Just a day…

We had just a day left to the New Year, New Year’s Eve…and my girl had to go back to her school to attend their staff meeting. We insisted on sending her all the way there and while she was at the meeting, we helped clean her unit at the teacher’s quarters – the mum taking care of her room and I did the outside, including the corridor.

That was really hard work – so much to wipe and clean and sweep and when I was done, I was absolutely exhausted but the place did look a lot cleaner and nicer, I must say. I brought lunch so when she came back, we ate and after a while, we left for home. Of course, we would not want her to be stuck there in the middle of nowhere on New Year’s Eve!

We were way too tired by the time we got home so we did not bother to cook anything. That evening, we went for the sunset service in church and after it ended past 8.00 p.m., we dropped by here…

Payung fresh flowers

…for a late dinner.

The decorations are up…

Payung Chinese New Year decor 1

…all ready to welcome the Year of the Rooster…

Payung Chinese New Year decor 2

…and I must say that they have done a really good job…

Payung Chinese New Year decor 3

…and this one especially…

Payung Chinese New Year decor 4

…stole the show. There were quite a lot of people there that night and everybody wanted to have their selfie or wefie taken with that in the background. According to Peter, the boss, he just recycled some old stuff that they had to come out of all the arrangements. Amazing! They are so creative, really!

So what did we have for our dinner that night? Well, seeing how my girl enjoyed their lamb masala (RM19.00, with rice)…

Payung lamb masala

…when we had that sometime ago, I ordered that for her to enjoy instead of our other favourite, their Bangladeshi lamb curry, for a change. This one is a little milder and not as spicy but it is very nice too in its own right.

I was thinking that perhaps I could tapao their mashed potatoes (RM8.00)…

Payung mashed potatoes

…for her to take to her school to eat and enjoy in the course of the week but it turned out that she was actually thinking of having it all evening! I really know her so well, don’t I? She said it would be best enjoyed there and would not be as nice after keeping it in the fridge and reheating to eat. Theirs is different from any anywhere – I saw Peter’s aunt cooking it, stirring and stirring away till it was done. I don’t know what ingredients go into it but I can detect the pleasant fragrance of fried garlic, if I am not mistaken…and as it was what my girl wanted, of course, I made sure she had it that night.

The mum wanted the green curry (RM16.00, with rice)…

Payung green curry

…so we had that as well.

Well, since it was New Year and according to the Chinese tradition, we should have fish and I would have ordered their Payung fish (RM15.00, with rice)…

Payung fish
*Archive photo*

ikan keli (catfish) in soy sauce with lots of ginger and everything else. My girl enjoyed this a lot but unfortunately, having that is out of the question now. For some reason or other, there is wheat flour in the ingredients for soy sauce (and a lot of other sauces as well) and being on a gluten-free diet, that is something she would need to avoid now.

In the end, we had the otak-otak fish (RM13.00, with rice)…

Payung otak fish

…instead. We did not order any dessert as we were too full after we had finished everything we ordered.

The total came up to RM56.00 but that was because we had an extra item, the mashed potatoes, instead of our usual 2 mains and a rojak or salad but that was perfectly all right. After all, it was New Year’s Eve, a special occasion…and we had every reason to celebrate the closing of 2016 and the start of a brand new year, 2017, and hopefully it would be a really good one, fingers crossed.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Just a day…”

  1. You do know your daughter so well, truly a superb father you are. What a nice new year’s eve dinner. I like the lamb dish best. Is the lamb tender and soft? Even nicer if it is. The cny decoration is nice. I agree with you that they are so creative to recycle their things to put up this decor.

    I try to be.

    Yes, the lamb is always tender, that is why we enjoy it here very much…and yes, the decor is impressive, indeed…at no additional expense.

  2. I love lamb! And the decorations are lovely!

    Yes, the lamb here is good, a bit more expensive than chicken but then again, the meat is a lot expensive in itself. Love the decor too!

  3. Nice red decor all around. I would take sefie myself there. ^^

    I agree with Melissa. Must eat the mash on the spot. No keeping or reheat.

    A nice New Year eve family dinner. For me, nothing special. Hawker stall food. Post coming up!

    We took a few shots ourselves, but no, they’re not for public viewing. Hehehehehe!!!!
    You didn’t cook? We would…if we did not have all those things to do. Usually, New Year’s Eve, we would have steamboat.

  4. “Ang Ang Boh Hai Lang” (in hokkien) so they need not take the decor off during non-CNY 😛

    Chinese tradition has it that all the decor must not be removed – let it drop off by itself or wait till it is time to replace with new ones with the new year comes around again. I never follow, of course. After Chap Goh Meh, I would take all down, keep the still good ones for use the following year. Maybe that is why I never prosper. 😦

  5. As always, I will give them thumbs up for their nice deco & fresh flowers too & so is their food. Yummsss!!!!

    Yes, one of the best, if not the best, around!

  6. Really wonderful parents! Reminded me that I used to clean up my son’s hostel room when he was in the university… hahahaa… but when it came to my girl’s turn, she does it herself together with her room mate… perhaps she knows this mama is getting lazier day by day… oh well… things we do for our kids, we do it out of love.. The food in Payung is really fantastic!

    Indeed! When I was teaching in another town, I cleaned the rented place all by myself, regularly. Can’t stand seeing even a little bit of mess around. I guess old people are like that. I was stunned when I saw my girl’s roommate once – she did not even unpack her suitcases…and would climb over the bags onto her bed to sleep at night – the room was such a mess. Shocking!!!

  7. I go whatapps Mama Kucing, jio her go Sibu, we go there eat together ya…

    Wahhhh!!! Got smartphone, can whatsapp! 😀

  8. Pretty use of roses to add to the ‘red’ CNY decor. I see fewer mandarin oranges being sold in supermarkets this year though — someone said it’s cos of the weak ringgit and the difficulty in therefore importing quality oranges…

    There was this thing going viral on Facebook about mandarins from China – they soaked some in water and the sulphur smell was nauseating so everyone is not buying any this year. They made their appearance very early here, way before Christmas.

  9. The people at Payung really pay attention to the deco. It’s lovely! Well, your girl will be home soon again for the Chinese New Year holidays and that’s something to look forward too 🙂

    Yes, it will be a long weekend and schools will have a few extra days added to that. Well, she’ll be home for the weekend later today. Ain’t too bad.

    I like the decor at Payung even on ordinary days – their little bit here and there sure makes the place stand out a head above all the rest.

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