From the inside…

Here, one of the options that you can choose for breakfast would be the gu tor (beef tripe) noodles…

Beef tripe noodle soup 1

I have heard of two places in town that people claim are good but I have yet to go and try myself. I had this one at the coffee shop at the back portion of the Sibu Medical Centre here…at RM3.70 a bowl.

Beef tripe noodle soup 2

This is the soup version and if I remember correctly, I had a post on it before – the dry version…which is actually kampua kosong (the noodles without meat) and the beef tripe soup served separately in a bowl.

You will need this special homemade chili sauce for the tripe…

Beef tripe noodles - chili sauce

…for it does not go so well with ordinary bottled chili sauce.

No doubt it’s a bit pricey…but it’s quite popular and at least, it is nice and something different that  one can have for a change.

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25 thoughts on “From the inside…”

  1. Oh we call it ‘ngau larm’ over here. I love it actually – even more than eating beef itself. Actually, it’s getting more and more expensive these days.

    I guess that in Cantonese means cow’s stomach? Ya…not cheap at all – RM3.70 and not that many strips either. I love beef tendon (gu kin) too…

  2. Not so expensive, cikgu.. 3.70 is cheap but i dont mind a bit more with some piansips too? A few stripes of that is like not enough… hahaha…

    No problem…can order round figure RM4 and ask for pian sip to be added. Yum! Nice! LOL!!! 😉

  3. There is this famous gu tor (beef tripe) noodles in Penang near the Bus Station in Weld Quay. Not sure its still there coz have not been there for a long time since early 90’s or there are much better gu tor else where in Penang now. You know who to call once you are there again not ghostbuster but godfather.~;).

    Haiya…Penang godfather is a busy man – big business, earning big money…so I don’t want to disturb him lah. Can just walk around and try here and three…hoping to stumble on whatever is nice.

  4. The beef strips really looks soft and yummy. I haven’t tried any in Penang yet, but one or two in KL. Omg, now i realize my food knowledge in Penang has literally gone down the drains. A number of friends called me up to ask what’s good in Penang, and I always come out blanks. .

    Next time you ask them to drop by my blog, type PENANG FOOD in the space at the top of the right column (above RECENT COMMENTS) and click GO…and they’ll get to see all my Penang posts and stuff that I ate there. Hehehehehehe!

  5. u come penang la.. then i can bring you to eat beef steamboat ^^ have a blessed weekend!

    Ooooo….I will! I will! But maybe not this year… Next year when my daughter’s back in SP, you may get to see me more often in Penang… 😉

  6. The gu tor looks soft and well cooked…..but I still prefer beef noodles to this one. Have a nice weekend.

    Something for a change…and I like the gu kin also. Yum!!!

  7. Ohhh… that thing very nice to eat… especially wif air asam! My mum used to serve them to us.

    Aha!!! Gotcha!!! Slurpssss!!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  8. Oh no. I have not yet eaten my lunch. I should look for delicious noodles in Chinatown to eat. Your blog post doubled my hungerrrrr…

    LOL!!! That should make your appetite a lot better! Enjoy your lunch! 😉

  9. yumm…yesterday just had beef soup at malay restaurant

    Not too strong on the spices, I hope. These Malays ones usually put a bit too much – don’t really like…and very oily. 😦

  10. Tripe o tripe how I love!!!! Tripe!
    We have a better version of this in Indonesia, with char siu and pork satay. Yummm

    Oh? We have another version in beef soup with beef and beef tendons, with or without noodles – very nice too…and other than that, I’ve had some fried with curry powder or soy sauce and dried chilies at the Malay eateries but I don’t think they’re that great. Never had your Indonesian version before…

  11. Visiting you again after a long hiatus!

    Such a clear soup. Best to eat during rainy seasons. hehe…

    p/s: I’ve removed the comments widget. Now using blogger’s original comments box. Hope you have no problem commenting now 😉

    Hey! Where have you been? Longtime no see… I thought you’ve given up on blogging already. Ok…will hop over to your blog and see. Ya…I actually prefer the ordinary comment box. Discus is the worse…especially for slow connections like mine. The blog will open, the post will appear…and after some time, then only the comment box will show…and if loading not complete, after typing and clicking SUBMIT, nothing happens – sometimes even have to refresh and retype and resubmit everything. Real nuisance! Want people to comment, don’t make life so difficult for them lah! Tsk! Tsk!

  12. Seriously, i have heard of kopi kosong, milo kosong but never have i heard of noodle kosong one? hahahhahahah……i love gu bak noodles but here in Penang getting very expensive already,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one bowl of it with the different assortment of cow parts,, would go as expensive as RM6 to RM7……..and very small portion.

    have a great weekend sir

    Here we have…for poor people like me – just the noodles, no meat. LOL!!! 😀 Wah! So expensive now kah? Same as KK, Sabah…around RM8, buffalo meat but oooooo….so nice! Yum! Yum! You have a great weekend too…

  13. i don’t eat beef tripe, i only eat the meat. 🙂

    But i would to have a bowl of soup noodles now, especially on a rainy day. Yum!!

    Rainy there? How nice! Here, as hot and as dry as ever… Maybe a bit of haze but not really serious, still o.k. Ya…hot soups are best for rainy days.

  14. Eh the beef tripe noodles over here are very different.. the soup is much darker and the tripe too!

    Those must be like our beef noodles. Can ask for beef tendons too…and the Taiwan-style ones are very dark and spicy too – also available here. I’m not a fan of that – prefer the clear soup ones. This type of gu tor mee is different – probably can be found only in Sibu – a variation of the famous kampua mee, actually.

  15. Arthur,
    Geli lah I mo makan…not the taste but the rupa. I see my bulu roma all will meremang…hahaha.Tripe is expensive sebab susah mo cuci. Long process and very leceh. My late mom used to beli tripe(beli raw murah but if beli yang dah cuci mahal)and she will cook masak lemak cili padi, sometimes she will just grill and makan with air asam and sometimes she will buat kerabu. You know, all my life I tak pernah makan tripe..don’t know the taste but sometimes when other people masak, I bau I can vomit sebab maybe they don’t wash the tripe well and hence that very strong and smelly smell. I also know that mat salleh love their tripe…but not with my hubby.

    Ok, so strike this off the list then. I bought once when I was in Kanowit long ago – frozen from cold storage and did not know how to prepare, sliced thinly…but the smell was there and impossible to bite – so tough, so in the end, I threw it all away. I hear they use kapor (lime) to clean and soften it, dunno true or not. My mum never bought or cooked…so we only ate outside…like this or in beef noodles usually.

  16. Tripe and soupy kampua, Hmmmmmm an interesting combination. Thanks for reminding me how much I miss the beef noodles at Lai Foong Chinatown. Shall make a trip there pronto. Come come I’ll take you there 😉

    The Jalan Petaling one… I think if I want to eat, I’ll just go to the outlet at Lot 10 Hutong…

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