Don’t ask me to choose…

That is my problem whenever I go for yong tofu in Penang or elsewhere – I will have to choose what I want and most of the time, I would want everything…and the bill will go up to well over RM10.00. Tsk! Tsk!

Well, here in Sibu, we do not have many places to choose from when we feel like having  yong tofu – if I’m not mistaken, there  is only one place in town. I have  also mentioned in some  previous posts that you do not get to choose what we want – they are sold in sets and that is the only choice that we would have to make.

The other day, I stopped by the place again and I chose the RM6.00 set…

SL RM6 yong tofu 1

…which was served with a bit of tung hoon (glass noodles).

SL RM6 yong tofu 2

It was just nice that  day – I remember on a previous occasion, the smell of the seaweed in the soup was a bit too strong. I think that was the time when I went for this RM4.50 choice…

SL RM4.50 yong tofu
*recycled pic*

Then there is the RM8.50 set…

SL RM8.50 set
*recycled pic*

…in which you may get something extra – I can see the stuffed brinjal and bitter gourd which are not found in the other two sets.

So, there you are – three sets to choose from. Which one do you think you would choose…should you happen to drop by this place?