…

Warung BM potato salad

…which did not get us all excited, just boiled potatoes with mayonnaise and a sprinkling of whatever herbs on top.

The total, inclusive of drinks, came up to RM44.00 which is about the same as what I had to fork out for our lunch at that place in my previous post, RM42.20.

Then, on another day, my girl wanted Sarawak laksa (RM5.50. small)

Thomson Corner Sarawak laksa, small

…so of course we went for the one here, our favourite in town. The mum had the same that day and do not be fooled by the word small as it is actually rather big and would be a struggle for small eaters to finish – and the large is really HUGE.

I had the nasi ayam Pattaya or their Pattaya chicken rice (RM6.50)…

Thomson Corner nasi ayam Pattaya

…which is actually chicken rice wrapped in an omelette…

Thomson Corner chicken rice

…and fried chicken and a bit of acar timun (cucumber pickle)…

Thomson Corner fried chicken & acar timun

…by the side but personally, I felt that the rice was more like the savoury rice at our local Sarawak franchise, Sugar Bun, not quite like chicken rice as we know it.

I also asked for their sotong kangkong, small (RM6.00)…

Thomson Corner sotong kangkong

…to share and yes, we quite enjoyed that.

Together with our drinks – my missus had cendol and I had the ang tao peng while my girl had their cucumber lemon, the total came up to RM34.20, a little cheaper than at the aforementioned places but then of course, this one has a coffee shop setting, nothing fancy, no nice decor, no frills whatsoever.

Still, all of them fell below RM50.00 for three so it is not too bad. These days, it can get quite pricey at some places at times even at some small and not really fancy Chinese restaurants or chu char places but then of course, that would depend on what you order as well. If you ask for steamed fish or a prawn dish, be prepared to fork out quite a bit for your indulgence.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “All the same…”

  1. I had ayam penyet the other day, your’s looks more tempting than the one that i had…

    This one here is nicer than a lot of other places in town, one coming up soon!

  2. Err… I’m sorry but boiled potatoes with plenty of mayonnaise are gross

    Anything with mayo, for that matter. I don’t mind those places where they make their own dressing – not anything straight out of the bottle…or one of those huge economy-pack plastic bags like at many Chinese chu char places or chicken rice stalls – they drown everything with mayo and call it salad. I can jolly well do that myself at home.

  3. Ayam penyet?…but the ayam is not smashed. All the while I had, it is smashed. Among all, I like the ayam penyet & sotong kangkong.

    Not all places here, some do, some don’t. All they do is to clobber it using the tenderiser hammer or whatever – can look quite a mess sometimes, so pathetic, the chicken. Would be good for tough meat…but with chicken these days, I really do not see the necessity…unless they use those cheap old mother hen. Tough…and I do not like the smell, not a fan of kampung chicken either, never mind how healthy they say it is.

  4. I’ve seen the omelette wrapped rice a few times, but have never ordered it. I tend to stick with what I normally like, I’m afraid.

    I do not see what is so special about that, more a gimmick. I would order this just because the rice is nice, none of those Pattaya whatever elsewhere.

  5. Yes, not cheap for a meal, but the meals above were indeed nice… if cook at home, of course, very much cheaper… but on the other hand, it is nice to go out and let the kitchen hands rest… LOL… I like the ayam penyet your wife ordered… it looks like it is well marinated and not oily too..

    Our daily routine – go and visit my parents every morning, stick around there till almost lunchtime, go some place for lunch and wherever else and then, home. Evening time, we would cook something for dinner, eat at home. May not be cheap too sometimes depending on what we buy and cook. Never mind! Just enjoy, be happy…it’s only money – can’t bring it with me when I go.

    Cheaper if eating at coffee shops, of course but like everywhere else – some are nice, some not really. I do not mind as long as I get to enjoy our orders, value for money. Will get pissed off even if it is cheap and at one place here, post on it coming up soon…expensive and not nice, the place, the people AND the food. Mood spoilt for the rest of the day.

  6. Kind of missing the food in Tompson. The pattaya and rojak.

    Hmm. Ayam penyet. Now I know what for lunch later. Hahaha.

    You like this place, eh? Food is nice, cheap…and not so crowded these days though parking can be such a pain and not free. Their outlet at Medan Mall, air conditioned is doing very well, air-conditioned, saw around lunch time that day, overflowing, so very full!!!

  7. The ayam penyet and your smoked chicken look good. As you know, I would stay away from anything with cheese except pizza and burgers.

    My girl goes for it – anything western and anything cheese, not me…and this one, I could hardly taste any cheese…all pineapple and the tomato, so strong. I’d stick to the smoked chicken or the penyet here, a whole lot nicer…or to me, at least.

  8. Wa, long time never had nasi pattaya liao, I remember having it very often when I was schooling in UM, their mamak served the best and cheapest nasi pattaya!

    I guess that would be nasi goreng pattaya – that is what they usually have at the Malay stalls here. This one is nasi ayam pattaya, not the same.

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