Three KL bloggers flew in on Friday, the 1st of July on Firefly’s inaugural flight from KLIA to Sibu. They included my friend whom I’ve met before in KL – Chriso Tock and two others – Rebecca and Shannon.

They had a pretty tight itinerary, all arranged by the airline but I did manage to meet up with them…

Firefly's  KL bloggers

…and I did take Chriso out for a while. We went to this kompia place at the end of Tiong Hua Road here. It has been in business since the 60s, way back during the time when I was still in school and as students, this used to be our favourite haunt.

TiongHua Road kompia 1

This was how we used to eat kompia over the years – stuffed with braised meat and soaked in the gravy. It certainly looks like they’re more health-conscious these days and use lean meat instead of the ultra-fat and extra-yummy pork belly.

TiongHuaRoad kompia 2

Nowadays, there are other places in town where they stuff the kompia with meat and then they either toast it in an oven or deep fry it before serving…and if you may recall my post sometime ago, there is this place in town that does it with a touch of class – not unlike those doughnut chains that are found all over.

We also had the asamboi (sour plum) drink with a squeeze of calamansi lime. This seems to be the signature drink at this place but I didn’t know it at the time until somebody mentioned that after I posted the photo on Facebook. After all, I have not been there since my school days, believe it or not.

Well, in case anybody’s wondering – two plates of two kompias each plus two glasses of asamboi drink came up to RM5.00. Chriso thought they were very nice…but he preferred the ones stuffed with masak hitam at the KompiaTiam. I’m sure many of the die-hard Tiong Hua Road kompia lovers would not agree… LOL!!!