Time is running out…

Well, it has run out! School reopens for the new academic year today but this was last week towards the end of the 2016 end-of-year holidays.

My girl mentioned to me sometime ago that of all the Korean places in town, she likes the bibimbap here

Loco Kitchen

…most of all and of course, all the while, the intention to drop by there for that was at the back of my mind, just that parking in that area is always such a pain, day or night and if it is a good day for weddings and the banquet halls at the hotel round the corner are all fully-booked, you can just forget about coming here or any of those nice eating places in the vicinity.

However, luck was on our side that afternoon when I spotted a car coming out of a parking space not too far away and I wasted no time at all in grabbing it and it being lunchtime, parking is free, 12 noon till 2.00 p.m.

These bottles of ginseng wine or whatever were still available on the shelves…

Loco Kitchen ginseng wine

…and my girl and the mum tried this soju wine…

Loco Kitchen Korean soju wine

…when they went to Korea around the middle of last year – they said it tasted something like vodka and no, it wasn’t anything that they would want again.

The handsome and friendly boss was most sympathetic and was very helpful in telling us which items on the menu we should not order since we only wanted the ones that were gluten-free. There were a couple that we wanted but he said that they used some Korean sauce and he was not sure whether we should go ahead or not.

The bibimbap (RM10.90)…

Loco bibimbap

…was fine so we ordered that. The two ladies, being so into anything and everything Korean, enjoyed it very much but if you asked me, I would just say it was all kim chi – it drowned out the taste of everything else and I could neither taste the beef nor the egg…but I ate it, anyway.

The nice waiter wanted to toss it for us but I told him to leave it as I wanted to take a photograph of it and in the end, my girl had the honour of doing it. This was what it looked like once it was done…

Loco Kitchen bibimbap, tossed

…all ready for us to dig in.

We also asked for the seafood pancake (RM8.90)…

Loco Kitchen seafood pancake 1

…and I was wondering why they had the knives on top like that – we do not need them at all, of course, since they had already cut it up into wedges for us.

It was very nice…

Loco Kitchen seafood pancake 2

…for an omelette and at that price, I was not surprised that I could hardly detect the presence of any seafood in it.

The kimchi chicken (RM13.00)…

Loco Kitchen kimchi chicken

…was very nice. They probably added other ingredients in the cooking so the sauce was not all kim chi like the bibimbap and I liked it and the sea cucumber and egg (RM13.00)…

Loco Kitchen sea cucumber & egg

…was very nice too especially with the black vinegar added to it.

The total came up to around RM45.00 for the food and that was only because I ordered too much. I wanted to make sure that my girl could feast on some Korean stuff that she would enjoy a lot before she went back to her school in the jungle…and there was quite a lot leftover so we tapaoed it all home and had them for dinner that day. Otherwise, the bibimbap alone would be enough for lunch for three or to the most, with one other dish along with it.

Well, we left the place happily, my girl especially…and needless to say, when she is happy, I would be very happy too!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Time is running out…”

  1. Seafood pancake…looks and sounds great! πŸ™‚

    It was good though I would not mind paying a bit more for some shrimps and squid in it.

  2. You are such a wonderful father.

    I’m not so much into Korean food but am crazy over Japanese! I can have Japanese food weekly (not daily) and not get bored.

    I try to be.

    Yes, between the two, I would prefer Japanese too…but these Korean places are sprouting out everywhere here – so many people hooked on Korean dramas and shows…and the food. I wouldn’t have bothered going to any if not for my girl’s sake.

  3. Soju wine is good leh! But it’s not a drink that everyone would enjoy. The knives on the pancake is so random. LOL

    My missus wouldn’t have a problem, I’m sure. Hehehehehe!!! My girl will try, I guess – just a sip but no, she does not drink. Yes, the knives looked like they were placed there to prevent the pancake from being blown away by the wind or something.

  4. By now you should know I am not a fan of Korean/Japanese food but then I find that the seafood pancake does look great.

    I’m ok with Japanese but no good place here ever since our favourite closed down…but Korean, let’s just say I went for my girl’s sake. Bet you would do the same too.

    You would have no problem with the pancake though – it’s just omelette, nothing special, and supposedly, it should have shrimps and squid inside. I guess one can easily get that in any other cuisine, Chinese or Malay, the telur dadar, or whatever.

  5. Me eat Korean food, but not into it…

    Like me then, so many other cuisines, a lot nicer…to me, at least.

  6. What if i told you the meal you had was VERY cheap? The korean restaurant i visited last evening… the seafood pancake costs rm30+10% and the bibimbap would be rm20+10%

    Yes, it is relatively cheap here. At some around here, nothing less than RM100 for a meal for 3. We like one very much but we just went once…for one obvious reason.

  7. I think school doesn’t start till February here. But they closed later in December.

    That’s some two to three months. Here, the end of the year holidays is a little over a month only. Doesn’t make them any smarter…unfortunately. 😦

  8. So this is a special lunch out for your special girl. πŸ˜‰ So sad that she is returning to the jungle.

    I have tried the bibimbap in one of the Korean restaurant in the mall but it’s just OK with me. Nothing to shout about. I am no fan of Korean food. Maybe because of the kimchi.

    You’re not alone. I’m just ok with Korean, some of their dishes but I don’t like kim chi…and everything else with a lot of that in them.

  9. I love Korean food πŸ™‚ But kimchi not so much hee..hee… Indeed time is so short. Back to work today and feeling the blues….

    I guess it is an acquired taste and no, I don’t have it so no, thank you. Yes, back to the grind. Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. Love kimchi, korean bbq & such, but bibimbap was never one of my favorites.

    But you do like kim chi? I don’t really enjoy the bibimbap as it is all kim chi, the taste of all else in it would be completely overpowered, and I am no fan of kim chi, thank you very much.

  11. Like you, I do not know how to enjoy Korean as yet.. but just follow what the youngsters do.. they order I eat… hahaha… but I do like the pancake, the rice and the kimchi, they are a bit too sweet for my liking. But perhaps as time goes by, I will get used to eating and liking the Korean food one day…

    Kim chi, sweet? It’s fermented, slightly sourish, can be spicy if you want it to be. Has its own peculiar taste that may need a little getting used to but no, it is not sweet, not the ones I’ve had.

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